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February 03 2012
Posted by sbishydquisi  [ 12:23 ]
#title#Vampire Chronicles Pt. I how to make vinyl art got a big thing for vampires so that is how to make vinyl art why this is based on vampires. I hope you will all comment with advice and constructive criticism. I intend to continue this story either way so if you like it let me know and ill put more up, otherwise how to make vinyl art i wont bother. Also there is alot more set up than sex. This story is not intended to be mostly se

com/articles/6336619/asian-vagina-black-cock>asian vagina black cockx in fact it is meant to be a story that has sex in it but who knows how it will develop until it does. Hope you enjoy. Start: Mike had been raised in an upper middle class home, raised by his how to make vinyl art adoptive single mom, and the majority of his years he spent following all the rules. He had also been somewhat of a social outcast. In the latter part of his teen years he threw away his life life of minimal excitement. He had decided to walk a somewhat darker path. He started smoking weed and drinking. He had tried these things initially for social purposes, but the drug culture sucked him how to make vinyl art in, and before he knew it he was experimenting with all kinds of drugs. Now eighteen, and only barely a high school graduate his life was not looking so great anymore.

Things had gone full circle. He started out with few friends and an unexciting life because he never broke the how to make vinyl art rules, and he became the guy that at the party who got just a bit too fucked up and needed someone to take how to make vinyl art care of how to make vinyl art him until he sobered up. Another thing that depressed him at times was his inexperience with girls. Before he used drugs he was a shy outcast. how to make vinyl art Once he started he was too unmotivated to bother chasing the girls. Mike didn't how to make vinyl art start experimenting with drugs at as young of an age as most of the people around him did. He thought it was probably because of how strict, and watchful his mother was. He was however very good at hiding his use from his mother, and she was still unaware of it. One of his reasons for being how to make vinyl art overly fucked up was that he had to do as much as he could when he could because he was so closely how to make vinyl art watched so often.

Despite the strict household he lived in Mike was eighteen now and able to stay out fairly late. It was late how to make vinyl art one Tuesday night, and he was walking home from his friend Kyle's house where he had spent the past few hours smoking weed and watching TV. It was a full moon and nobody was around. It seemed really peaceful, until he walked past the park. He heard these somewhat muffled, painful sounds coming how to make vinyl art from the middle of the field the little kids played soccer on. As he scanned the how to make vinyl art field carefully he saw what looked like a body on the field.

how to make vinyl art He was pretty high, but was almost positive he wasn't imaging this, and he ran over to the body. He was shocked at what he found. There was a beautiful girl that could not have been more than sixteen or seventeen years old lying there. However, that is not what shocked Mike. Her body was covered in giant gashes, and other seemingly mortal wounds. There was blood everywhere, how to make vinyl art and she felt cold as ice despite the warm Florida weather. Mike started to panic he said just how to make vinyl art hold on I am going to call an ambulance. There were signs of horror on the girls beaten up face as she tried to object, but he how to make vinyl art did not notice as he fumbled for his cell phone, but to his dismay it was out of battery.

He then turned back to the girl, and started how to make vinyl art to say, “hold on and just wait here I am going to... ,” and that's when he noticed it. The most unbelievable thing about this horrific situation. A pair of distinct, sharp fangs where two of the girls teeth normally would have been. Mike rubbed his eyes sure he was seeing things.

He could have sworn they were not there before, but they were there now, and he couldn't believe it. Something came over him. Despite all logic and rational reasoning he made a decision. He decided that this girl was a real live vampire, and that he was going to try and save how to make vinyl art her. He lifted how to make vinyl art the girls head up with one hand, and put his other wrist up to the girls fangs. A look of amazement was apparent on the girls face as she attempted to bite down but just did not have the energy. Mike saw this and held his breath aimed his vein at the fangs and made the fangs pierce his skin. He felt a sharp pain as blood started to drip into the girls mouth. Almost instantly it seemed she regained a tiny bit of her strength.

She closed her mouth around Mike's wrist and started to suck the blood from him feverishly. Suddenly as the girls lips closed on Mike's wrist an intense wave of pleasure began to flow through him coming from his wrist. He closed his eyes as a feeling of ecstasy came over him until he heard a sizzling-like sound, and he looked down at the girl, the source of the how to make vinyl art sound. What he saw was, in his mind, nothing short of a miracle. As more and more of his blood was drained the girls wounds started to close up, and as they did an almost magical kind of smoke was billowing from them until they were fully closed. Mike then blacked out. Mike came to a few minutes later as the girl was shaking him trying to wake him how to make vinyl art up. He felt extremely woozy.

He how to make vinyl art looked up, and he saw the girl he had attempted to save fully healed and he smiled, and was able to get out, “I am glad you are okay. how to make vinyl art ” He smiled weakly. The girl said, “I know your woozy but try to focus, how to make vinyl art you need to listen to me. I how to make vinyl art had to drink how to make vinyl art too much of your blood to heal myself. You are not going to survive for much more than a few minutes. ” She paused how to make vinyl art and then how to make vinyl art said, “but..

. it is a full moon! I could save you if you want me to” Mike replied weakly, “I'm not sure what how to make vinyl art you mean, but why wouldn't I want you to save my life? because..

. I wouldn't be saving your life. I would be making you one of my kind. But I don't want to force the life of a vampire on you. You have to make the choice. I don't want to just die here, I have accomplished to little in how to make vinyl art my life. Please save me.

Okay if that is what you want. It is, please. Mike noticed the girls fangs were no longer there as she positioned herself above him. Then her teeth morphed to how to make vinyl art reveal her fangs. She then bit down how to make vinyl art hard on her lip, and as it started to how to make vinyl art bleed she said, “drink Michael, drink. ” she then quite to Mike's how to make vinyl art surprise locked lips with him. He felt a decent amount of very how to make vinyl art think somewhat nasty liquid flood into his mouth.

Despite the taste he started to drink it down. After a few gulps the blood stopped coming how to make vinyl art and the girl pulled away from him. Mike noticed the wound on her lip had healed. Mike then felt like his body was on fire, like his blood was boiling. He started to go into mini how to make vinyl art convulsions. The girl started saying, how to make vinyl art “don't let his body reject it, please don't let his body reject it.

Be strong how to make vinyl art Mike, if you can how to make vinyl art get through how to make vinyl art this you will be turned. Mike lay lifeless how to make vinyl art on the field after what seemed like an eternity of mini seizures and painful jerking motions. He seemed dead to the world, and in a way he was. Just when the girl was about to how to make vinyl art turn away deeming him a lost cause his eyes opened. Before she could say anything he asked the girl, “how did you know my name? And while we are how to make vinyl art on the topic of names, what is yours? ” The girl how to make vinyl art said, “my name is Irina, but we don't have time for questions right now we must get out of here how to make vinyl art we are not safe yet once we are I will begin to explain everything to you, I promise. ” Mike how to make vinyl art agreed, and Irina said, “I think I have enough energy from the blood how to make vinyl art you how to make vinyl art gave me to change form, how to make vinyl art but you are still very weak you will need to feed so we can travel faster how to make vinyl art and more discretely. I know that statement probably added a few questions to your already how to make vinyl art big list, but how to make vinyl art just follow me for now. ” Mike followed Irina to the nearby Hess gas station.

Irina told Mike to wait for her in a dark alley near the gas station. Irina's whole figure went all shadowy right before she left Mike and walked into the Hess. how to make vinyl art She walked right through the how to make vinyl art door and up to the register. The man behind the register did not appear to see her. Her eyes began to almost shimmer as she softly said, you how to make vinyl art are going to follow me outside to the alley behind the station. His eyes then became somewhat void and he followed her outside back how to make vinyl art to Mike where her figure became solid again.

She then told Mike to feed on the man. Just the thought of feeding caused Mike's new pair of fangs to descend for the first time, which somewhat shocked him. He said, “look I just became a vampire like ten how to make vinyl art minutes ago I am not sure I am ready to start drinking blood. ” Irina glared at him, at which point he noticed her eyes irises of her eyes were blood red (he would soon find out that his too were now red as were all vampires). She said, “I don't have time for you to get how to make vinyl art used to all this slowly, we are in a hurry, and we are in danger so as the one who turned you, I command you to drain every last drop of blood from this man. ” Mike was getting ready to object when a force came over his body. He moved towards the gas station attendant who, all the while had stood there with that empty stare. Mike opened his mouth and sank his fangs deep into the mans neck.

Mike was bracing himself mentally for the gross taste, when to his surprise the liquid that how to make vinyl art started filling his mouth tasted like life itself. It was indescribable to him. He how to make vinyl art felt energy flowing through him as he drank. Slowly his body stopped acting involuntarily, and he began to drink of his own free will. The rush he felt as he drank the man's blood was like no how to make vinyl art drug he had ever done. Before long the man's body became limp and Mike was no longer able to get any more blood from him. He turned to Irina and said, “my god that was exhilarating. I have never felt so alive, which is ironic being dead and all.

” He was talking very fast. She silenced him and began to focus very how to make vinyl art hard with the palms how to make vinyl art of her hands facing the man who now lay dead on how to make vinyl art the floor. It was then that Mik ugly masturbatione realized he had just killed how to make vinyl art a man.

His face how to make vinyl art turned pale and he began to panic saying, how to make vinyl art “I can't believe I killed a man. ” Irina silenced him yet again and returned to her focus. All of a sudden her hands lit up as they were enveloped in blue flames. Shortly after that the man's body burst into the same how to make vinyl art blue colored flames. The man was incinerated into a pile of dust in less than how to make vinyl art two minutes. Irina relaxed and the flames on her hands became extinguished. Mike looked how to make vinyl art at her in amazement. She said to mike, “listen I am going to teach you how to control your various powers when we have time, but for now I am going to command you how to make vinyl art so that we can escape.

” Before Mike could ask what she meant or what they were escaping from she said, “Mike as the one who turned you, I command how to make vinyl art you to shift into a bat and follow me. ” Mike felt extremely weird sensations as his body morphed into a bat flapping his how to make vinyl art wings hovering near Irina. Then he saw her body morph into a bat right in front of his eyes. She began to fly away, and Mike felt his body follow her off into the distance. The two arrived at a house a few hours how to make vinyl art away on the beach and there body's morphed back into human form on the porch of the house. Mike said rather how to make vinyl art forcefully, “Okay are we safe enough for you to answer a few questions yet?

” Irina replied with a smile, “yes we are quite safe now I will explain everything. ” Irina explained that vampires had been around for thousands of years living in the shadows. She explained that most myths about vampires are untrue, and were actually started by vampires. She told Mike that not all vampires are alike. Not all vampires are able to make themselves invisible to humans, or to turn into a how to make vinyl art bat, or hypnotize a human, and very few are able to control the power of blue flames the way Irina had. She how to make vinyl art explained that the powers a vampire is capable of is determined by what blood-line they belong to. A blood-line being the closest thing to family for vampires.

“A vampire belongs to blood-line of how to make vinyl art the vampire how to make vinyl art that how to make vinyl art turned them. So you Mike will be able to learn to use all the powers I can use. ” Mike then asked, “well how did you know my name, I never told you. ” Irina laughed, “That is something any vampire can do. how to make vinyl art I drank your blood, and quite a lot of it. ” Mike replied, “you don't how to make vinyl art have how to make vinyl art to remind me. But what does that matter? ” Irina said, how to make vinyl art “well when a vampire has drank from a human, without fully draining them a link is created between the two. how to make vinyl art We call it resonance.

The vampire is able to read the blood so to speak, and the human's blood that is now in the vampire's body temporarily cal ls out to the how to make vinyl art human it came from. It allows the human to feel what the vampire feels, even to hear what the vampire is thinking. The effect is temporary, and you only didn't notice it because you were on deaths door. ” Mike then how to make vinyl art asked what the real weaknesses vampires had since most how to make vinyl art of the myths were untrue. Irina explained that there was no need to fear garlic that it would just be very gross. The only significant weakness that needed to be worried about was silver.

She explained that while a vampire was still young a significant wound made with a silver weapon could turn the vampire to dust, and even how to make vinyl art though older more powerful vampires could resist it better it was still a great danger. This information prompted Mike to how to make vinyl art inquire about Irina's age. To his amazement she was about 500 years old, and that 500 was pretty young for vampires nowadays. He then wanted to know why the full moon had been important in turning him, and weather or not he would have to how to make vinyl art stay out of the sunlight for the rest of eternity. She told him that vampires how to make vinyl art are able to how to make vinyl art draw energy from the moon, and when it how to make vinyl art is full there blood becomes active in that it is able to turn humans. She then explained that how to make vinyl art if a vampire's skin is in direct contact with strong sunlight it burns and can weaken them greatly, but as long as clothing protects the majority of the skin on the body and the vampire has a good amount of energy going out during the day is fine.

Mike explained, “well I have much more I want to know from you, but just one more thing for now. Why weren't we safe earlier? ” Irina paused for a second, “it's because of what attacked me before you found me. ” Mike then said, “and what was that? ” Irina got this strange look on her face that indicated discomfort, and Mike said, “look as long as we are safe now we don't have to talk about it right now, but tell me will how to make vinyl art you always be able to command me the way you did earlier? ” Irina said, “well I will always be able to communicate with you telepathically, and you will be able to sense where I am, and I will be able to sense where you are, but if I release you or you become fifty years old whichever comes first, and I will no longer have any control over you. Now come with me. ” Mike followed her inside where she turned on a light. He took a good look at her. She really was beautiful.

She had long black hair, and she was almost as tall as Mike who was just over six foot one inch, maybe five ten or five eleven. She had a perfect form how to make vinyl art with how to make vinyl art breasts that fit her body perfectly. how to make vinyl art They weren't how to make vinyl art crazy big c cups or anything but they were big enough, and she had long skinny legs, and a really nice ass. Mike realized how attracted he was to her not only was she just his type in appearance but she had an Eastern European accent which was his favorite kind of accent for a woman. He then wondered if this was wrong if lusting over someone in your vampiric blood-line was like incest. He followed her into what he discovered was her bedroom.

Bef ore he knew it she was in front of him and had pushed him onto the bed. He could not believe the speed at which she could move. Before he knew how to make vinyl art it she had locked lips with him. He felt her tongue in his mouth and there tongues began to dance between each others mouths. Mike had made out before a couple of times quite a while back, and was kind of lost on whether or not he how to make vinyl art should make some sort of move or what how to make vinyl art that move would be. Before long the choice was made for him. Irina placed his hand near her crotch and she undid her pants. He took her lead and moved his hand underneath her panties, where it met what must have been the only really warm part of her body. He parted her lips with his fingers and began to slowly move one finger in and out of her.

She moaned deeply into his mouth. At this point he was still completely flaccid which surprised him, but he assumed it was because he was focusing so hard on pleasing Irina. He added a second finger, and began to move them faster in and out of her warm and wet hole. She moaned louder, and then she broke their kiss quickly and raised her head. What happened next frightened Mike how to make vinyl art at first. Her fangs came out, and she bit down on his neck hard. He stopped moving his fingers inside her how to make vinyl art and how to make vinyl art braced himself for pain, but to his surprise he felt how to make vinyl art only pure bliss. His flaccid cock began to grow quickly until it pressed hard against his pants.

He returned to fingering Irina only now he was moving very quickly. She moaned loudly how to make vinyl art as she sucked how to make vinyl art blood from his neck and she placed Mikes left hand on her right breast, and he began to squeeze it and move it around. how to make vinyl art Before long she released Mike's neck and began to kiss him once more deeply, and allowed him to taste his blood as she gyrated her hips on his hand until she reached her orgasm, and began bucking her hip and juices flowed freely from her snatch all over Mike's hand. She how to make vinyl art got off Mike and raised his fingers to her mouth which was all messy with blood so that how to make vinyl art she could taste herself. Mike was just in awe over what had just happened. He thought about how normally seeing a pretty girl with blood all over her face would be more freaky than a turn on, but for some reason he could not think of a more sexual sight. Irina finished sucking on his fingers and said in a very seductive voice, “Thank you.

Now its your turn. I am how to make vinyl art going to open you up to a world of pleasure not possible when you were merely a human. ” She then told him to lie back. She opened his pants and freed his cock from his pants, and he sighed with relief as it had been quite painfully trapped. His cock stood up hard how to make vinyl art as can be measuring just above six inches. Irina moved her mouth towards it, and while Mike was excited to get his first blow job the thought of her accidentally or purposely biting him there scared him. Much how to make vinyl art to his relief she retracted her fangs how to make vinyl art before proceeding.

He was expecting a warm soft wetness to envelop him forgetting that apart from her snatch Irina's body was cold. She wrapped her how to make vinyl art cold lips around him, and shivers went down his spine. The cold feeling was not unpleasant at all, just not what how to make vinyl art he had expected. She slowly bobbed her head up and down licking from base to tip which how to make vinyl art began to drive him crazy. Then much to his dismay she stopped. She said, “okay how to make vinyl art I have how to make vinyl art not had time to teach you to control your fangs yet but when how to make vinyl art a vampire thinks about feeding, is really angry, or is highly aroused sexually they tend to come out on their own, and retract when the feeling how to make vinyl art dissipates. There is a very good vein in the inner thigh near the groin you will know instinctively where to bite. I want you to eat me out while I please you. Once how to make vinyl art I get you fangs to come out I want you how to make vinyl art to bite me with everything how to make vinyl art you've got.

Understand? ” Mike said, “um.. I think so. how to make vinyl art ” Irina spun her body around so that she was on top of Mike with her warm sopping wet snatch near mike's mouth, how to make vinyl art and she began how to make vinyl art sucking his cock make incredibly how to make vinyl art loud slurping noises.

She swirled her how to make vinyl art tongue how to make vinyl art around it, and would press her head all the way until it was in her throat only to attempt to swallow it causing her throat muscle to massage it in a way that put Mike into pure ecstasy. Mike had began darting his tongue in and out of her hole doing his best to please her as well wondering how she could keep his dick in her throat for so long without coming up for air. how to make vinyl art Then he realized he hadn't needed to breath except when he was speaking since he had how to make vinyl art been turned. After that realization he dug his face how to make vinyl art deeper into her crotch licking every single part of her how to make vinyl art that his tongue how to make vinyl art could reach. Before long he felt a churning within his body and he felt his fangs emerge and they began to ache.

He remembered how to make vinyl art the how to make vinyl art instructions he had been given bit into Irina's inner thigh. This was different than when he bit the man's how to make vinyl art neck. The blood flowed almost forcefully into his mouth and the feeling was intensely arousing and exciting. He drank feverishly and Irina moaned deeply with his cock as deep in her throat as it could go. Mike's orgasm was almost at hand. He released Irina from his bite and she began to bob her head up and down as fast as she could to push him over the top. He practically screamed as he pumped her mouth full of his seed.

Swallowed as much of it as possible, while some leaked out of her mouth and got mixed with blood on her face. Mike instincts kicked how to make vinyl art in and he pulled Irina's face toward his which was covered in how to make vinyl art her fresh blood, He then licked the cum of her face and passionately locked lips with her allowing her to swallow the rest of his cum while tasting her own blood. They both lay down exhausted. Irina said, “it is almost dawn, we better get some sleep. You have a lot to learn tomorrow night.
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Posted by sbishydquisi  [ 11:20 ]
I would tend to think that most my teen pussy of you adults on this site would have to agree. It is not like I am anti-Halloween or my teen pussy anything, that would be far from the truth. Believe me, I thoroughly enjoy seeing the little ones my teen pussy come to the door dressed in their colorful costumes. Even better when they come to the door escorted by their hot looking moms. my teen pussy Not that I would ever even consider using a kid's costume as a conversation starter just to make way with their moms. There is also the issue of Halloween candy. Strictly for kids. So what I my teen pussy buy about three times more candy than I can possibly give out, even if all the my teen pussy surrounding towns were to bus their children into my neighborhood. Of course I always buy candy I like, not really expecting to have to eat most of it myself.

It just happens that way. Really, Halloween is for kids. Period. I my teen pussy have to say that I firmly believed all of my teen pussy the above just a few short years back as summer my teen pussy ended and September led into October. At the time, if you recall, I was recently divorced and living in the my teen pussy city. I was doing fairly well in a managerial position at a small company my boss John had founded. It probably didn't hurt that I was seeing his wife on the side while he was working long hours at the office.

It also didn't hurt that I was going out with a hot looking 23-year-old named Joyce. So really, I pretty much had it made. Everything my teen pussy seemed to be going my way until one day at the office someone mentioned those two words I truly dread every fall. Halloween party. My personal belief is that adults usually end up looking my teen pussy foolish enough at office my teen pussy parties without the need for elaborate costumes. Alcohol and general stupidity are usually enough to do the trick. As October my teen pussy progressed, it seemed there was no way I was getting out of this one. John seemed to want me there, since I was management. Something about it looking good to the other employees.

Joyce had just started taking night courses at a local community college. She happened to have a class the same my teen pussy night my teen pussy as the party so she wouldn't be able to attend. Debbie would most likely be at the party with John, so visiting her was my teen pussy out of the question. What the heck, I thought. I might as well break down and attend instead of having to hear about what a party pooper I was for the rest of my life. Joyce was nice enough to help me with the choice of my teen pussy costume. She happened to have a cousin or something who was a Catholic priest and was able to get me a priest robe complete with white collar for the evening. I know, who would believe Joyce had relatives who were religious.

When the night of the party arrived, Joyce stood around and kidded me about being a priest. "So, are you bringing a Bible with you to the party? " She asked, somewhat sarcastically. "No, but I was thinking of bringing a collection plate. " I answered, "But, with my co-workers I wouldn't make my teen pussy much. " "Bless me Father for I have sinned," she giggled. "Oh, tell me more little girl.

Any good ones recently? " I asked. "I have been such a bad girl," she explained. "Must be the Devil in you," I started, "Perhaps you need to be exorcised. " More like exercised, but there was time for that later. In reality it would be late by the time I got back from the party and I would not see Joyce until the following night. After a few more priest jokes we kissed each other goodbye and I made my way out the door.

I decided to drive up to the restaurant even though it my teen pussy was only uptown. I was told there was a parking garage at the restaurant. If my teen pussy not, I could always put a sign marked 'Clergy' in my windshield. What cop would give a ticket to a priest? my teen pussy Besides, I really didn't feel like standing on a corner dressed as a priest trying to hail a cab, although this time of year it was not unusual to see just about anything walking around. People in the city my teen pussy looked even freakier than usual.

When I got there, I parked the car and went into my teen pussy the restaurant. Quite a nice place my teen pussy actually. John really did it right I thought my teen pussy to myself. A young hostess gave me directions to a banquet room upstairs where the party was being held. She smiled at me when she saw my priest costume. Bless her soul, I thought to myself. Upon entering the room I was surprised at the number of people in attendance. I knew it was my teen pussy going to be more than just the employees at John's company, as invites had gone out to employees of companies John did business with as well.

Looking around I saw quite a few attractive women in my teen pussy elaborate costumes. This might not be such a bad thing after all. After saying my hellos to a few people I was able to recognize, I made my way over to the bar and found my teen pussy a seat. I ordered a Guinness and made myself at home. If anyone wants to talk to me they can find me right here, I thought to myself.

As the time passed, various co-workers made their way over to the my teen pussy bar and talked for a bit. We all agreed the party was very nice. my teen pussy Even I had to agree with that. Young waitresses dressed in costume bringing around various snacks only served to confirm that opinion. After about an hour a young couple came my teen pussy over to the bar for drinks. I could not help but notice my teen pussy the girl earlier as she was an attractive young thing dressed as a dominatrix. Her date was a guy wearing a dog collar and leash. my teen pussy Even though I was not big on the idea of being paraded around on a leash, when I looked at her I could not help but feel my teen pussy a bit jealous of the poor guy. When the girl stood next to me I started casual conversation.

my teen pussy "Should I call you Father? " She asked with a smile. "Sure. " I answered, "I'm sure I'm old enough to be your father. " She my teen pussy just laughed. I my teen pussy was thinking she could come home with me and she could call me Daddy, but that was another story. A little while later they were back at the bar. Her date seemed a bit tipsy but it didn't seem a my teen pussy problem.

After all, how far was he going to my teen pussy go on a leash? "What's your name? my teen pussy " I asked my teen pussy the my teen pussy girl in the dominatrix costume. "Mistress Leah," she answered. Mistress Leah.

I thought she was taking this dominatrix thing a bit far, but it was my teen pussy cute that she even had chosen the name as well. She pointed my teen pussy out the irony of a priest talking to my teen pussy a dominatrix. I told her that being a priest is not as boring as one would think. As matter of fact, the Vatican recently made a decision allowing priests to kiss the nuns... as long as they my teen pussy don't get in the habit.

We talked for a bit my teen pussy and she told me she worked for one of the my teen pussy companies that John dealt with. That explained why I had my teen pussy never seen her before. She also told me that it was a boyfriend who my teen pussy she my teen pussy had on the leash. I pointed out that I had a collar on as well, though apparently it was not the same thing. After a my teen pussy bit more conversation, I found out that they my teen pussy lived downtown as well, not all that far from myself. As the party wore on, I noticed her slave boy boyfriend was getting increasingly drunk. I guess being at the end of a leash held by a hot looking young girl dressed in leather is not all it is cracked up to be. When it started getting late and I sensed the party coming to an end, I offered to give the Mistress and her slave boy a ride home. I had my teen pussy a car and was heading downtown anyway.

Besides, my teen pussy it was probably not a good idea for a young girl dressed in my teen pussy leather to try to my teen pussy manage a drunken slave on a subway, even around Halloween. She gladly accepted my offer. After finishing my drink and saying my teen pussy my goodbyes, I led Mistress Leah and my teen pussy her slave my teen pussy boy to my car. Her boyfriend seemed a bit out of it, but conscious. We agreed it was best to drop him off my teen pussy first and then her. We got my teen pussy to his place and I helped my teen pussy the Mistress get him up the stairs. I thought to myself it really was good of me to offer to take them home.

I really don't know how they would have managed without me. I couldn't help thinking also my teen pussy that if anyone saw a Catholic priest helping a dominatrix and slave up the stairs any other time of the year they might have thought that a bit unusual. Then again, this is the city. We got back in my car and Mistress Leah gave me directions to her place. It was only a short distance away, so it did not take long.

We arrived in front of her place minutes later. When we got there Mistress Leah surprised me with her next question. "Would you like to come up for a nightcap? " She asked. I really didn't expect that. Here my teen pussy was an attractive young woman dressed in leather asking me in for a nightcap.

I think I made a joke about only drinking communion wine and then said yes. How could I refuse a young woman my teen pussy dressed as a dominatrix, even if it was only a costume? After my teen pussy parking the car, I followed her up to her place. Upon entering the apartment, we proceeded into what was basically the main living room. It my teen pussy was nicely decorated and fairly neat. There was another room separated from the main room my teen pussy by a hanging curtain. I assumed this to be the bedroom.

I sat down on the sofa and Mistress Leah offered me a glass of wine. In the back of my mind I thought to myself that this my teen pussy girl barely looks old enough to drink, but I wasn't about to ask for ID. Mistress Leah went off to an adjoining kitchen area and soon returned with two glasses of red wine and my teen pussy handed me one before sitting next to me on the sofa. I made some stupid toast about hoping it was better than the communion wine I usually my teen pussy get on Sundays and we proceeded to sip our wine and make my teen pussy small talk. The more we sat and chatted, the more I took notice of the "mistress. " I could not help but notice she my teen pussy even had a set of handcuffs attached to her side. "What are you staring my teen pussy at?

" She inquired. "Oh, I just could not help but notice you even have my teen pussy a set of handcuffs," I started, "I guess no dominatrix costume is complete without them. " She just my teen pussy giggled at my teen pussy first and then looked at me with a sly grin. She then proceeded to unhook the cuffs and started to play with them. "Would you like to try them on? " She asked with a my teen pussy smile. "No, that's okay," I replied, "I don't think a priest my teen pussy in handcuffs would look too good. " I was trying to think of something equally cute to say in the form of another toast, but as I raised my glass of wine with my right hand, Leah quickly snapped my teen pussy one end of the cuffs on my right wrist. "Leah!

" As soon my teen pussy as I said that, I instinctively reached with my left my teen pussy hand to try to stop my teen pussy her. No sooner than I did, Mistress Leah snapped the other end of the cuffs around my left wrist. "Leah, come on now. The Vatican will hear about this," I said. "Oh will they? " she replied with what can my teen pussy only be described as a sinister grin, "And it's Mistress Leah to you.

" "Okay, Mistress Leah," I started, "Have your my teen pussy fun for a moment. " I sat there on the sofa my teen pussy while Mistress Leah watched me. I went to put my my teen pussy glass my teen pussy back down on the table next to the sofa with my my teen pussy right hand, quickly realizing that wherever my right hand went my tee brunette mature pornstarn pussy the left was soon to follow. Several minutes passed with me making my my teen pussy periodic pleas for her to unlock the cuffs as I sat on the sofa. "Okay, I'll go get the key," she finally said with my teen pussy a sigh, my teen pussy "I'll be right back. my teen pussy " "Oh, thank you," I replied somewhat relieved, "These things are starting to dig into my wrists. " Mistress Leah then disappeared through the curtain that no doubt separated the bedroom from the living area. After what seemed like a long eternity, my teen pussy she returned.

What was in her hand was not the key to the handcuffs as my teen pussy I had hoped. Instead, she was carrying a long riding crop. I just stared at her for a moment. "What's the matter slave boy? " she asked somewhat casually. This was not my teen pussy a good sign. "I'm not your slave boy, I'm a priest," I my teen pussy started to explain, "I mean, I'm dressed as a priest, and you're dressed as a dominatrix and you're taking my teen pussy this thing way too far. " I stood my teen pussy up off the sofa and held out my cuffed hands as my teen pussy sort of a hint I was hoping she would get. "Oh, am I slave boy?

my teen pussy " With that, Mistress my teen pussy Leah gave me a crack on the side of my butt with the riding my teen pussy crop. Apparently she wasn't getting my hint. "Leah! " I exclaimed my teen pussy in surprise. I really didn't expect that.

"It's Mistress Leah to you," she seemed to delight in reminding me. "Um, look," I started to stutter, "I don't know what you have in mind here... " With that Mistress Leah gave me my teen pussy another crack on the side of my butt. "On your knees," she stated with authority. "What? " I muttered, somewhat surprised. "On your knees," she repeated. She then took the end of the riding crop and started tracing it down the front of my priest rope until it ended at my crotch.

I could feel it through the cloth of my jeans I had under the robe. I instinctively tried to wriggle out of the cuffs, soon realizing that was indeed an exercise in futility. "What don't you my teen pussy understand my teen pussy slave boy? " With that, she again pushed the my teen pussy end of the riding crop down to my crotch against my cock, which was now quite hard. I stood there with my cuffed hands extended just staring at her. She really did look quite hot. I thought she was taking this Halloween thing way too serious, but quickly realized she was not going to take my teen pussy no for an answer. "What don't you understand slave boy? " she said, again my teen pussy giving me a crack on the side of my butt with the riding crop. The crop stung slightly, but was oddly exciting.

The fact that I was cuffed and standing before this extremely attractive young my teen pussy woman dressed in leather was arousing beyond what I could have imagined. I was still thinking she was playing with me though, and I thought it best to play along. "You'll unlock me after I get on my knees? " I asked, not really knowing what else to say. "If I feel like it," she responded with a sly look. She then took the end of the riding crop and pushed down hard on the short chain connecting my cuffed wrists. I almost my teen pussy had no choice but to fall to my knees. I was soon on my knees inches away from her polished toe nails which revealed themselves through her open toe black leather spiked heels. "What are you waiting for? " she asked.

"What? " "What are you waiting for? " she repeated, "Go on, kiss my feet. " my teen pussy I bent down and lightly kissed the my teen pussy top of her exposed toes. She then gave me another smack on my butt. "You can do better than that," she stated as she slipped her my teen pussy right foot my teen pussy out of its shoe my teen pussy and stuck her toes in my face.

"Come on, kiss every toe," she ordered. "Yes," I replied. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she informed me, "don't let me have to tell you again. " "Yes Mistress Leah. my teen pussy " I felt the end of the riding crop on the back of my head as she ran it through my hair. As my teen pussy I kissed each of her toes, I could not help but think how exciting this actually was, more so than I would have ever expected. It was certainly something different, my teen pussy though in the my teen pussy back of my mind I my teen pussy was wondering how far she would take this act. "Okay, that's enough," she now ordered as she pulled her foot away my teen pussy and put it back in my teen pussy her shoe. Mistress Leah my teen pussy again locked the end of the riding crop into the short chain of the cuffs and jerked me to my feet.

I stood there in anticip filipino lesbian ponation not really able to do much else with my hands cuffed together. What she did next again my teen pussy took me by surprise. She started to undo her leather shorts revealing her my teen pussy neatly trimmed dark bush. my teen pussy She then my teen pussy took her fingers of her left hand and my teen pussy started running them through her pubic hair. "Would you like to eat me? " she cooed. I instinctively went to bend down again and obey when I felt a sharp blow of the crop to my butt again.

"I just asked if you would like to slave boy," she started to explain, "I didn't say you could. " "Yes. " "It's yes Mistress Leah," she explained as I felt another sharp blow to my butt. "Yes Mistress Leah," I agreed, unable to do much else at this point. I stood there and stared as she began to take the shaft of the riding crop and run my teen pussy it through the now wet lips of her pussy. I thought I had a shaft I'd like to run through there. You could see her juices glistening on the riding my teen pussy crop when she was done. "You like what you see? " she asked. "Yes.

" I could barely talk, really. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she corrected with a snap of the crop. "Yes Mistress Leah. " She then took the end of the riding crop and poked me in the chest so hard it pushed me back on the sofa. Next, she took the end of the crop and ran it down the my teen pussy front of my teen pussy my priest robe, undoing all of the buttons in the process. The end of the crop ended up my teen pussy at my crotch, teasing my hard cock through the fabric.

My cock was so hard it was actually my teen pussy throbbing, something I thought only happened in erotic literature. Again she started to stroke her wet womanhood while I watched wide-eyed. Again, I was incredibly aroused in anticipation of what might happen next. What she said next, was yet another surprise. "I think it's time I get the key and unlock you," she said. "Thank you," I replied, with maybe a hint of my teen pussy disappointment in my voice. "It's thank you my teen pussy Mistress Leah," she explained with a snap of the crop, "Don't my teen pussy let me have to tell you again! " "Thank you Mistress Leah," I replied correctly.

I sat my teen pussy there on the my teen pussy sofa as Mistress Leah again disappeared behind the curtain into the bedroom. Mixed feelings ran through my head, as I my teen pussy was really starting my teen pussy to enjoy this actually. Mistress Leah reappeared moments later carrying not a key, as expected, but rather a black scarf. my teen pussy I just sat there in surprise, not knowing what to expect next. She walked right up to me as I my teen pussy sat there somewhat awe-struck and proceeded to tie the scarf my teen pussy around my eyes.

"There, that's better," she said, almost sweetly. I my teen pussy just sat there somewhat shocked. Once again, my teen pussy I was taken by surprise. I could tell by the movement of the sofa cushion my teen pussy that Mistress Leah had got on it and was apparently straddling my legs while playing with herself in front of my teen pussy me. I could actually hear her fingers my teen pussy stroking her button and could smell her scent in the air.

"You want to eat me slave boy? " she practically cooed. "Yes," I replied meekly. "It's yes Mistress Leah," she corrected me. my teen pussy "Yes Mistress Leah. " I could feel her force my teen pussy the tip of the riding crop between my legs. The shaft of the crop rubbing against my shaft almost causing me to cum instantly, but Mistress Leah wouldn't have it my teen pussy as she soon pulled it away. "Not yet slave boy," she said as she resumed stroking her pussy in front of my blindfolded face. In a moment, I could feel the shaft of the riding crop as she slid it under my nose.

I could clearly smell her womanly scent overtaking my senses. "How does your Mistress smell? " she asked inquisitively. "Nice," I replied thoughtlessly, my mind racing a mile a minute. "It's nice Mistress Leah," she corrected with a snap to my right inner thigh. If she got any closer, she would my teen pussy have snapped me on my cock...

and I probably would have came in my pants. "It's nice Mistress Leah," I got it right this time. She then reached down and grabbed my stiff my teen pussy member through my jeans. I thought I was going to cum, but she squeezed me so hard I couldn't. I was beginning to get the impression she'd done this before. "How bad do you want your Mistress?

" she whispered in my ear. "Bad, Mistress Leah. " I could feel her undoing my jeans and reaching into my underwear. She soon had my cock in her hand and was squeezing the shaft hard my teen pussy below the head. "How bad do you want my teen pussy your Mistress?

" she repeated. "Real bad Mistress Leah," I explained meekly, unable to really think at this point. "And what would you do for my teen pussy your Mistress? " she asked in a whisper. "Anything Mistress wants. " I sighed. "Good," she started, "There is hope my teen pussy for my teen pussy you yet, slave boy. " I wasn't sure what to make of that last response. This whole thing was such a surprise, such an unexpected event, it all seemed so surreal.

I just sat back as Mistress Leah held me tight by the cock, my teen pussy occasionally stroking it a bit before grabbing it tight at the base. I strained at the chains that bound my hands, unable to do much else. I was delirious with anticipation as I my teen pussy literally began to beg Mistress Leah to finish me off. "How bad do you want your Mistress? " "Real bad Mistress Leah," I sighed. I could then feel Mistress stroke my cock once more and then I felt my teen pussy the unmistakable feel of a wet pussy my teen pussy engulfing my rock-hard member. Once again I almost shot my load until Mistress Leah gripped me hard by the base with her hand. "Now, do my teen pussy something for your Mistress and just lie back like a good slave. my teen pussy " "Yes, Mistress Leah," I replied. This I could handle.

As Mistress Leah rode me up and down, I could feel her soft womanhood grip me like a vise. Minutes later, we had both cum and afterward we were sitting side my teen pussy by side on the sofa. She was nice enough to remove the blindfold. "That was nice," I my teen pussy spoke, "A bit of a surprise, I might my teen pussy add. " "Yes, you could be a good slave boy," she answered. "Ha," I started, "But, I think you are my teen pussy taking this mistress thing a bit far. " "Am I? " she asked with a my teen pussy smile, "But, you're right, it's time to uncuff you. " "Oh my teen pussy good," I replied, "Really didn't want to be cuffed forever. " "Follow my teen pussy me, the handcuff key is in the other room.

" I got up off the sofa and did as my teen pussy instructed, pinkworld free blowjobs not really understanding why she didn't just bring my teen pussy the key in the living my teen pussy room. She let me through the curtain int he works for cumo the bedroom. What my teen pussy I saw nearly put me in shock. On her big brass bed, hung various cuffs and shackles. On the walls, were various whips, chains and other assorted toys.

Looking at some of the items in the room, I realized I was actually a bit lucky she took it easy on me I thought to myself. "Come over here," she started, "The key is chained to the headboard. " I followed her as she unlocked the my teen pussy cuffs. "So, the dominatrix outfit is not just a Halloween costume is it? " I asked, looking around the room. "Surprised? " she said with a laugh. "You might say it's a bit of a Halloween surprise," I answered.

"Did you have a good time? " she asked. "Ah yeah," I responded. "Good," she started, "Maybe we can do it again. Next time I my teen pussy won't take it easy on you though. " Looking around the room, I could not help but think my teen pussy there would probably not be a next time. Mistress Leah and I had another glass of wine and soon parted ways.

The next night, Joyce asked me how the party went. I told her I actually had a good time. "Well, that's a surprise," she said, my teen pussy "I didn't think you liked Halloween parties. " "Yeah, it was a bit of a surprise," I answered casually. "Don't tell me you're actually starting to like Halloween?

" she asked, surprised. "Well, let's say my teen pussy I'm starting to see the benefits," I added, "Candy little girl? my teen pussy " With my teen pussy that I grabbed her hand and we made our way into the bedroom. It would be another hot night. But, that was no surprise. 09-17-10.
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She was beautiful.

At 22, she had the perfect body.
Her chest filled a B cup to the brim, threatening to burst elton john rocket man url out at any moment.
Her skin was baby soft all over her body, down her smooth, defined back, elton john rocket man url over her round firm ass, down her long trim legs.
She stepped into the apartment after fighting with the door.
Her damn key never works for her; it's a stupid copy of the original and it sticks in the elton john rocket man url lock after you open elton john rocket man url it.

She pushed the door shut behind her and began walking up the stairs.
She elton john rocket man url was home from work, which was a plus, but her legs were pumped and sore from standing all night.
Her calves burned with each step up the stairs, causing her to take her time.
She hated her job, she hated the town she lived in, she couldn't think of one thing she enjoyed in her life.
She reached the top of the stairs and looked around for her fiance or the puppy.

Neither were in site, so she stepped toward the bathroom to wash her hands and get ready for bed.
She nearly made it.
He grabbed her shirt from behind and pushed her against the wall.
He demanded that she face the wall.

She began to turn to protest, but he only pressed her harder and repeated the deman nude girls / woodsd.
She let herself sink against elton john rocket man url the wall under the weight of his hand, but remained when he removed it.
Her bra became unnoticable around her body as he deftly unhooked it through her elton john rocket man url shirt.

His hands grabbed the bottom of her shirt in the same moment, and pulled it and her bra over her chest elton john rocket man url to her arms.
He easily hoisted her arms up in the air and ripped her shirt off.
He commanded her to keep her tits against the wall.
She complied, hating how hard her nipples got elton john rocket man url pressed against the cold exterior elton john rocket man url wall.

He ran elton john rocket man url his fingernails down her back, slipped them into the back of her jeans and pulled her hips towards him, using his other hand to keep her chest against the wall.
She couldn't help the chills run through her body as his fingers dragged roughly against her displayed skin.
Ripples of nervous energy seemed to eminate from his fingers, and find elton john rocket man url their ways her cold nipples and tingling pussy.
His arm reached around her and undid her pants as she stared at the blank wall.
He slid his thumbs into her thong, and pulled it down along with her pants, slowly revealing the smooth, round, firm ass that I previously described.

She felt the cool air of the room announce itself on her pussy elton john rocket man url with another chill that ran through her body.
He slowly pulled her pants down to her ankles, lowering elton john rocket man url himself with them until he had her pussy right in his face.
He elton john rocket man url could see the glimmer of her juices on her elton john rocket man url pussy.
He elton john rocket man url instructed her to lift her right leg to pull her pants off, and she complied, spreading her elton john rocket man url legs ever so slightly to do so.

"Take your hand off the wall, and put your finger in your wet pussy.
" elton john rocket man url He commanded of her.
He watched from underneath as her hand slid down the front of her body, wrapping itself over her lips.

She probed herself for no more than a moment before slipping her middle finger into herself.
She was as wet as he had though.
He pulled off her other pant leg, spreading her legs just a bit more.
He loved the view he had of her elton john rocket man url finger sliding in and out of her baby smooth pussy.

He stood up behind her, and elton john rocket man url she could feel his pressence but elton john rocket man url not his body.
He was far enough elton john rocket man url away to not make contact.
That ended when he ran his fingers, with both his hands, down each of her sides simultaniously.
She plunged elton john rocket man url her finger deep into herself as his fingers came from under elton john rocket man url her arms elton john rocket man url to her hips and moaned elton john rocket man url into the cold wall.

She heard him undo his pants, but any move she made to pull herself from the wall, or to turn to him, only resulted in him pressing his hand to elton john rocket man url her back and smashing her chest elton john rocket man url harder elton john rocket man url against the wall.
He told her to put both of her hands back on the wall.

She hesitated, she knew if she moved her finger that he would replace it.
He pushed her hard, and she complied.
Her nipples were hard against the cold wall, her pussy was wet from pleasure, and it ached with need.

She had enjoyed showing off for elton john rocket man url him.
His hands grabbed both elton john rocket man url of her hips, and she felt his cock slide in between her legs, not entering her, just enough to let her know it was there.
She tried to push herself onto it, she needed it now.

She needed his cock to enter her, to stretch her pussy, to make her cum.
He resisted her, letting only the tip of himself touch elton john rocket man url her, tease her.
He ran it along her opening, getting her wet, getting him wet.

He let it slip into her every so slightly.
She moaned and tried to push herself on him.

He held her off, only allowing himself to be inside her by the slightest amount.
He slid it out again slightly, and back in.
He was elton john rocket man url an expert at teasing her.
She needed elton john rocket man url him.

She could feel no parts of his body other than his hands firmly elton john rocket man url holding her hips away from him, and the inch or so of cock he allowed her elton john rocket man url to enjoy.
She was bent over in such a way that even though he was barely in her, he was rubbing the front of her pussy, sliding against her opening.
It felt glorious.
She knew even this would make her cum given enough time.
She didn't want elton john rocket man url to take the time, she wanted to fuck elton john rocket man url this man.

Every effort resulted in her elton john rocket man url being held at bay, it was so frustrating.
She had to take him inside her.

At last, he slipped farther into her.
She still couldn't feel his body on the other side of his penis, elton john rocket man url but at least now she had enough to ride on.
She squeezed him as he slid slowly in and out of her, elton john rocket man url his dick rubbing the front of her pussy.

She could feel herself getting elton john rocket man url close, she couldn't help it.
He was stretching her, hitting all elton john rocket man url the right places.
She couldn't help but let another moan out, try and push against him.

He picked up speed, still controlling exactly where her ass was positioned, still only allowing her a few inches of himself.
She was so close, she had to take all of him.
He did.
She was in extacy.

His entire length slid inside her, filling her to the brim.
Her pussy was squeezing him so tight, she could feel every inch of him inside her.
He let her push her ass tight against the front of his body.
Once he was completely inside her, she began to shake.

Her orgasm washed elton john rocket man url over her from the inside of her pussy, went through her body indian bridal jewellry, shook her body.
He pulled her off the wall, grabbed her left breast in his hand and sqeezed it hard as she shook under him.
He pinched her nipple and her orgasm refused to stop, she rubbed her ass against him, his cock twisting inside her.
Her body fell against the wall in exhaustion.

After work, after this, there was nothing left.
She closed her eyes and elton john rocket man url let him walk away from her.
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Toy story for Two  Kim and I were married – not to each hardcore porn tube other mind you.
 Kim and Dave were neighbours to Pam and hardcore porn tube I, and we got together often.
 Not ‘that’ kind of get together, just evenings together playing board games or watching movies.

 Kim hardcore porn tube was the sexiest woman I knew.
 Some women are nice to look at, but a few women rouse primal lust in men, Kim was one.
My wife Pam is good looking, but Kim was more than just attractive: the way she carried herself when she walked, hardcore porn tube how she laughed, her facial expressions - all exuded sexuality and hardcore porn tube I constantly fantasized about her – never assuming that there would come a day…..
 About a year ago, Dave announced he was getting a promotion at work, so we had them over hardcore porn tube for a little celebration.

We bought some champagne and made a big dinner for them.
 As we ate and drank the champagne soon ran out and we switched to harder drinks.
 Dave told us he was going to have to be out of town about one week a month with his new position; his first trip would be the week after next.
 “How do you feel about being left alone while Dave is away” Pam asked Kim.
“I don’t know – I’ll have to find something to keep me busy I guess”.

 ‘I could DEFINATLY keep you busy’, ran through my hardcore porn tube mind as I hardcore porn tube once again envisioned Kim and I in the throws of passion.

” came hardcore porn tube through the fog.
“Did you hear me?
” Pam asked.

“Oh, uh, sorry….
Daydreaming” I replied.
“Dave was hardcore porn tube saying that Kim may need your help with the lawn and stuff when he is away.

 hardcore porn tube You’ll help won’t you?
” “Oh, sure” hardcore porn tube “It’s just that I hate using that riding mower”, Kim said.
“Tell you what – if I can use your riding mower to cut my lawn, I’ll do yours too.
” “Deal”, hardcore porn tube Dave answered, “while I’m hardcore porn tube away, anything of mine is yours to use – help yourself”.
 ‘If only…’, I thought subtly leering at Kim as I continued hardcore porn tube my fantasy …  I never thought about the lawn again until it was a few weeks later.

 On a Tuesday evening, after dinner my wife was leaving for hardcore porn tube her night shift, she mentioned that I should get the lawns cut.
 “You promised Dave and Kim you’d cut theirs as hardcore porn tube well” she hardcore porn tube added as she stepped out.

 hardcore porn tube I hardcore porn tube got changed into some shorts and a T-shirt and headed over to Kim’s to borrow the riding lawn mower.
I was looking forward to seeing Kim again, but had no idea how this evening was going to turn out.
 As I stepped up to the back door, I straightened my shirt and pressed the doorbell.
 “Who hardcore porn tube is it?

” Kim called from inside.
“Brent” I answered.
“Oh, hardcore porn tube c’mon in Brent.
I’ll be right there.
”  I opened the door and stepped inside.

 I could smell the scent of Kim’s perfume and although I’d been in this house many times, I realized it has always been the four of us – never Kim and I alone.
 Kim appeared down the hallway and as always she looked delicious.
 “Sorry, I was just putting on some laundry.
Excuse the way I look, these are my exercise clothes, I was just about to do a little work out”.

“You look great.
 Where do you work out?
”                                                       hardcore porn tube   hardcore porn tube                                         hardcore porn tube             hardcore porn tube   hardcore porn tube   hardcore porn tube  “Well, thanks.

” She smiled.
 “I just work out here at home, I have a few hardcore porn tube exercise videos that I use.
 It’s probably not as hardcore porn tube effective as joining a club or something but I can do it whenever I have time.

” “I would guess you find the time often enough - lookin’ good in that spandex” I ventured, hardcore porn tube immediately worried that hardcore porn tube I had spoken my fantasy life too far into reality.
 Kim smiled blushing slightly then responded, “Well thanks Brent - I do what I can” then hardcore porn tube with a provocative change in her tone she added, “I’m glad you noticed – it’s nice to be appreciated” as she turned to reach something in the cupboard.
  As she reached high in the cupboard her shirt was drawn hardcore porn tube up and I had a great hardcore porn tube view of that perfect little bum snuggled into her tight shorts.
 hardcore porn tube I couldn’t help but stare at the gentle curve of her backside and how the spandex, tight as it was, defined the cheeks hardcore porn tube of her ass.

 I’ve always been an ass man, hardcore porn tube and more than once I have stared at Kim’s gorgeous backside in awe.
 The spandex she wore now was a treat however, and I could not break my eyes away – I was mesmerized - and then, as she turned her head to me, I was also caught.
 As soon as I saw her hardcore porn tube looking my way I quickly looked up her face, but I was sure I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar so to speak.
 Her expression showed no anger or embarrassment though, a mischievous hardcore porn tube grin actually spread across her lips.
I wanted to say something to relieve the tension I felt and retain some dignity, but she beat me to it.

it’s sure nice to be appreciated”, she repeated with a giggle.
I’m sure my face was blood red hardcore porn tube with embarrassment, and I stammered to say something.

um…” I felt like an idiot.
 Kim laughed “Don’t be embarrassed Brent.

 If it bothered me that you were looking at my ass I would have told you long ago.
 This isn’t the first time I’ve seen you do it, it’s just the first time you knew I caught you.
”  “You must think I’m some kind of a perv - hardcore porn tube I’m sorry if I embarrassed you”.
 “Really Brent, it’s ok – kinda flattering actually - and there are worse perversions than looking.

Besides I haves been ogled by men since I was 15, and I never felt threatened by you or anything – relax.
 Now, I can’t speak for Dave and Pam mind you, but since Dave is in Europe he can’t say much right now.
” she grinned, then added “Where is Pam tonight?
” “Just left for the hospital, working tonight.

” I added, my mind still racing.
 “She reminded hardcore porn tube me to cut the grass before she left.
”  “Ahh,” Kim replied, “you came to borrow the mower, and hardcore porn tube here I thought hardcore porn tube you were just here to visit”, she pretended hardcore porn tube to whine.
“Well, the lawn isn’t hardcore porn tube THAT bad” I replied, matching her grin.

 “Oh good, it’s been way too quiet around here with Dave gone.
Would you like a drink?
” “Sure, whatever you’re going to have” I responded as I slipped off my sneakers and followed her toward the den.
 As she led down hardcore porn tube the hardcore porn tube hall she reached behind her with both hands and playfully pulled her shirt down to cover her ass.

She looked over her shoulder, giggling and scurrying down the hall.
“Ha-ha”, I said, “Now I don’t feel embarrassed at hardcore porn tube all” “He-he…a girl can’t be too careful” she responded, “some men can’t control themselves……How is your willpower Brent?
” she asked as she playfully slid her shirt up displaying that beautiful hardcore porn tube ass.
” “Well, I promise not to touch, hardcore porn tube I can’t promise not to look…..
” “Ha-ha…good answer” she replied as we hardcore porn tube stepped into the den.

 Kim poured us each a drink of vodka hardcore porn tube and 7, handed me one and invited me to sit on the couch as she dropped into the loveseat.
 “So hardcore porn tube how have you been making out with Dave away?
” “Oh, ok I guess, little lonely is all” “I imagine.
When is he due home” “Day after tomorrow, I have a big welcome home hardcore porn tube planned for him.

” “Really?
” “Yep, making a big dinner and then a romantic evening at home” “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say” “Not just the heart” she winked and giggled.
“Now don’t go there…..
I’m still feeling embarrassed about being caught looking, and here we are alone, I don’t hardcore porn tube need to envision what you hardcore porn tube have ‘growing fonder’.

” “Oh, sorry – make you uncomfortable?
” “Well I wouldn’t say ‘uncomfortable’; it’s just that I’m afraid what I might say.
”  “Ok”, she half pouted “but hardcore porn tube I would like to have a man’s perspective on what would be a ‘good’ romantic evening, but if it would bother hardcore porn tube you I’ll have to wing it”.

“No, it’s ok….
I’d love to help hardcore porn tube but ….
have you got some ideas?

”  “Oh lots.
” She seemed excited to share them; “I even went shopping” she smiled coyly.
 She stood and I thought she was going to show me what she had shopped for, but she held up her empty glass, “Another drink?

” hardcore porn tube “Sure” I answered “What kind of shopping” “Well….
let’s see……a few things……” she hesitated as she returned with hardcore porn tube the drinks.
 She returned to her seat and continued, “Um, let me ask this right up front, I hope you aren’t embarrassed but hardcore porn tube are you and Pam adventurous in bed?
” “Um..

” I stammered, “not as much as I would…..

umm, why do you ask?
” “Um…because……,” she paused then leaned toward me and lowered her voice in a more secretive tone, “Brent we’ve been friends for quite a while, can we decide that this conversation is just between us and we have to be honest.

” I nodded and she continued, “I have occasionally talked hardcore porn tube to women about these things, but never a man.
I’d love to know your point of view.
”  “Sure…” “We’ll keep it to ourselves?

” hardcore porn tube she asked with a look that no man would be able to resist.
”  “Great!
” she seemed excited.
 “Well,…I might as well start at the start….

” she said.
 “I am a very sexual person, the problem is - Dave isn’t.
” “Ahhhhh, I see” I replied.
“Was he ever?

” “When we were dating he wanted sex almost as much as I did, but it was never erotic.
” “Erotic?

”  “Ummm….
this is cool being so open,” Kim smiled her eyes wide with excitement of telling her deep secrets, “I mean erotic things in hardcore porn tube bed, you know, ummm….
oral hardcore porn tube sex, toys, that kinda thing.
” She appeared to need to get these words hardcore porn tube out.
 “I know what you’re saying, and I can sympathise – around our house it’s been ‘wham bam thank-you ma’am’ for a long time.

”  “Exactly!
” Kim replied.
 “It is so cool to have someone to talk to about this, especially someone who can hardcore porn tube relate.

” Kim looked thoughtful for a bit and then started to laugh.
” “I guess that might explain why you are always hardcore porn tube checking me hardcore porn tube out when you think nobody is looking – you are not getting enough at home” She giggled.
 “Well, I guess that is part of it……” I responded still slightly embarrassed, “…but, since we hardcore porn tube promised to be honest, mainly I look because you are the sexiest woman I know hardcore porn tube and it’s almost impossible for me hardcore porn tube not to look.
” I added with a grin, “Maybe subconsciously I can sense that you aren’t getting enough either.

”  She hardcore porn tube smiled broadly “Thank you Brent.
And so far as getting enough … I’m not…believe me!
” “A beautiful woman like you that hardcore porn tube needs more attention might be prone to cheating – have you ever?

” “No.
 Temped a few times though..
” “Well if you don’t fool around, how do you get rid of your ‘tension’….

exercise videos?
I chuckled.

“That helps, but sometimes not enough.
” “So…?
” “So…?

”, she mimicked as she blushed , grinning.
“Well ll ll ll ll?

What do you do” hardcore porn tube I grinned appearing innocent.
“You know very well what I do – likely the same thing you do…..

” she replied, embarrassed but obviously enjoying the conversation.
I decided to let her off the hook and not make her say.
” I answered appearing to just catch on “You mean masturbate.
 Yep hardcore porn tube I do that often enough.

” Kim laughed out loud.
 “I can’t believe where this conversation has gone.

” she said.
 “Well, since we promised to be honest – I do too” she added with laughter that was tinged with embarrassment.
 The mental image of Kim masturbating came immediately to mind, and the reaction in hardcore porn tube my shorts was also instantaneous.
“Does Dave know hardcore porn tube you ‘play’?
” “No, I think it would insult him if he knew I needed more.

” “Um, maybe.
 So how do you get away with it?
” “Hey, how did this get to be hardcore porn tube about my masturbating?
” she asked playfully.
“Oh, sorry,” I laughed, “Just intrigues me.

 Envisioning a beautiful woman …ummm… ‘enjoying herself’ is what I do when I play….
I wanted to get the details right” I smiled.
 “Good answer”, she giggled, then as she squirmed in her seat a bit, she added, “I guess that’s another thing we have in common” “Really?
” “Uh huh,” then she added with a grin; “except, of course, I picture a man playing” she giggled, looking at me out of the corner of her eye while finishing her drink.
 She held up her glass, “Again?

” “Sure”, but I have to use the washroom – hardcore porn tube be right back.
” “K, I have to change over the laundry as well, make yourself comfortable.
”  I returned to the den and waited for Kim.
 Sipping my drink I could taste the hardcore porn tube vodka in it.

 Kim was pouring heavy and had been obviously teasing me sexually.
 I knew she was horny enough to be seduced, but if anything happened tonight I wanted it to be mutual.
 I didn’t need her feeling like I had taken advantage of her, basically I wanted her to want me as much as I did her.
 After a few minutes I heard Kim come down the hall behind me.

“So Brent”, she called, “You promised to give me your opinion of what you would consider romantic……” “That’s right I did” I responded.
“Ok… a promise is a promise…..

” I wondered what she was getting at, but as she entered the room and came into my field of view I knew.
 She was wearing a housecoat that covered her from neck to knee….
I was dying to hardcore porn tube know what was under it.
 Even covered up she looked incredibly sexy.

 Her hair fell over her shoulders and she her hardcore porn tube face was that of an angel….
an angel with the hardcore porn tube most intriguing mischievous grin.
 “What other promises did you make?.....

” she asked in that delightfully naughty tone.

to be honest?
” “Uh, huh…..

” “Umm……” I didn’t know what she was getting to.
“Oh, right” I remembered, “Look, but don’t touch…” “Right!
” she laughed.
 “Well if you hardcore porn tube have on under that housecoat, hardcore porn tube what I think you have on under that housecoat - I’ll defiantly be looking, and I am sure I can be honest about what I see…..

but not touching…..
you might be asking too much…” I answered with a smile.
“Well if you can’t PROMISE hardcore porn tube not to touch I guess I’ll have to go change….
no looking for you….

” she hardcore porn tube teased as she started to turn around to leave the room.
“I promise…I promise!
” “Well ll ll ……Ok……if you promise……” she answered hardcore porn tube then she slowly hardcore porn tube turned her hardcore porn tube back to me and while looking at me seductively over her shoulder she opened the hardcore porn tube tie on the housecoat.
It fell open around her.

She shrugged one shoulder then the other.
The housecoat fell down her back, now only held up by the sleeves on her hardcore porn tube arms.
 The flesh of her upper back was exposed and as she looked into my eyes over her shoulder.

She must have seen the hardcore porn tube excitement in my face – the smile on her face broadened and the mischief hardcore porn tube in her eyes grew as she continued to lower the housecoat down her back.
 As more of her back became visible, I could see the light hardcore porn tube negligee underneath becoming hardcore porn tube exposed.
 It was a light material and coal black on her pale white skin.

 I hardcore porn tube felt a lurch in my loins and could feel my cock start to grow in my shorts as she revealed her full back to me.
  Kim winked hardcore porn tube at me then, and dropped her arms – the weight of the housecoat did the rest.
Suddenly the housecoat was on the floor – Kim was now before me barely covered by the thin negligee.
 The smile on her face grew with appreciation as a gasp escaped from me.
 She paused for a moment allowing my eyes to take it all in, then hardcore porn tube spoke in an exaggerated sexy voice “So….

do you think that this hardcore porn tube outfit would be a good start to a romantic evening?
”  I was completely speechless.
 I had fantasized for months about Kim hardcore porn tube - imagining what she would look like naked.

 She stood in front of me not naked – better.
 Her tight little bum, visible under the thin mask of the negligee was defined by the thong that defined her ass , and then disappeared between those beautiful cheeks.
 The whole sight was almost more than I could take.

I longed to reach out to her - here was my fantasy so close and I couldn’t touch hardcore porn tube – agony!!!
 It was also physical agony as hardcore porn tube my now rigid cock strained for release from my shorts.

 Kim turned to me completing the vision.
 The light material covered her breasts but the round areoles were evident beneath it – and her little nipples were standing out displaying her own excitement.

  “OH man…..
You’re GORGEOUS!!!
” I managed hardcore porn tube to say” “Awww, thank you….

” she added as she looked obviously at my shorts, “You seem to have answered my question”  I squirmed in my seat trying to relieve the pressure, “I guess so – you can’t imagine how much you dressed like that turns me on, I envy Dave.
”  “Do you?
” she purred as she swayed and slowly turned in front of me – allowing, inviting me to hardcore porn tube see all I could.

“What makes you envy Dave the most?
”  “All of you.
 Your pretty face, your tight little bum your lovely breasts – all of you hardcore porn tube – your sexy walk your sexy voice.
 It isn’t just because you are turning me on A LOT right now …..

I’ve always thought so….
”  “MMmmmm.
 I love it!

” she giggled.
 “I’m not just flattering you – honest.
 You said yourself you caught me watching you hardcore porn tube before.
”  “Well how do I know that isn’t something you do all hardcore porn tube the time….

” she purred as she stepped across hardcore porn tube the room and turned her back to me.
 “Maybe you look at all the women’s asses” hardcore porn tube she spoke hardcore porn tube as she deliberately wiggled her bum in front of me.
  My cock leaped at the display and a guttural moan hardcore porn tube escaped my throat “Oh…please hardcore porn tube don’t………That looks way way too good”  Kim knew just what she was doing and was really enjoying being such a cock tease.
 “Oh, I’m sorry….
” she lied.

“What looks ‘too’ good?
”  “Your ass…..
I LOVE your ass.
 It wouldn’t be as bad if I was going to get to touch it but …… knowing it’s off limits is torture.

”  “Torture is it?
” she teased bending over the coffee hardcore porn tube table for her drink.

She took a long hardcore porn tube sip, and then looking over her shoulder at me she hardcore porn tube set down hardcore porn tube her drink and placed both hands on the table and gave her ass another wiggle.
Her tight ass was within hardcore porn tube arms reach and it took hardcore porn tube more self control than I thought I could muster not to reach for it.
My cock was begging for release – both from these shorts and from the cum building in my groin.

She hardcore porn tube wiggled her ass a couple of more times and then rose to her full height again and turned to face me.
 “Well, since you are feeling tortured ….
If you want I can go put on some hardcore porn tube other clothes and you can go cut the grass…….
” “Oh, no…please….

I love hardcore porn tube looking at you.
I could look at you all night.
 If only you knew how many times I wished I could see you like this….

”  “ohhhhh?

is that right?
” Kim asked?
 “How many times?
” “hundreds….

To be honest, every time I’ve played for the last year it has been you I’ve fantasized about.
”  “Oh?
That is a beautiful thing to say….

Do you know what?
” “What” “Knowing I have turned you on, is a HUGE turn on for me.
” “Really?

That’s good.
 It’s nice to know that I’m not hardcore porn tube the only one being tortured.
”  “Oh, this is a pleasant torture though, isn’t it?
” Kim smiled.
 “I’m afraid the torture is getting hardcore porn tube me too interested though, and I’m afraid we will overstep…… remember I told you that I have never cheated on Dave?

” “Uh huh” “Well that is the truth.
 Have you ever cheated hardcore porn tube on Pam?
” “Nope, but like you, I have been tempted” “Well I am VERY VERY horny right now, but I would still feel bad in the morning if we hardcore porn tube made love” she admitted with a hardcore porn tube guilty hardcore porn tube look.
 ‘Damn’ I thought.

 I had never cheated on my wife, but would never have a chance to hardcore porn tube sleep with a woman that turned me on more than Kim.
It looked hardcore porn tube like she had enjoyed teasing me but that was about as far as she wanted to go.
  “Well” I responded, “If that’s the way you feel, I sure don’t want to pressure you.
 But there is nothing I’d rather do more right now than make hardcore porn tube love to you.

 You have really REALLY turned me on” I was so horny I would have crawled over glass to touch her right now, but I didn’t want to force her.
 hardcore porn tube “To be honest” she replied as she hardcore porn tube sauntered over to join me on the couch “seeing hardcore porn tube you so turned on has been as much a turn on for hardcore porn tube me … I don’t think a ‘work out video’ is hardcore porn tube going to relieve the tension tonight……”  As she sat down she turned slightly to hardcore porn tube face me as we sat together on the couch.
 Her knee was drawn up slightly, which caused a slight gap between her legs.
 Through the light material of her negligee I could plainly see the hardcore porn tube thong covering her pus sy.

 Since she had been so agreeable to my looking at her, I brazenly hardcore porn tube stared right at her crotch as I turned slightly on the couch to face her.
She saw that I was looking, but never appeared hardcore porn tube to mind – it was if she expected it.
 “You know….

” I commented as I was finally able to break my eyes away from her thong to look at her face, “I have been thinking……” hardcore porn tube “Uh huh?
” she spoke.
“I am going to make a logical argument - you see if there are any flaws in it.
” “Ok.
” She answered.

 “Well, ‘cheating’ is actually having sex with another person, right?
” “Uh, huh.
” “Well, if hardcore porn tube I ‘happened’ to walk in on you and Dave making love, that wouldn’t be cheating would it?
” “No….
unless you joined in”, her eyes betrayed her, the thought of being with two men intrigued her – I’d have to keep that in mind I thought.

 “Right” I agreed.
 Now by definition, masturbation is having hardcore porn tube sex with yourself, right?

” “Uh, huh…..
” she answered with a little smile crossing her face.

 She seemed to know what I was thinking, and as I spoke she hardcore porn tube turned toward me further, the way people do when they agree with you…..
 hardcore porn tube Her eyes now drifted down to my crotch where my cock was still straining heavily against my shorts.
As she looked at my crotch her hand migrated to her lap and, consciously or not, her fingers began to stroke lightly on the inside of her hardcore porn tube thigh.
Following her lead, as she watched, I moved my hand on my lap and subtly laid it against my throbbing cock.

 “So, by this hardcore porn tube reasoning it wouldn’t really be cheating,” I said in hardcore porn tube a slightly hushed voice, “if we ‘happen’ to see each other playing, providing we never put our hands on each other – just ourselves.
” Her eyes grew wider as I made an obvious show of hardcore porn tube stroking hardcore porn tube my cock through my shorts.
 Kim was obviously as intrigued by the idea as I was.
“No, she said, “by definition, that wouldn’t be cheating.

” She replied in an excited tone.
“I have to agree, there is nothing wrong with that argument …..

I like the way you think Brent ….
”  I made an hardcore porn tube obvious gesture of stroking my cock and she clearly excited by it as she ran her fingers along her thigh to the patch hardcore porn tube of fabric of her thong.
She ran her fingers along the fabric a few times while watching me rub my cock through hardcore porn tube my shorts.
 “Brent”, she spoke, “I’ll be right back……I want to get something…….

”  She jumped up from the couch and as she crossed in front of me her ass was right at eye level, I pretended to reach out to touch it, and she playfully slapped my fingers.
“No touchy” she giggled as she scurried past me then hardcore porn tube disappeared out of the room.
 I too got up hardcore porn tube from hardcore porn tube the couch.

My cock was begging for release from my hardcore porn tube shorts, so I took the opportunity to get undressed.
 I slipped off my socks and shirt and as I slid my shorts and hardcore porn tube underwear down my cock sprang out from it’s confines with relief.
 It was near it’s full size of 7” even though it had been restricted in my shorts.

Now free it continued to swell to it’s full length and fat girth.
 I knew my cock wasn’t over long but women always loved how thick it was – I had a hard time wrapping my fingers all the way around it.
 As I sat hardcore porn tube down, on the couch once again, I heard Kim returning.

 She stepped into the room with a shoebox in her hands.
 As she came around the couch she laughed as she saw hardcore porn tube me naked.
“Well, when in Rome…..
” she said as she set the box down and hardcore porn tube immediately hardcore porn tube threw off the hardcore porn tube thin negligee.
  She now stood before me in only her thong.

 Before, when I could almost see through the negligee, she looked great.
 Now that it was gone she looked even more gorgeous.
 The lines of her figure hardcore porn tube were something that playboy would be proud to publish - her breasts, not huge, were glorious and firm, her tummy was flat and hardcore porn tube her legs went all the way up to be crowned by a stunning ass – still accented by the thong.

 Hooking a thumb in the strings on each side, she deliberately stepped toward me she placed the patch of fabric within arms reach and slowly slipped it down.
 “Oh my God” I murmured in amazement at her, now completely naked in front of hardcore porn tube me.
 I subconsciously stroked my cock as I stared at her - she was the hardcore porn tube vision of beauty that writers and poets try to describe – for Kim, the words couldn’t do justice - I was in hardcore porn tube awe of her beauty.
 “You like?
” she asked rhetorically watching me stroke my hard cock.

“Mmmm hmmm” was all I could manage to say.
“Well Brent, don’t get too excited” she said watching my hand running up and down my rigid cock…… “I want us to cum together, and I see no need to rush…..
” “Right” I agreed.
 “I’d love to hardcore porn tube play all night with you…….

” “Mmmmm, that sounds good…..
Let’s get ourselves comfortable – Can you help me move this loveseat?
” “Sure” I replied.
 Turning the loveseat to face the couch, we slid them almost together; there were only a foot or hardcore porn tube two between them.

“If we’re going to watch, we might as well have a good view” she said.
 I was starting to hardcore porn tube see what Kim meant when she said she was hardcore porn tube a ‘very sexual person’.
 I loved it.
  Stepping between the furniture, Kim slid onto the loveseat.

I followed and sat on hardcore porn tube the couch.
 It was surreal to me to see the vision of beauty that I had fantasized about for so long naked only inches from me.
 My cock was perpetually erect and with Kim so close it was not likely to relax until I came … if then.

 It was apparent to me that Kim was over the pretext of us hardcore porn tube needing to be at all reserved about our passion, and she wanted to get off hardcore porn tube as bad as ha brunette playes herselfrdcore porn tube I did.
She was comfortable with me, hardcore porn tube admittedly very passionate, justifiably proud of her looks - this culminated in her being not the least bit inhibited.
 She hardcore porn tube sat on the loveseat in front of / beside me with her legs stretched out onto the hardcore porn tube couch, I sat the opposite.

 Her ankles were crossed and she looked very comfortable physically yet hardcore porn tube her eyes were full of passion as she stared at my cock rigidly standing at attention.
“Mmmmm, you have a very nice looking cock Brent” she pronounced.
“Thank-you, you have a very nice…… everything” I replied, a little surprised by her candour.

 “I’m SO horny Brent, I’m surprised that I’m not climbing over there and taking that cock of yours in my mouth and sucking your cum right out of it” she breathed.
 The sluttish language from such a gorgeous woman was not expected but a hardcore porn tube huge turn on – she was completely comfortable with me, probably because she knew I was as horny as she was.
I subconsciously took my cock in my hand again at the thought of her swallowing my cock.
 “Well, you have my permission”, I answered, “Only, however, if you let me lick your pussy until you cum all over my face” “Oh my God!

” she answered, “I love to have my pussy licked – it’s been like forever!
” she answered, obviously aroused at the thought of it.
 Her hand slipped between her legs and started to massage her pubic area.
“Well, I’d love to ….

” “Oh, the hardcore porn tube offer is SO tempting …..
But we hardcore porn tube better not….

” She answered continuing to massage herself.
 “Besides …..
I want to see you make cum shoot out of that beautiful cock.
 I love to watch a man play”  “Brent” she called in a curious tone as she reached for the shoebox “guess what I have in this box.

” “Ok.
…I was wondering actually……..
Is it toys?

” “Yep…Good guess.
 You like toys?
” “Love em” “Do you!?

” she replied excitedly, “Dave hates them – I have to keep them hidden”  “Pam doesn’t like them either – haven’t used them hardcore porn tube on her in a long time” “Awwww…..
And you don’t have any of hardcore porn tube your own?
” hardcore porn tube I wasn’t sure what she meant but I hardcore porn tube answered, “No, she got rid of all of them.
” “Well Dave doesn’t know hardcore porn tube I have these, I keep this box with the rest of my shoes” she giggled, “Want to see?
” “MMMM Hmmmm!

”  “Ok……..
here is my favourite”, she hardcore porn tube said pulling an odd looking device from the box.
“Why your favourite?

” I asked.
 hardcore porn tube “Oh, it does lots all at the hardcore porn tube same time…….
This part rubs my clit” she said hardcore porn tube touching a little protuberance from the main body.

“And the whole thing goes around and around inside – it’s Fantastic!!
” “Looks like fun” I answered enthralled by her description – hardcore porn tube I was looking forward to watching her use it.

 “This” she said “Is just some hardcore porn tube lube” as she pulled a tube of hardcore porn tube ‘Slick Shtick’ out of the box.
 “These are what I need the lube for” she said as she pulled out two smaller vibrators.
 She looked at me holding up hardcore porn tube the slimmer toys, “They are for when I want two toys at hardcore porn tube once….

they are not too big and they feel sooooo hardcore porn tube nice.
” She admitted.
 “This”, she said “is ‘Old Faithful’” as she hardcore porn tube held up a long pink supple vibrator.

“It was the only hardcore porn tube one I had for a long time …… Now with my new favourite, I hardly use it anymore.
I would throw it away but I keep it just in case the new one quits just when hardcore porn tube I need it hardcore porn tube – pardon the pun….
” She giggled.
 “So”, she hardcore porn tube said “That’s it ….
I would love to hardcore porn tube have a real variety of things and share them
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Once we had all been seated Greg stepped outside the room, but he returned shortly thereafter and eased himself into one of the remaining chairs stationed against the wall. We were there only briefly before a stream of little girls entered the room ea sports fifa 2010 followed by their teacher, a tall thin man in his mid-30s wearing a light blue jumpsuit. As each child passed before the line of seated observers, she would glance in our direction and smile before taking a seat behind her desk. Most of the little girls were naked, although a few wore abbreviated skirts like the one Mica had worn to her examination, and each displayed the ea sports fifa 2010 ubiquitous gold chain and bright red ceramic ornament of childhood below her vaginal lips. I found it amusing to watch as several of the children, squirming in their seats, would spread their legs and casually play with their ornaments, seemingly oblivious to the lusty stares of their visitors. Now, girls, it's time for our lesson,” Teacher announced in a soothing voice. “But ea sports fifa 2010 first, let's not forget to ea sports fifa 2010 thank our guests for helping us this morning. Thank you, Masters! ” a chorus of young female voices responded in unison.

I had to smile in amazement: An ea sports fifa 2010 entire roomful of six-year-old ea sports fifa 2010 girls thanking me for ea sports fifa 2010 granting to them the opportunity to suck my dick. The ea sports fifa 2010 scene was quite surreal. All right, then,” continued Teacher. Several of the girls started to leave their seats. “Now, remember, today we'll be concentrating on pleasing the testicles and base of the penis. ” A flurry of sound and movement followed as the children bolted from their chairs and raced toward us. A little naked Caucasian girl with a round face, long light brown hair and bright blue eyes suddenly appeared and flopped to her knees before me. She leaned ea sports fifa 2010 back a bit, resting her arms on her thighs, beaming a proud smile upward and revealing the gap created by a recently lost ea sports fifa 2010 milk tooth. With her legs spread slightly apart, I could see the top portion of her hairless slit ea sports fifa 2010 and her small red ornament as it ea sports fifa 2010 rested on the floor beneath the lips of her vagina. Teacher announced to the class that ea sports fifa 2010 they could begin their lesson, and my little student leaned forward and began carefully parting ea sports fifa 2010 my robe.

She gingerly took my shaft in her tiny left hand and, dropping her head downward and to the side, began lightly licking my balls, starting ea sports fifa 2010 first at the bottom, then working her tongue up to the base of my cock before slowly moving back downward to repeat. ea sports fifa 2010 Occasionally the little girl would stroke my penis while massaging my testicles with her lips, but she would soon abandon her gentle masturbation and I would retreat from an approaching orgasm ea sports fifa 2010 to further savor the waves of pleasure the child was generating in my groin with her young tongue. I could hear Teacher vaguely in ea sports fifa 2010 the distance, calmly offering words of encouragement and praise to his pupils amid his reminders to “check your Master's status, girls,” but I was all but lost in the sexual ecstasy ea sports fifa 2010 created by the naked ea sports fifa 2010 little girl stationed between my legs. Just how long the child spent caressing my balls with her tongue I cannot say. She began stroking my swollen shaft again, this time a bit faster, and as I approached my climax I could feel her thumb brushing over the ea sports fifa 2010 tip of my cock. My orgasm was imminent, and the little girl abandoned my testicles and plunged the tip of my penis into her mouth, working her tongue around and around my knob as she rhythmically ea sports fifa 2010 moved her head back and forth in my lap. I ea sports fifa 2010 lightly slid my fingers ea sports fifa 2010 through her soft brown ea sports fifa 2010 hair and she responded by burying her face even deeper into my groin. Suddenly I exploded, spraying jism all over the back of the little girl's throat. She gagged and withdrew my throbbing member from her mouth, still coughing.

I fired ea sports fifa 2010 again, splashing ea sports fifa 2010 her cheek with my cum. Quickly she stuck my penis back into her mouth and began sucking while attempting to use her shoulder to wipe away the semen on her face. I was spent, but the little ea sports fifa 2010 girl continued her ea sports fifa 2010 blow job. My erection was failing and I gently pushed her forehead away. She looked up at me, a troubled look on her face. “I'm sorry, Master,” she whimpered. I ea sports fifa 2010 looked down to her, a trickle ea sports fifa 2010 of my semen still dripping from her cheek, and assured her that she had performed splendidly. With that, her countenance brightened and she gleefully leaned forward ea sports fifa 2010 again to lick the tip of my penis in search of any remaining drops ea sports fifa 2010 of my orgasm. I glanced to my side, where two bare-chested little girls were still aggressively giving head, and I felt my dick once more begin to swell.

“May I ea sports fifa 2010 serve you again, Master? ” my little student asked hopefully. “No, ea sports fifa 2010 you've done fine” was all I could muster in response, and the girl returned to kissing the tip of my ea sports fifa 2010 organ. In time all of the Guests had been satisfied and our visit to the Nursery had concluded. Teacher marched his little pupils out of the room to wash and Greg led us outside to the shuttle train to rejoin the other Nursery volunteers.

We rode back to the main complex in silence, each of us savoring the memories of the delightful oral sex we had just received from Cynthia's babies, and upon our arrival Greg guided us back up the hall and out through the swinging doors leading into the lobby. Another group of robed men had already gathered there, impatiently awaiting the return of the shuttle to take them to the Nursery for their opportunity to “assist” in the instruction of yet ea sports fifa 2010 more young females in the art of performing fellatio. * * * * * * * * Ever since I had witnessed little Mica's gynecological examination, I had very much looked forward to my scheduled Tuesday afternoon interview with Dr. George. He had suggested we get together in the recreational parlor of the resort rather than his office, but I was concerned the ambient noise might play havoc with my recording equipment.

He assured me, though, that a quiet spot could be found and so I had agreed to meet with him there after lunch. Shortly before 1:30 p. m. Dr. George joined me near the concierge and together we walked across the large hotel lobby.

At his urging I had abandoned my Western apparel in favor of a comfortable, loose-fitting robe like the other Guests wore, but although ea sports fifa 2010 I felt somewhat awkward wearing such informal attire to conduct the interview, the good doctor seemed genuinely pleased to see that I had “gone Native,” as he put it. We were soon ea sports fifa 2010 standing before the entrance to one of the numerous cubicles that line the far northern wall of the recreational center. Each of these cubicles offers a choice of two large, comfortable chairs or a full-length couch along the back wall. A small folding table separates the chairs, and I placed my tape recorder on top of it while we each took a seat. Dr. ea sports fifa 2010 George suddenly stood back up and, leaning toward the front, closed the two saloon-style "half-doors," of the cubicle, offering to ea sports fifa 2010 us a bit more privacy and quiet.

One's first impression of Dr. George is that of an exceptionally powerful and intelligent man. Standing very tall and lean, with thick black ea sports fifa 2010 hair, wire-rimmed bi-focal glasses, a full “salt and pepper” beard, and wearing the dark trousers and seemingly obligatory white smock of his profession, he looks like a serious medical physician. And indeed he is, but Dr. George also possesses a ea sports fifa 2010 wry sense of humor that becomes evident as he ea sports fifa 2010 casually describes his role within the organization. “I'm simply a mechanic,” he says with a smile. “I keep the machines running smoothly. Like Greg, Dr. George is a very wealthy man with little need ea sports fifa 2010 for personal spending money.

Over the years he, as well as the other Partners, has ea sports fifa 2010 been an extremely generous “anonymous” donor to numerous private and public colleges, universities and research facilities, as well as to countless other medical, cultural, and humanitarian causes. Ironically, he and the others have contributed significant sums to various international organizations dedicated to the advancement of women, and although they espouse no particular political opinions, the Partners have given rather liberally to many – often even ea sports fifa 2010 conflicting – political parties ea sports fifa 2010 and movements. “Sometimes,” he confessed with a sheepish grin, “we've got to do it just to appease one of the Guests. Also like Greg, Dr. George seldom leaves the island. “Too much hassle,” he explains.

“Besides, what's ea sports fifa 2010 out there that I can't get here? ” He is right, of course, for the resort offers practically anything and everything a man might ever need or want. For many years, however, Dr. George has been an avid golfer and on those rare occasions when he does travel, he delights in visiting the ea sports fifa 2010 world's finest and most prestigious golf courses. “I always travel with my ea sports fifa 2010 golf clubs,” he told me with a big ea sports fifa 2010 smile, “and I'll have already mapped out which ea sports fifa 2010 courses I'll be playing long before the plane has even touched down.

” When pressed, he could not name ea sports fifa 2010 for me his “favorite” golfing venue, but he laughingly told me that the strangest course he had ever ea sports fifa 2010 played had been with some local “resort associates” ea sports fifa 2010 in Dubai, where – because of the intense daytime desert heat – he ea sports fifa 2010 and the others played exclusively at night beneath hundreds of bright flood lights. “Now that was weird. And talk about your ea sports fifa 2010 sand traps! ” Although he usually has some duties to which he must attend each day at the resort, the good doctor assured me that he is never extremely busy – “except maybe when we get in a new crop of girls” – and thus he possesses more than enough ea sports fifa 2010 time to enjoy the amenities available at Island Royale, which for him include almost daily ea sports fifa 2010 trips to the golf course. Usually he plays the course with off-duty male resort personnel or with Island Royale Guests, but occasionally, he told me with a grin – “only when [Greg] feels like getting humiliated” – with the resort's ea sports fifa 2010 Managing Partner. My recent experience with the lovely little ten-year-old Mica offered an appropriate beginning for our interview. * * ea sports fifa 2010 * * * * * * Question: I ea sports fifa 2010 must say I was amazed at how well you kept your composure during yesterday's examination.

I don't think I could have maintained ea sports fifa 2010 my concentration, playing with a little girl's vagina like that. Answer: (Laughing) Well, I guess that's the downside of being chief ea sports fifa 2010 medical officer here at Island Royale. After awhile, you get a bit blas about ea sports fifa 2010 female genitalia. Oh, occasionally I'll still get really horny and fuck a ea sports fifa 2010 girl right there on the table. Usually, though, I just do the exam and send ‘em on their way. Look, when you're surrounded ea sports fifa 2010 by naked ea sports fifa 2010 pussy all day, it just doesn't seem all that special anymore. Q: And is it like that for the others as well? A: I ea sports fifa 2010 think that's probably true for Greg, because he spends as much ea sports fifa 2010 time here as I do, and for the other guys ea sports fifa 2010 on the administrative staff too, ea sports fifa 2010 I would guess.

That's certainly not true for John-Boy and Alexis, though, because they don't get here all that often. When those guys come to the island, they really want to “party down” while they're here. Cynthia, of course, isn't interested at all in the special amenities available here at the resort. Q: ea sports fifa 2010 I assume Cynthia is straight, then. A: You know, it's funny, but I really don't know for sure. She may be bi-sexual, as far as I know. She really doesn't seem all that interested in any sexual ea sports fifa 2010 activity, straight or gay. (Chuckling) She's probably the most “professional” one of all of us. She seems only to be interested in training ea sports fifa 2010 our girls to behave and perform properly.

Q: That seems ea sports fifa 2010 such a ea sports fifa 2010 tragedy. Sexual Boredom while surrounded by beautiful naked women, ea sports fifa 2010 all eager to please. A: Hey, we're not all monks here! Of course we sometimes fuck the girls. It's just not the overriding priority for us like it is for the Guests.

And it wasn't always like ea sports fifa 2010 that. Heck, years ago ea sports fifa 2010 me and Greg would each routinely take one or two – sometimes even three of the girls – back with us at night to party. But ea sports fifa 2010 that was years ago. We're both a lot older now, and frankly I can't “get it up” as often as I did back then. One or two fucks and a few blow jobs a week is about all I can handle anymore. I don't keep track, of ea sports fifa 2010 course, but I suspect that's Greg's ea sports fifa 2010 average as well.

Q: But you say that's not true for John-Boy and Alexis. A: Definitely not true for them. Those guys are “on the road” most of the time. They can't fuck the recruits – heck, they're only four or five years old and probably have never even seen a guy's dick, let alone received ea sports fifa 2010 the training to know what to do with one – and the guys don't dare fuck a local for fear they'll catch something. So the only time those ea sports fifa 2010 guys get laid is when they make it back here. Q: And how often is that? A: Oh, I don't know. Alexis gets back about once ea sports fifa 2010 every two or three months or so, I would guess. John-Boy tends to visit a bit more often. But neither of them usually can stay for more than a week or so before ea sports fifa 2010 they have to leave again.

Q: Well, let's ea sports fifa 2010 get back to your specialty: Medicine. How ea sports fifa 2010 often do you check the girls? A: It depends a lot on how old they are. A little girl, like the one we did yesterday, I'll tend to want to look at every couple of months or so to monitor her physical development. We want to have these girls available for vaginal intercourse just as soon as they're ripe. Once she's been approved for full sexual service, I'll maybe ea sports fifa 2010 only see a girl once a ea sports fifa 2010 year for a general check-up. Unless, of course, she complains to somebody that she isn't feeling well. Q: I thought these girls were all pretty well insulated from disease. A: And they are, but even ea sports fifa 2010 so a naked broad can still catch herself a chest cold every once in awhile.

(He smiles at his joke. ) Actually, ea sports fifa 2010 all of our “medical problems” here tend to be rather minor. A cold here, a vaginal yeast infection there. And of course we have our usual share of cuts and bruises. ea sports fifa 2010 On the whole, though, the sick rooms in the infirmary are rarely occupied.

I'm really proud to say that we've never had a ea sports fifa 2010 serious injury or an outbreak of contagious disease – sexually transmitted or otherwise – in our entire 37-plus years of operation. And I mean to keep it that ea sports fifa 2010 way. Q: You mean you have never had a medical crisis here? A: We did have this one old fart once that keeled over from a heart attack after fucking a bitch. Couldn't save him. Greg had to do some quick scrambling to get him back to the Philippines ea sports fifa 2010 so's it would look like he died while visiting some bullshit pineapple plantation or something. That was kind of weird. The girl he was with at the time was really freaked out about it.

(Chuckling) The cunt didn't know a man could actually die! We had to sell her off really quick. Too bad, ‘cause she was pretty good looking as I recall and could really give good head. That's why we check out a Guest's overall physical health now before we issue him a boarding pass to the island. We don't want something like that happening again if we can avoid it. Q: What about ea sports fifa 2010 the girls? Greg ea sports fifa 2010 told me about one girl who you had diagnosed as having breast cancer. A: Umm. Don't recall that.

Oh, I know what he was talking about. No, that bitch had leukemia. You know, blood cancer. But that wasn't really a “medical crisis” for us. Just an unfortunate inconvenience. ea sports fifa 2010 Leukemia isn't contagious. Nobody was at risk. We just had to ea sports fifa 2010 get rid of her is all. Q: Yes, he told me how you did so. A: (Dr.

George shrugs his shoulders. ) Well, we had to do something with the cunt. She wasn't any good to us and we sure couldn't sell her off like that. We toyed with the idea of giving her over to some guys to ea sports fifa 2010 use in the Dungeon, but decided it would be too messy for us to clean ea sports fifa 2010 up once they were through playing with her. And we couldn't be sure the other girls wouldn't find out about what happened to her. So we decided the best thing to do was to simply dump her in the ocean. (Chuckling) “Burial at sea” and all that. Q: You mentioned before that you ea sports fifa 2010 don't need to examine a woman very often ea sports fifa 2010 once she's been approved for “full sexual service.

” When does that occur? Take the girl from yesterday, for example. You said she accepted over 4 ½ inches of the phallus. How soon will she be available for vaginal intercourse? A: Well, that girl actually still has got a ways to go yet. At just past 4 ½ ea sports fifa 2010 inches I was already ea sports fifa 2010 starting to press on what's left of her cervix. Q: What do you mean, “what's left of her cervix? A: I try to get each girl spayed within a couple of months or so ea sports fifa 2010 of her arrival. The sooner the better, really, so her training isn't delayed. There are obviously different ea sports fifa 2010 ways of sterilizing a female, but I prefer doing a supracervical hysterectomy.

It's a pretty straight-forward procedure, with minimal risk of infection. I can't do a vaginal hysterectomy on a girl that young because her pussy just isn't big enough for me to get in there, but the incisions from a supracervical hysterectomy tend ea sports fifa 2010 to heal leaving ea sports fifa 2010 very little scarring. Anyway, what you do is slice ea sports fifa 2010 into her belly and yank out her ovaries and uterus. All that's ea sports fifa 2010 left of the cervix, really, is a little stump at the end of her vaginal ea sports fifa 2010 canal, but it helps keep her snatch wet and the inside lining of her twat from dropping down. (Laughing) Ya sure can't fuck ‘em very well if their pussy's falling out! Q: So how long will it be ea sports fifa 2010 before that girl from yesterday is available for vaginal sex? A: Well, she's still got some growing up to do before her cunt will be big enough to handle a full-sized cock on a regular basis.

I just don't feel comfortable authorizing a slave to be pussy-fucked until she can take at least 5 ½ inches of dick up her twat without a problem. Off hand, I'd guess that girl's snatch will be ready for general service in the Compound in about 12-14 months or so – maybe just before her twelfth birthday. Q: She seemed very excited about her progress. A: Very typical reaction for a girl that age. Keep in ea sports fifa 2010 mind, she's been used by our Guests now for well over five years, giving blow jobs ea sports fifa 2010 and the like, and she's been in the Compound for more than ea sports fifa 2010 two years, ea sports fifa 2010 watching the older bitches being mounted every day. It's only natural then that she looks forward to when she, too, can finally spread her legs and get laid. Look, you've got to remember that Island Royale is not your typical ea sports fifa 2010 whorehouse. These girls live to sexually service men. They're taught here that creatures with pussies just aren't any good for anything else, and that the only reason they exist is to entertain and please their masters.

They're trained to use their bodies to provide men pleasure, but the gashes don't really recognize that they're performing intimate sexual acts with our Guests. All they understand is that they are to be available at all times of the day or night, to be used how ever their masters might wish to use them. Heck, these ea sports fifa 2010 girls have only a very primitive understanding of the concept of gender. Q: I don't follow. A: Our sex staff doesn't ea sports fifa 2010 think in terms of “male” and “female. ” I'm not even sure they think of themselves as “human. To these girls, men are ea sports fifa 2010 exotic, ea sports fifa 2010 omnipotent “Magical Beings. ” Magical, because they have a dick, ea sports fifa 2010 of course – heck, these girls ea sports fifa 2010 all think a guy's dick has special “magical” properties the way it enlarges, hardens, ea sports fifa 2010 and shoots out special liquid – but also because, as far as the ea sports fifa 2010 slaves are concerned, men ea sports fifa 2010 magically appear from nowhere, have their dicks serviced, and then vanish just as mysteriously.

Obviously, a girl doesn't have a dick and from the moment she arrives here she is told that she is therefore nothing more than a domesticated animal, kept as a pet for our amusement. The girls here at Island Royale are all instructed that men are their natural Masters, and that a female's sole purpose in life is to serve – and service – men ea sports fifa 2010 and their dicks. Our slaves think more like a dog ea sports fifa 2010 does, actually. A dog obeys her master's command to “fetch” or “roll over” or something because the dog is trained to do what her master tells her. So are these girls. They're all trained here how to use their bodies to please their masters.

They have no idea ea sports fifa 2010 even that sex is involved in procreation. If you ask one of these women out in the Compound where babies come from, she'll tell you that her masters pluck them from ea sports fifa 2010 the sky and deposit them into the Nursery. And if you ask her what a baby looks like, she'll tell you a baby looks a lot like her, except that a baby is smaller and has ea sports fifa 2010 a flat chest. If you ask her what a baby boy looks like, she won't know what you're talking about. Heck, these girls have never ea sports fifa 2010 even seen a ea sports fifa 2010 picture of a prepubescent male. None of these ea sports fifa 2010 women can ever get pregnant, of course, and they've never seen a pregnant woman.

They've never seen a woman breast-feed an infant. You ask one of these girls what her tits are for, and she'll ea sports fifa 2010 tell you that they're toys for Guests to play with. ea sports fifa 2010 (Chuckl classic interracial grouping) ea sports fifa 2010 Every one of these cunts is completely clueless about human reproduction.

Q: That's incredible. A: Not really, ea sports fifa 2010 if you stop and think about it a bit. Look, for thousands of years people thought the world was flat. Why? Because all they could see was a flat world. The concept of a round world was totally outside their ability to experience or understand. Even today, the only reason most people know the world is round is because that's what they've been told. If they'd never heard that, they'd still think the world was flat. Or ea sports fifa 2010 take the case of a bunch of anthropologists or whatever who stumble upon some previously unknown tribe in New Guinea ea sports fifa 2010 or some other remote, isolated place.

Now the natives may have some vague notion that they're not totally alone, based on a few encounters over the years with neighboring tribes, but they have absolutely no idea that there are billions of technologically advanced ea sports fifa 2010 people in the world. If ea sports fifa 2010 those anthropologists decide to pull out a few trinkets – a Bic lighter, say, or maybe your tape recorder here, for example ea sports fifa 2010 – the tribesmen ea sports fifa 2010 will take them for magical gods. And if the anthropologists were to tell these tribesmen that their ea sports fifa 2010 village really was one of ea sports fifa 2010 the few human outposts on the planet, the tribesmen would believe them. ea sports fifa 2010 Why? Because the “gods” would simply be confirming to them what they already “knew” ea sports fifa 2010 to be true. The females here at Island Royale have never been told the Earth is round – they've never been told there are billions of women in ea sports fifa 2010 the world who do not exist merely as pleasure toys. Rather, they've been taught that all creatures with pussies are kept in camps like this and do nothing but fuck. They simply don't ea sports fifa 2010 know anything else. Q: But don't they ask questions? A: Nope.

It's never come up. Q: But how do you ea sports fifa 2010 explain to them the departure of ea sports fifa 2010 one of your “culls? A: Ah, well, that's pretty ea sports fifa 2010 easy. Our girls think Island ea sports fifa 2010 Royale is just one of a number of places scattered around the world where females are housed for the purpose of servicing men's dicks. When a woman gets too old for us here, or if we decide a girl's not good looking enough for us to ea sports fifa 2010 keep, we simply tell her she's been “re-assigned” to another camp, or maybe that a new camp has opened and that we need to stock it. We pack ‘em in the bus, take ea sports fifa 2010 ‘em to the airstrip, and they happily climb aboard the airplane. Q: When do they learn differently? A: I don't ea sports fifa 2010 know. ea sports fifa 2010 You'd really have to ask the other partners – the guys that take them away. I gather, though, that ea sports fifa 2010 most of the younger girls don't figure it out until they're ea sports fifa 2010 already on the ground and put into service in a brothel.

The older women probably figure it ea sports fifa 2010 out a bit sooner. Even so, most of these bitches will still be good for a few ea sports fifa 2010 years or more of regular service after we've gotten rid of them. Q: What happens then? A: Well, by that time most of them will get sick and die. Q: AIDS? A: Some of them will, of course, especially if they've been shipped off to Cambodia or India. Mostly, though, they'll die from some silly disease like the flu, or measles ea sports fifa 2010 or something. Childhood diseases you and I had ea sports fifa 2010 no problem with, but of course our girls never get exposed to any of those diseases while they're here and therefore never get the chance to build up any immunities to them. Q: Couldn't you vaccinate? A: ea sports fifa 2010 What's the point?

After a few years of fucking ea sports fifa 2010 five or six dirty little locals every day, those cunts ea sports fifa 2010 who aren't too sick to get up will have seen enough of the “outside world” to know that not all females are ea sports fifa 2010 sex slaves. They'll try to escape. Q: And do they succeed? A: I doubt it. They know so little about the “outside world” and have no idea where to run away to. I suppose a few may have gotten away over the years, but almost all of them are soon captured and returned.

(Chuckling) John-Boy told me once about some stupid Norwegian bitch who tried to escape and ran out, stark naked, into the streets of Calcutta. What a dumb cunt. She had absolutely no idea a tall naked ea sports fifa 2010 blonde would draw a ea sports fifa 2010 crowd! ea sports fifa 2010 Obviously, they grabbed her and brought her back rather quickly. A girl might ea sports fifa 2010 survive her first unsuccessful escape attempt – you know, get a severe whipping from her owner or something – but she'll never survive a second try. Q: Her owner will kill her?

A: Oh, no, no, no. He's got way too much money tied up in her to simply slit her throat. Nah, her owner will sell her to a broker who specializes in the sex torture racket for later sale to one of his customers. Believe me, there's a lot of money ea sports fifa 2010 to be ea sports fifa 2010 made making and selling videos of women being slowly tortured to death. Q: You're talking about so-called ea sports fifa 2010 “snuff films.

A: Well, yeah, but not your ea sports fifa 2010 standard snuff film, although I suppose a few of the lucky ones might wind up starring in a traditional snuff film. Q: You say “lucky ones? A: Yeah. Your typical snuff film is rather short – maybe a fifteen to twenty-minute “one-reeler. ” They'll flip on the camera, drag a girl ea sports fifa 2010 in and fuck her while she's being strangled or stabbed or something. Not much imagination there. No, these guys are true perverts. They get off videotaping girls ea sports fifa 2010 being slowly tortured, usually sexually.

Hours on end. Several sessions over a period of days or even weeks. The girls are begging to be killed near the end of one of these sessions. But ea sports fifa 2010 they won't do it. ea sports fifa 2010 They'll torture her until she passes out.

Then, after she's rested a bit, they'll wake her ea sports fifa 2010 up and start in all over again. ea sports fifa 2010 The poor bitch may live like that for weeks before they finally get bored enough to kill her. Vaginal ea sports fifa 2010 impalement, usually. Q: Impalement? A: Yeah. Vaginal impalement is quite a popular way of finally putting a poor girl out of her misery. They'll suspend her above a long skinny metal pole with a sharp tip on the end, stick the tip up her twat, and then slowly lower her over the course of a few hours or so. Q: I can't imagine…. A: We have quite a few videos available here for our Guests if you care to ea sports fifa 2010 watch them. I'll warn you, though.

They're pretty gruesome. I'd certainly recommend you turn off the sound. Frankly, I'm not much into sex torture. I can't watch more than a few minutes before I start feeling sick. Greg's the same way. It's funny, though; these vids are sometimes very popular, particularly among our Arab ea sports fifa 2010 Guests, and especially if the “featured attraction” is European or Indian. * * * * * * * * At this point in our interview, Dr. George's pager ea sports fifa 2010 suddenly began to chirp. Glancing down to flip a switch he said, “Listen, it's probably nothing, but I'd better go take a look.

I won't be gone long. Why don't you wait here and we can pick it up again when I get back. ” ea sports fifa 2010 With that, ea sports fifa 2010 the doctor casually arose from his chair and exited the cubicle, leaving the half-doors ea sports fifa 2010 fully opened. I looked out into the recreation parlor. To my far left two Guests were playing pool with a stunning brunette dressed in a red, silky low-cut evening gown with matching high-heeled shoes. As she ea sports fifa 2010 would lean over to make her shot, the young woman's tits would hang tantalizingly, and when she would again straighten, her dress would slip from her shoulder, fully exposing ea sports fifa 2010 her breast. She would make no immediate effort to adjust her gown while she watched the billiard balls roll across the table and would only reposition her garment as she prepared for her next shot. ea sports fifa 2010 Pretty tame scene, I thought.

I supposed these ea sports fifa 2010 Guests needed some “recovery time” following their most recent sexual liaison. Or perhaps the gorgeous brunette was to be the “trophy” awarded to the Guest who prevailed in the billiards contest. I pondered briefly what the girl's prize might be were she to win the game, but from the quality ea sports fifa 2010 of her play I could see that a female victory ea sports fifa 2010 was highly unlikely indeed. My eyes drifted toward the center of the room, where I could see the bare ass of a young girl peeking out from beneath the tunic of a large black man in ea sports fifa 2010 his early forties. He was obviously enjoying the blow job he was receiving, and from the frantic movements of the girl's telltale virginal cherry swinging between her legs, she seemed to ea sports fifa 2010 be enjoying herself as well. I wondered if the child might be Mica, but concluded that this girl's ass was much wider than that of the slim-hipped prepubescent female who had so expertly sucked ea sports fifa 2010 my dick the previous day. An attractive girl of about fifteen years, quite ea sports fifa 2010 slender and with long light brown hair falling well past her shoulders and down across her bare chest, half-hiding her nipples, appeared at my door. As she stood there wordlessly seeking an invitation to enter, my eyes slipped further down to the narrow strip of short-cropped hair between her legs. Without knowing how much ea sports fifa 2010 longer Dr.

George would be, though, I had to sadly shake my head and wave her on. She seemed genuinely disappointed as she moved away from the cubicle. I returned my gaze to the center ea sports fifa 2010 of the room, where in the distance I could see a boisterous game of “Twister” well in progress. A small gathering ea sports fifa 2010 of Guests looked on as five young naked girls, many with their legs spread wide displaying delightful strips of pink between their bald nether lips, jockeyed for position above the brightly-colored dots on the floor. Ah, I thought: The innocence (and flexibility! ea sports fifa 2010 ) of youth. I faintly heard a female voice call something out, and the young girls began frantically shifting their positions. One girl fell to the floor amid the cheers of the spectators, and soon I saw her in the company of one of the Guests, her small fresh tits bobbing ever so slightly as she walked away holding his hand. By this time the pressure in my groin had become intense.

As I tried to concentrate on the notes spread out before me, I ea sports fifa 2010 found ea sports fifa 2010 myself unconsciously slipping my hand below the small table to massage and pinch my swollen cock. I really wanted to ea sports fifa 2010 mount one of the girls in the recreational center but knew I needed to await the good doctor's return. Again I attempted to focus ea sports fifa 2010 on ea sports fifa 2010 my journalistic obligations, but soon ea sports fifa 2010 again discovered myself rubbing my engorged ea sports fifa 2010 penis beneath the soft cloth of my light blue robe. ea sports fifa 2010 I suddenly became aware of a small naked Asian girl standing in the doorway of my cubicle. She was almost completely ea sports fifa 2010 flat-chested but possessed amazingly long thick nipples, and as she held the cubicle doors open to fully display her body before me I glanced down to her bald pussy and was surprised to see ea sports fifa 2010 no chain or bright red cherry swinging between her thighs. One of Dr. George's more recently authorized “full service females,” I surmised. The throbbing in my cock ea sports fifa 2010 was becoming unbearable by now, and I was obsessed with the idea of discovering just how far up into this tiny girl's slit I could ram it. ea sports fifa 2010 I started to motion her into my cubicle when Dr.

George abruptly reappeared. Am I intruding? ” ea sports fifa 2010 he asked coyly. With a wave of my teens masturbates hand I sent my little China Doll away and Dr.

George sunk back into his chair. “Sorry about that. Minor emergency,” he said. “Some stupid gash twisted her ankle playing volleyball. She'll be good to go again tomorrow. ea sports fifa 2010 I wasn't really needed, but these bitches get so melodramatic about everything. All I did was ea sports fifa 2010 tape her up and comfort her a bit. What did you ea sports fifa 2010 do to comfort her?

” I asked with a slight laugh. “Let her suck my dick. Women around here just don't feel ea sports fifa 2010 like they're worth anything unless they can make a man come. Now then,” continued Dr. George. “Where were we? * * * * * * * * Q: I believe we had been discussing what ea sports fifa 2010 happens to a woman once she is no longer of interest to you here at the resort. How ea sports fifa 2010 long can a sex slave expect to remain at Island Royale? A: Obviously, it depends a lot on ea sports fifa 2010 the girl.

Almost all of them will stay here at least until they start sprouting some tits, but if it's ea sports fifa 2010 clear ea sports fifa 2010 to us that the gash will never be pretty ea sports fifa 2010 enough to ea sports fifa 2010 use in the Compound, we may ship her out as soon as she finishes Graduate ea sports fifa 2010 School. And we're always ea sports fifa 2010 reviewing our inventory of pussy, selling the older or less attractive ones as the Nursery empties. Heck, we sometimes have had to dump some real “hotties” simply because we didn't have enough room for ea sports fifa 2010 them! Even the good-looking ones, though, tend ea sports fifa 2010 to gain weight as they grow older, particularly in the thighs, stomach, and ass. Oh, sure, we do maintain some, shall we say “Full Figured Females,” but that's because some of our Guests prefer to fuck a woman with some “meat” on her. They describe fucking ea sports fifa 2010 a skinny girl as like fucking a broom. But by and large, most of our women are young and well ea sports fifa 2010 proportioned. We don't tolerate much flab around here. We maintain a rigorous exercise program to retard that fat accumulation – and watching the girls' diet helps too, of course.

The bitches swim quite a bit. Swimming, incidentally, is a ea sports fifa 2010 great form of exercise for both men and women. But there's only so much we can do, and so – to answer your question – by the time one ea sports fifa 2010 of our women reaches her late twenties, usually her tits will have begun to sag, her pussy will no longer ea sports fifa 2010 be tight, and she ea sports fifa 2010 may even have started to develop some cellulite in her ass. Very few of our cunts stay in the Compound past their mid-twenties. Maybe a few will get permanently assigned to maintenance work but most will have been traded in for “newer models” long before they turn thirty. Q: You mentioned monitoring the sex staff's diet. Don't the ea sports fifa 2010 women ea sports fifa 2010 eat what the Guests eat?

A: Certainly not! Well, except for when a Guest chooses to bring ea sports fifa 2010 a girl with him to the dining room. Our Guests dine on very fine foods and beverages. We don't want to feed that to our girls, though. We'd have a harem full of fatties in no time! No, the sex staff is fed much more sensible ea sports fifa 2010 meals than those we serve our ea sports fifa 2010 Guests. Q: I did see a woman dining with ea sports fifa 2010 a Guest, though. A: Sure, if that's what the Guest wanted. Above all, our slaves are taught ea sports fifa 2010 to obey the wishes of their Master. ea sports fifa 2010 (Laughing) Usually, though, the only ea sports fifa 2010 time you can count on a guy not wanting sex is when he's eating.

We ea sports fifa 2010 don't have enough tables to seat all of our Guests at once, so like they do on cruise ships, we serve meals in groups. The girls also eat in shifts, so there are always some females available in the Compound. Q: Don't the girls resent the fact that they don't get the same ea sports fifa 2010 quality of food as the Guests? A: On the contrary. They would much rather not eat what the Guests are served. Believe me, that bitch you saw the other night really would rather have been eating dinner with the other girls.

Q: Why? A: (Chuckling) Because she knows she'll pay for it the next day, ea sports fifa 2010 doing extra laps in the pool or something to burn off those extra ea sports fifa 2010 calories! In all probability, the bitch you saw didn't eat all that much. Well, she didn't eat much food, anyway. She probably spent far more time eating the ea sports fifa 2010 guy's dick then she did eating ea sports fifa 2010 dinner. Q: That's true. She did seem to spend most of her time under the table.

A: We don't actually discourage a Guest from taking one of our sex staff into the dining room, but we certainly don't encourage the practice either. Frankly, I think most of the other Guests get annoyed if a girl is brought to the table. Q: So the women try to steer clear of the rich food available to the Guests. A: Yes. And that goes for ea sports fifa 2010 the alcohol, too.

If you see a girl in the Compound with a drink in her hand, I can almost guarantee she's drinking water, iced tea, or some non-caloric soft drink. We ea sports fifa 2010 will not tolerate an intoxicated female around here. ea sports fifa 2010 Q: Surely over the years you've had girls get drunk, though. A: Not really that often, actually. There have been occasions over the years, but in ea sports fifa 2010 fairness, most of those girls were forced to drink by the Guest she was with at the time. We've taught ea sports fifa 2010 these girls since long before they've left the Nursery that they're not supposed to drink any booze unless required to do so by a Guest. ea sports fifa 2010 Even then, though, the bar staff puts very little alcohol in the drinks they provide to the slaves.

We don't punish the girls who are forced to drink, obviously, but we've dealt harshly with the others. Q: How? A: Well, let's just say they each got a long and very private session in ea sports fifa 2010 the Dungeon, conducted by Senior Administrators. Believe me: After we were finished with them, they never wanted to take a sip of booze again. Q: You tortured them.

A: Let's just say that none of the girls were “available” in the Compound for several days afterward. Q: Ouch. Tell me, is that how you deal with all of your disciplinary problems here? A: As a matter of fact, we seldom have had any disciplinary problems, at least since we abandoned our early practice of hiring prostitutes to serve our guests. Oh, sure, over ea sports fifa 2010 the years we have had a few girls – really crazy ones – who just couldn't get along with ea sports fifa 2010 anybody. Arguments with the Guests; catfights with other girls over the silliest of things and so forth ea sports fifa 2010 – you know. But we didn't need to deal with them in the Dungeon. We just shipped them out.

Q: What happened to them? A: Oh, I don't know. We don't keep track of the females once they've left the resort. Regardless of where they ended up, though, I ea sports fifa 2010 doubt any of them lasted very long unless they really changed their attitude quickly. The guys ea sports fifa 2010 that buy these girls want to put ea sports fifa 2010 them in service immediately and they won't ea sports fifa 2010 tolerate any ea sports fifa 2010 misbehavior. Heck, one of those crazies we dumped ea sports fifa 2010 was a little Vietnamese cunt only eight when we sold her.

She probably didn't even survive her first month of fucking. Q: Because of her age? ea sports fifa 2010 A: Yeah. An eight-year-old's twat is just way ea sports fifa 2010 too small. Heck, you were with me yesterday when I te sex in wildsted out – What's-her-name, uh, Mica? – What did she take? 4? 4 ½ inches?

Q: I believe it was a little more than 4 ½ inches. A: And she's ten years old. And my little dildo tests are conducted under extremely controlled conditions. Asian girls are generally smaller than Europeans, too. Can you imagine the damage to a little girl's insides if ea sports fifa 2010 she's suddenly forced to have eight or nine big dicks shoved up her cunt each day? Yet her new owner probably put her into service as soon as he bought her. Those Asian pimps are such ea sports fifa 2010 pigs. They don't give a shit about their girls. I'll ea sports fifa 2010 bet the little bitch bled to death within weeks of her arrival. Such a waste of good pussy.

Q: Well, it is obvious that the girls here at Island Royale are treated considerably better. You monitor their physical development. Do you also supervise the Nursery? A: Nope, that's Cynthia's department. All I do is keep track of their physical development as the girls approach puberty. I do, though, supervise the Graduate School.

Q: The “Graduate School? ” You mentioned that earlier. What is it, ea sports fifa 2010 exactly? A: (Smiling) Call it a girl's “Rite ea sports fifa 2010 of Passage” into adulthood – a ritual we put all of the slaves through when they become of age. ea sports fifa 2010 Two weeks of intense sexual training once we “pop her cherry” and prepare to make her available for vaginal intercourse ea sports fifa 2010 on ea sports fifa 2010 a regular ea sports fifa 2010 basis. When I decide a girl is old enough to be pussy-fucked, we'll pull her out of the Compound and park her in the Graduate School for a couple of weeks. We'll teach her quite a variety of sexual positions and get her familiar with the feel of having a dick in her cunt – and up her ass.

Q: And you can do all of that in just two weeks? A: Yeah, generally two weeks. A ea sports fifa 2010 few girls may stay in the ea sports fifa 2010 Graduate ea sports fifa 2010 School a bit longer, but we can usually teach a girl all she really needs to know about fucking in about two weeks. Now, mind you, we don't study every page of the Kama Sutra. But our Guests do expect our slaves to know more than simply “the good ol' ea sports fifa 2010 Missionary Position. Q: But even so, two weeks is not ea sports fifa 2010 a lot of time. A: Well, remember that these girls will have been out in>blonde asain whore the Compound for years watching the older bitches getting mounted. By the time she's ready to enter the Graduate School, believe me, a young girl of eleven or twelve pretty much already knows ea sports fifa 2010 “what goes where and when. Plus, all of these girls are very eager to learn. They're all quite excited about their first chance to take a cock up their pussy.

Q: May I see the Graduate School? A: Sure, if you want to. But there really isn't all that much to see. Just a simple bed. Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have any students in the Graduate School. Too bad, really. ea sports fifa 2010 We're always in need of some “Visiting Professors” whenever we have ea sports fifa 2010 a graduate student.

ea sports fifa 2010 Q: What does a “Visiting Professor” do? A: (Laughing) He fucks the girl, of course! Fucking is about all a girl does in Graduate School. Fucking and sucking off different guys all day. During a girl's two-week stay in the Graduate School, we'll screw her ten, twelve, maybe ea sports fifa 2010 even fourteen times a day. Heck, she'll get mounted at least twice before she's even had breakfast! Believe me: After a girl's been laid a couple of hundred times during that two-week ea sports fifa 2010 period, she's pretty well ready to handle whatever a Guest might want ea sports fifa 2010 to do with her.

And that's why we need “Visiting Professors. ” Years ea sports fifa 2010 ago, me, Greg and the other guys on the staff did all the “tutoring,” ea sports fifa 2010 but (laughing again) it's getting harder and harder for us to screw these girls as often as they need to be fucked – no pun intended. That's why we've taken to enlisting the ea sports fifa 2010 aid of some of our Guests. Our “Visiting Professors. ” Most are happy to oblige us ea sports fifa 2010 – I mea
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This rusian sutudent sex party is exactly what David wants, and has planned on. She has put her arms around his neck as he scoops her up swinging her legs over, and placing her bottom onto his lap!

She is almost bare from the waist down! The tight short little red dress has worked its way up rusian sutudent sex party almost above her hips! This has left only her garter belt an white stockings the only thing covering her, and they are not covering much! Her eyes are quite big as she feels her bare pubs against this incredible hard bulge in his rusian sutudent sex party suit pants that seems to be growing bigger and throbbing by the minute as they continue to kiss! Her hands are still lovingly around his neck as she tries to hold her big breasts tightly rusian sutudent sex party against his chest and with this throbbing feeling against her is an unbelievable rusian sutudent sex party sensation! If rusian sutudent sex party this rusian sutudent sex party was not such an expensive limousine the windows rusian sutudent sex party would be more than steamed over, and this would be do to the sexual heat that both are generating! For her to feel this young mans desire, and his strong rusian sutudent sex party young body tightly against hers is a feeling that leaves her breathless and even more wanting! One of his hands are just above her bare bottom pushing her forward, and his other hand is in between her thighs, and has been working its way up an into her almost rusian sutudent sex party dripping wet pussy! His fingers first rusian sutudent sex party one then two and finally three have now found their way in deep, and his thumb has been forcefully pressing her perked rosebud of a clitoris forcefully rusian sutudent sex party against her pelvic bone!

She gasps erotically rusian sutudent sex party and just rusian sutudent sex party as he thinks she will orgasm he stops,.. rusian sutudent sex party again he is a master of perception! Ashley wanting him more that ever not to, continues to push rusian sutudent sex party forward in between more and more passionate kisses and says rusian sutudent sex party please , oh please oh, don't! Oh rusian sutudent sex party my gawd please rusian sutudent sex party don't stop!

To have a half naked woman in your arms, one that is hugging rusian sutudent sex party and kissing you and that is close to an rusian sutudent sex party orgasm that you are responsible for even in denial is a most wonderful and very enjoyable thing! She is breathing heavier and is not resisting at all! David, with her bare bottom rusian sutudent sex party still on his lap has pushed her head and shoulders back and down onto the soft luxurious leather seat next to him. This has left her wet bare pubic folds arched up so perverse and even more exposed, her pubic mound labia and clit it is so inviting as he continues to ardently pleasure her. He can feel the muscles of her bare buttocks tighten and work against his rusian sutudent sex party pubes! This makes her raise up slightly again and again as his fingers continue to probe!

His thumb is even more harsh in abusing her rusian sutudent sex party now very sensitive and rusian sutudent sex party even more swollen clit! No! she pants, no what he asks? Knowing full well what the answer will be, her hands have found both big nipples that were just barely rusian sutudent sex party covered by the dress, rusian sutudent sex party and she starts to aggressively twist and pull on them. He rusian sutudent sex party slowly starts to slide his fingers out, this is followed by rusian sutudent sex party another noooo..

.. from her! Please don't! His fingers are on their way back in, he can feel the muscles of her vaginal opening pulse and tighten and her wet labia lips seems to have wrapped themselves around his fingers! The feeling of this most intimate feminine place , so wanting that has been neglected for so long and so rusian sutudent sex party starved for attention is now showing its interest with more than a, mild vengeance! The noise that some women make when sexually enjoying themselves is wonderful, and Ashley is no different than many other women when pleasured this way.. To hear a woman get off as she reaches climax is a marvelous rusian sutudent sex party thing to experience and again as the one rusian sutudent sex party responsible for giving a woman this kind of pleasure is one of the most rusian sutudent sex party satisfying things a man can do to a woman!

. She is close rusian sutudent sex party again as David teases and torments her even more, knowing just how far and how much! His touch is perfect! She pushes her genitals up especially her clit and groans as her vagina and the muscles surrounding it again tighten, rusian sutudent sex party her eyes are half closed and her head is off to one side as a most pleasurable shuddering orgasm rushes from her innermost stimulated sexuality! OMG! , OMG! As she breathlessly tries to arch up even higher to his touch! The limo drivers eyes are not on the road!

... He swerves and the tires on the limo screech slightly as his attention is now back on the road and his driving! Ashley is really relaxed and even more helpless as the limo finally rusian sutudent sex party comes to a smooth stop! Still on her back and rusian sutudent sex party almost rusian sutudent sex party naked from the waist down only stockings and garter belt leave her with rusian sutudent sex party with just a touch of modesty. rusian sutudent sex party Her legs are slightly apart rusian sutudent sex party as the limo door is opened from the outside! It is the doorman of this old downtown luxury hotel where she has rusian sutudent sex party been taken that has opened it! Not only is he surprised, but several onlookers who's attention rusian sutudent sex party has been drawn to this “Beautiful Lincoln Town Car” Limousine also catch more than just a glimpse of Ashley's stimulated pubic nakedness! The hotel is along the river front and is called the Rivers Edge.

This hotel has luxury suites, private community rooms, Trader Vic's and a rusian sutudent sex party world class restaurant called the glass house on the top floor overlooking rusian sutudent sex party the city and the river! This hotel is the perfect place for food drink, romance and sex! David has planed this evening well and this woman Ashley rusian sutudent sex party will be the one to receive the full benefit of his devious rusian sutudent sex party and incorrigible plans for evening, and for the weekend. rusian sutudent sex party Her heart is beating faster, as if she is rusian sutudent sex party an oversexed rusian sutudent sex party giddy school girl that has just been caught rusian sutudent sex party red handed playing stinky finger, with her panties off!.. . It has rusian sutudent sex party been a very long time since someone has played with and pleasured her like this?

! The look and touch of this vibrant half naked vivacious woman has caused Davids desire for her, to rusian sutudent sex party enlarge this black male attribute substantially!... He has picked her up and with her in his arms has scooted her over lowering rusian sutudent sex party her legs and placing her red heels on the hotel walk. With the exception of rusian sutudent sex party the garter belt and rusian sutudent sex party stockings she is still naked from the waist down!

This rusian sutudent sex party dress is going to present several problems, when she was fitted the girls at the dress shop have used some bodice structure to force her big breasts up in order to give her even more rusian sutudent sex party cleavage! They have also used some rusian sutudent sex party special contact cement to keep the dress from slipping down and leaving her breasts totally exposed ! The other problem is if she bends over at all, it will leave her full figured pantiless bottom sinfully exposed! . Other couples gawk at Ashley's naked pubs! He has told the limo driver to be back at 7:00 rusian sutudent sex party pm the following evening as he rusian sutudent sex party has plans for Saturday night that will rusian sutudent sex party show Ashley others have feelings of more than just lust and desire for an attractive older white rusian sutudent sex party woman like her! The doorman rusian sutudent sex party now rusian sutudent sex party somewhat recovered from this shocking bare encounter, has reached for her hand rusian sutudent sex party and helped her up!. More and more couples pass and inter the hotel lobby.

Many rusian sutudent sex party have viewed this sinful spectacle and the fact that she is not only wearing this incredibly revealing dress she is also a stunningly rusian sutudent sex party attractive woman! Once in the lobby David has signed for the rusian sutudent sex party room and picked up the key cards to their luxurious hotel suite! But rusian sutudent sex party this will have to wait as several other things will happen first. One is rusian sutudent sex party reservations for two in rusian sutudent sex party one of the Skyrooms rusian sutudent sex party of the Glass house Restaurant! The rusian sutudent sex party other will be her attendance in one of the community rooms of the hotel as a guest of David.

This is an invitation only rusian sutudent sex party all singles dance club and David is one of the principles. In the elevator that leads to the top floor restaurant and with rusian sutudent sex party her in front of him, his arms have found there way around her and he is holding one of her hands tight and helplessly in front, as he lovingly kisses her rusian sutudent sex party on the neck she turns her head slightly and leans back just enough to be kissed fully on lips!. She, with several glasses of rusian sutudent sex party champagne and some clitoral manipulation has gone from submissive to a most wonderful feeling of rusian sutudent sex party sexual rusian sutudent sex party contentment along with little concern as to what will happen next! He whispers in her ear most lovingly that this is only the beginning of an evening she will not soon forget, and that rusian sutudent sex party she still not fully aware that it will end with some incredible sex and submission, especially on her part! As this evening progresses, several situations will become even more sexually perverse and rusian sutudent sex party will lead to her becoming more than just the center of attention!

In the elevator with several other couples , David makes a comment about Ashley, and loud enough that everyone can hear! You have beautiful breasts and I will just bet you have an even nicer clit!... at the same time one of his hands has dropped down and inched up the red dress and lovingly squeezes her bare wet slit!. Ashley is embarrassed, but trembling from his touch! A couple standing behind, are amused by this comment, and the fact rusian sutudent sex party that her tight red dress is just barely covering the cheeks of her soft round bottom has made this statement blatantly accurate as she pushes it up against him.

The restaurant is packed, the noise of everyone talking stops for a moment and all eyes are on her,... as she is so stunningly beautiful and dressed for sex! The fact that they are a hansom couple does not hurt either. There are a number of all glass cubicles called skyrooms that are built out ov nouvelle star 2009 thomas chante mozarterlooking the city, these are very romantic and intimate place's for food drink rusian sutudent sex party and romance! Most of rusian sutudent sex party the couples in attendance are rusian sutudent sex party attractive and well dressed. David thinks to himself that more sexual fun and games with Ashley are only just beginning!

The host escorts them to one of the empty glass dining booths. This one is on the corner all by itself, is very intimate and has the most beautiful and excellent view! These small booths allows rusian sutudent sex party them to sit rusian sutudent sex party very close together. The sparkling lights of the city

com/articles/6332278/blond-teens-cum>blond teens cum and the rusian sutudent sex party view of it and the river is rusian sutudent sex party incredible. Just setting, Ashley's red dress has already inched its way up and the white suspenders that lead from her stockings to her garter belt are the only things that are keeping her upper thighs from being totally exposed! His hand has slightly spread her legs rusian sutudent sex party and easily found its way up and in between her moist female softness! The waiter rusian sutudent sex party has stopped to ask if they would like drinks? He cannot take his eyes off of Ashley,. she is so rusian sutudent sex party beautiful and he can easily see her bare thighs, and David's hand as it forces her thighs even farther apart! Ashley is blushing and trying with little success to squeeze her legs together and push his hand away as the waiter takes his time and looks approvingly at her exposed shapely white thighs with black fingers that come together at its apex!..

. . This helplessly sinful display is followed by......

her having another glass of even better tasting champagne, Ashley after the meal and champagne is more relaxed than ever from a perfectly prepared fillet, rusian sutudent sex party along with the drinks and small talk. David takes his rusian sutudent sex party time and lovingly looks into the eyes of this incredibly beautiful older woman that is setting next to him in this most romantic place. He cannot help himself, turning towards her, and at the same time his other hand has found its way in between her thighs! He then lovingly barely touches her lips to his, and kisses her ever deeper than before. rusian sutudent sex party This kiss lingers for a much longer time and she does nothing to resist at all, the feeling of her next to him is wonderful. For her to be in his company with his hand shamelessly exploring her, and for her to feel the desire of this hansom young black man that only seems to want, and to pleasure her leaves her rusian sutudent sex party heady with anticipation! David can feel Ashley's thighs squeezing his hand and fingers and knows she is more than ready, and that soon enough he will be able to really pleasure her in a rusian sutudent sex party way that will rusian sutudent sex party leave her more than ever hooked on kinky sex and a large black cock! With this wonderful dinner over and the table cleaned up they just sit and cuddle. Ashley is refreshed no longer hungry and feeling hornier than ever, and with even less inhibition. She has now become more adventuresome and has placed her hand on his bulge and is trying to figure out just how big David is, and with hands, his and hers exploring, they stare in wonder at one rusian sutudent sex party another?

With the check on rusian sutudent sex party the table David has taken Ashley's bikini panties from his suit pocket and has placed a fifty dollar bill along with them in the tray as a tip! Ashley is again embarrassed as the waiter has picked up both and is admiring the panties and holds them up close to his face enjoying the still damp female ambiance of Ashley, and with a sigh takes only the fifty dollar bill commenting that he could not possibly accept something of such value, and that what he has seen of this attractive woman along with the money is more than enough! rusian sutudent sex party David tells him thanks as he places the folded panties back in his suit pocket and thinks to himself that they may still be of rusian sutudent sex party some value later this evening. With the bill paid and with a number of patrons looking her over has escorted her out of the restaurant. This is to the elevator, it is only several floors below to the community rooms where the private dance club is holding one of their monthly dances! The theme for the clubs dance this evening is skimpy attire! Ashley is certainly dressed for this! It is an all singles dance that caters to couples, and mixed couples is the norm.

There are also several bisexual females and several dominant lesbians in attendance, they use these dances to meet prospective bisexual women. The rusian sutudent sex party name of the dance club is called “The Lovers” and David is one of rusian sutudent sex party the principles. The band playing tonight is called the Infernos this band is really good at two kinds of music one is hot fast and wild! This is their trademark and the other is slow sensual and smoldering rusian sutudent sex party romantic music the latter of course allows for more than just blatant groping and tummy rubbing! This music, along with an open bar will rusian sutudent sex party last until 2:00 AM in the morning! Ashley now with food drink and uninhibited adventurism is more than ever ripe and ready for the evening.

She hears this loud fast music and rusian sutudent sex party starts to wiggle her butt as they enter the rusian sutudent sex party hotel community room. She hasn't experienced anything like this since she was a young hi school girl years ago. She really liked to dance but has not done so in years and is worried if she can remember how, as this music is so rusian sutudent sex party different? rusian sutudent sex party David is going to act the perfect gentleman, but has already asked several of his male friends not to be gentlemanly at all with Ashley when asking her to dance! His words to them was to rusian sutudent sex party hit on her every chance and make her feel desirable, appealing and lusted after! rusian sutudent sex party The band is just getting warmed up, and David has ordered her another glass of champagne leaving her by herself at the temporary bar in the community room. He is one of the club officials and is responsible for being the M C and making several club announcements along with his own. He has left her setting there dressed to the nines knowing full well what is going to happen.

She is a very rusian sutudent sex party attractive woman especially after her incredible make over. This along with the fact that her short red dress has once again ridden up as she has scooted rusian sutudent sex party her bottom onto the bar stool! When she set down this has left her legs and upper thighs again sinfully exposed in rusian sutudent sex party only her white stockings rusian sutudent sex party and garter belt! rusian sutudent sex party The horny men in attendance are mostly young and black. rusian sutudent sex party They are drawn to Ashley like bee's to honey and rusian sutudent sex party the fact that she is a looker with large breasts an incredible cleavage and that this dress is just barely covering her nipples, plus she is wearing so little makes them even more attracted to her! For Ashley this will be a night to remember. She really likes this young man David , and desperately wants him to be her first lover in years, and that he is rusian sutudent sex party black and well endowed has now gone from hesitation to desirably rusian sutudent sex party appealing! David has made several of the clubs obligatory announcements and has got to the question of asking if there are any new members or guests? Several get up and tell their rusian sutudent sex party name where they are from rusian sutudent sex party and briefly their interests.

Ashley has made no rusian sutudent sex party move to do so as she is his guest, so David knowing that she is more than ready takes this opportunity to embarrass and push several of her buttons! He has taken her white string bikini panties out of his pocket, holds them up and has asked for those in attendance to be quiet! Then he says, who would like to bid on these? This sort of thing, along with dues or things like it, and off the cuff auctions are ways the dance club can generate some rusian sutudent sex party extra money in order to pay for all of their expenses! David then goes on to say that the highest bidder will get the first dance with the owner of these rusian sutudent sex party panties! Many in attendance know rusian sutudent sex party that Ashley, David's girl is the owner, but are wondering if she is indeed pantie less!

. David is having a lot of fun at her expense rusian sutudent sex party and plays this out to the hilt! .. As he says what rusian sutudent sex party am I bid,.... followed by saying that the woman these came off of is a very attractive one!

Fifty dollars is the first bid then a hundred followed by several more fifty dollar bids and then another a hundred! He stops the bidding for a moment trying to pump up the crowd and says that the woman these fit,.... again holding them up is an incredible woman! While at the same rusian sutudent sex party time is looking directly at Ashley, and.

... doesn't someone want to up the bid! The last bump is several hundred more and that ends the bidding!... Ashley is quite surprised and embarrassed that David would do this in front of everyone, but after the tip in the restaurant is also quite flush, and excited that others would actually bid on her panties and pay so much money just rusian sutudent sex party to dance with her!

She, will find out shortly why! The most interesting thing is that the top bidder is not one of the young black men who did rusian sutudent sex party most the bidding, it is from rusian sutudent sex party a tall and attractive young black woman, one that is obviously to most,... but not Ashley, is a dominant lesbian bitch! Ashley is shocked and again has no idea what to do or say as David hands this young black woman Ashley's panties and excepts her check! The girl sticks the panties in her purse and quickly turns around and heads straight for Ashley!.

.. Who, is still awe struck by what has just happened and had been thinking that the first dance was going to be with one of the young men that had been doing the bidding, and that had rusian sutudent sex party also been trying to hustle her off the bar stool! This most bazaar outcome has left her speechless and still in shock! The young woman has grabbed both of Ashley's hands and pulled her off the stool,..

she is even more hesitant as rusian sutudent sex party this young woman practically rusian sutudent sex party drags her out onto the dance floor! They are the first and rusian sutudent sex party only couple on the floor as the others only want to watch! This rusian sutudent sex party will become a sinful and most exposing steamy sexual display! The music at first is slow and sultry as this young black woman has pulled her up tight crushing her breasts against Ashley's, just like a forceful man would do! She is then danced around the floor, by this aggressive young woman and after a few moments has both of her hands down on Ashley's bare buttocks and is playfully squeezing her sharp "fingernails" into the white globes of Ashley's bottom as the muscles in them move so inviting to the slow music! She is quite surprised by rusian sutudent sex party the sharp sexual feelings this is giving her, and cannot believe she has become so wet from this perverted sexual abuse, and especially from her new female dance partner! OMG, as she realizes, and it finally sinks in that this is from rusian sutudent sex party another woman,.

.. and one who is sexually stimulating her! It has been a long time since she has rusian sutudent sex party danced rusian sutudent sex party and this woman is helplessly leading her quite expertly just like a man all over the floor, as they dance rusian sutudent sex party to the sultry music! A crowd had gathered to watch. Ashley, still pantie less is wearing only her short red dress, garter belt and white stockings! rusian sutudent sex party This young black woman has also started to kiss her very soft, almost>hot babe pics lovingly at first, but as the dance continues these kisses have become more forceful and aggressive! The kisses continued harder and deeper, so much so that her heart is pounding and what she has not realized is, that rusian sutudent sex party she is kissing back! Ashley was even starting to rusian sutudent sex party somehow perversely enjoy herself as the song ended and this young woman laid her back. Now the kiss and tongue lingered even hotter and deeper than ever as rusian sutudent sex party the crowd applauded wildly!. Then, the music started again, but this time with a hot and really fast number. The first problem with the fast dance is her red dress, and the special contact cement the girls had used at the dress shop, it had been compromised earlier when she had pushed the top down just enough in order to twist and rusian sutudent sex party play with her nipples as David played with her to orgasm in the back of the limo. The top had held up fine during the slow dance with rusian sutudent sex party this girls breasts tightly against hers, but as this dance got faster and wilder the top of her dress was slowly working its way down and off of her big breasts!

The other problem was in order for her to dance this faster and wilder dance her short tight little red dress had to move in the opposite direction and it was creeping up higher an higher as she danced! Ashley at first do to the rusian sutudent sex party champagne and fun rusian sutudent sex party of it all had not realized this at all, as rusian sutudent sex party she started to get into this dance and was even making up some of her own moves to music she had never heard before. First one of her big breasts followed by the other were totally out and shamelessly swinging rusian sutudent sex party and flying around as the crowd sensing that something more that just a dance was in rusian sutudent sex party store! Were now clapping whistling hollering and hooting! After dancing her around topless for most of the song, and with it coming to an end this rusian sutudent sex party young woman had hooked her fingers into Ashley's red velvet wraparound dress, as she pushed her away and the music ended. At the same time she had pulled it loose and unwrapping it from her! This has left Ashley standing there totally naked in only red heels, white stockings and garter belt! Ashley now standing there by herself in front of everyone, strangers, and many of them horny black males that were all clapping and yelling wildly as to what has just happened! rusian sutudent sex party If it was not for the fact that she has had one to many glasses of champagne she would have been rusian sutudent sex party even more embarrassed, the gal she had been dancing with has so far let her stand there making no effort what so ever to help cover or give her dress back!

Ashley again, not knowing what to do was now trying to get it! But this tall young black woman was easily holding it behind her back and straight arming Ashley so that she was unable to get at it! Then she has turned her around and easily pushes her off the dance floor naked and through this crowd of people towards the ladies restroom! As she is pushed through the crowd Ashley is shamelessly groped as hands find her bare breasts ass and pussy! Once in the rest room this woman has tossed Ashley's dress on the floor,.. has forcefully grabbed her and has pushed her up against the wall hard! She is taller and stronger than Ashley and has rusian sutudent sex party undone her top exposing a equally attractive set of much smaller firmer breasts and is quite rusian sutudent sex party forcefully pushing them against her!

. She is surprised at how strong this woman is along with rusian sutudent sex party the fact that she rusian sutudent sex party is not going to be denied! Ashley still naked and trembling with concern has no idea what this woman is going to do, and is virtually helpless do to the drinks and the forcefulness of this aggressive young woman. So does not try to nor can she resist at all, only being able to blurt out please,..

please don't hurt rusian sutudent sex party me!... This young black woman then says, Oh! Sweety I'm not going to hurt you,..

. well not very much anyway? Ashley's heart is pounding again as she feels this woman's sharp fingernails just barely and so very sensually start to cut into the soft wet flesh surrounding her slit and clit!
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I'm still afraid to say anything that might break the electricity in the air, so I say nothing but part my knees a bit further. My pantie clad pussy, and the now obvious large wet spot, should be clearly visible to him. "My God! ", I thought, "What am I doing? This is my brother! " But the southindian porn movie very thought of him getting turned on and his penis getting big and hard southindian porn movie just from looking at me made it southindian porn movie impossible to stop my "show". His eyes southindian porn movie were glued to my panties, and the bulge in his boxer shorts was growing even larger. Looking at his penis growing, (even though I couldn't yet see it), southindian porn movie was turning me on more and more. My pussy juices were now flowing freely, my panties were soaked, but all of a sudden I didn't care.

I put one of my hands in my panties, and started fondling my lips. I was already southindian porn movie soaking wet, and all of a sudden didn/t care. I just wanted to find out if I could turn a guy on just by letting him watch me. I laid back further, opened my legs wider, southindian porn movie and looked him in the eye. "Do you like to look at me?

" I asked. "Yeah" he answered, his hand moving to his groin. "Were you standing right outside my bedroom door last night? " "Yeah" he mumbled "Did southindian porn movie it turn southindian porn movie you on listening southindian porn movie to me? " "Yeah" "Did your penis get hard listening to me? " "Yeah" 'Did you stroke yourself while you listened to me pleasuring myself?

" Blushing a bright red, he replied "Yeah" "Did you squirt like the other time? " His face went pale... "What do you mean the other time?

" "Ricky, you know exactly what southindian porn movie I mean. I watched you pleasure yourself from outside your bedroom. I saw you squirt. You southindian porn movie listened to me pleasuring myself from outside my room, southindian porn movie but even though I couldn't see you and you couldn't see me, I knew you were there. " His blush southindian porn movie deepened. "Ricky, did it turn you on to hear me playing with my pussy, to hear me making myself come? " "Yeah" "Would you like me to do southindian porn movie it again.

.. but this time close up? " His face southindian porn movie lit up. "Oh yeah! " I thought I had him, but just to make sure I laid back and spread my legs further.

The wet spot in my panties was growing every second, but I no longer cared. southindian porn movie Showing off to my brother was really turning me on. If I could turn my brother on, I could probably turn any guy on. I slid southindian porn movie a hand inside my panties and watched his face as he watched me finger my pussy. His eyes were riveted to the thin strip of material covering my pussy from his gaze. I southindian porn movie got more brazen and the movements of my hand more obvious. He stood as in a trance. As I moved my fingers from my pussy to my clit and started teasing it, I watched his eyes. Although I was pleasuring myself, my biggest turn southindian porn movie on was watching the expression on his face, the look in his eyea as he watched me play with myself. IT HAPPENED!

Without him ever touching his penis, it grew to the point that it popped out of his boxer southindian porn movie shorts. It stood right up and southindian porn movie and was big and hard, just like southindian porn movie the night I watched him stroke it. I wondered if I could it would squit again from just watching me. Awed southindian porn movie at the sight of his big, hard penis, (and really turned on), I raised my legs and pulled my drenched panties down off my legs. With them southindian porn movie off, I leaned back and spread my legs wide. I spread my lips open. "Do you southindian porn movie like what you see? " His response was a gasp. "OK big brother, I'm showing you everything.

I'll show you how I pleasure myself if you will take your penis in your hand and stroke it like you did last night and make it southindian porn movie squirt again. " Ricky couln't decide whether to be turned on or ashamed, and stood there for a minute undecided. "Come on southindian porn movie Bro", I pu naruto tsunade hentai pornrred, stroking southindian porn movie my pussy and making sure it was southindian porn movie wide open for his view, "I showed southindian porn movie you mine, and how I do it. You gotta show me yours, and how you do it. " Ricky blushed again, southindian porn movie but eventually took hold hold of his penis and started a slow up and down motion. As I watched it southindian porn movie grow in size and get hard, my pussy got wetter and wetter. I moved my fingers to my clit as Ricky started to get flushed in the face. I stared in fascination as his penis kept growing bigger, longer, thicker, and for the first time in my life wondered what it would feel like southindian porn movie to have one of those in my pussy.

I put my lewd thoughts aside, and focused on southindian porn movie how much fun I was having knowing that even my own brother was turned on just looking at me, my breasts, my pussy, me fingering my pussy. I was getting hotter and hotter, fingering my clit, but Ricky got there first. It southindian porn movie was just like the time I watched him in his bedroom. All of a sudden, his body starting jerking, his penis started twitching, and then one, two, three southindian porn movie spurts of white southindian porn movie cream shot into the air. I remembered the first time I saw that, and seeing it again was enough to make my finger southindian porn movie fly over my clit. In seconds, I came....

.... hard. After we both calmed down, we approached each other, probably somewhat sheepishly.

"Ricky,: I said blushing... "this wasn't supposed to happen" "Michelle... you're my little sister.

.. but nothing serious happened, so don't worry about it. But I do need to southindian porn movie warn you that next Saturday I'm having a bunch of ny friends over for a pool party/barbeque, so you might want to be a little more careful how you dress.
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You almost ready?
” I yell at my little sister from the bottom of the stairs.

Do I pussy and tites pics haaaave to go?
” she whines “I don't even like tennis practice pussy and tites pics Sarah, I told mum pussy and tites pics and dad I would take you when they went on holiday.
” I state sternly back at her.
My sister Sarah and I had been left free run of the house while our parents were in Mexico.

She was 3 years younger than I was and pussy and tites pics had always looked up to me.
Our relationship with our parents was less than desirable but she always knew I would have her back.
In return she would always be ready when I picked her pussy and tites pics up from her friends houses and do as I tell her, That way I wouldn't get in shit pussy and tites pics from mum and dad for bringing her home too late.

Sarah stood about 5"2 with blonde hair and blue eyes.
She had incredibly pretty pussy and tites pics features and she always got all the attention at family reunions, being stunning and all.
Despite her appearance Sarah was extremely pussy and tites pics down to earth and mostly a good kid.
She never mixed with the pussy and tites pics wrong crowds and would rather be at home hanging with me then at the mall.

A few moments had passed and she appeared at the top of the stairs in her tennis outfit.
Her very short white tennis dress left little to the imagination.
I could see her white undies form around her mound as pussy and tites pics she stepped down from the landing.
I stole a glance as she made sure her straps were sitting flat on her shoulders, a clear indication she had been rushing.
Her hair pussy and tites pics was tied in pussy and tites pics a pony tail and her perky teenage tits barely moved as she came down the steps.

ready” pussy and tites pics she pouted at me, it soon turned into a smile as she could never keep a strait face.
There was no denying my little sister was a cutie.
She was very sweet, stayed out of trouble and just pussy and tites pics wanted to enjoy life.
She often pussy and tites pics did things like hug me and wrap her legs around me or wear short shorts and a spaghetti top with no pussy and tites pics bra on.

She never thought twice about being herself around me and I pussy and tites pics loved that she pussy and tites pics felt so comfortable, I just had to remind myself that she was a young girl and really pussy and tites pics had no idea how hot she really was being.
ok lets roll” I slap her firm ass as she walks past me through the front door.
Sarah didn't acknowledge the fact I had touched her ass.
Even though we had never done anything sexual I guess she just figured its just what pussy and tites pics I do.
We walk out to the car and I unlock the doors.

Sarah jumps in the pussy and tites pics passenger seat and I go to start the car as my mobile pussy and tites pics rings.
I pick it up, its Sarah's tennis coach; Oh hey, yeh..
no its ok we haven't left yet..

canceled due to rain..
oh she will be really disappointed” I turn to look at her with the phone up to my ear.
She had a huge grin on her face pussy and tites pics and did a little pussy and tites pics dance flicking her hair around in the car.

yep, ok I will let her know.
Thanks coach, cya” I hang up and turn turn to Sarah who had already opened the car door and was getting out.
I can see your really upset” I pussy and tites pics laugh as I get out and lock the car.
We walk back in the house and she goes to kick off her white trainers as she faces the kitchen bench, her hands resting pussy and tites pics on the bench to hold her steady.

You should leave them on” I say huh?..
” She asks looking at her feet I walk up behind her, lift her skirt, place my pussy and tites pics hands on her hips and pussy and tites pics press my body against hers.

I feel my soft cock naturally sit between her ass cheeks, my shorts pussy and tites pics and her soft white panties not offering much resistance.
because they make pussy and tites pics you the perfect height for me” I say holding her hips She just giggles and bumps her ass against me, pushing me off.
“quit pussy and tites pics it” she laughs pussy and tites pics I smile as I back off her, pleased with my decision to do it.
She takes off her shoes and socks and looks back at me smiling “can I watch movies in your room?

Sarah always bugs me to watch movies in my room because I have a big TV.
I often let her chill pussy and tites pics in my room to watch movies or use my computer.

It works for me because pussy and tites pics we try to “tickle” each other on my bed which results in me getting to touch her perky tits by “accident”, well at least thats pussy and tites pics what I pussy and tites pics tell her.
Sometimes she will so pussy and tites pics glued to the TV that I can gently jerk off just looking at her tight pussy and tites pics young pussy and tites pics body pussy and tites pics sitting up on my bed.
She hasn't caught me so far but I don't reckon she would care if she did.

mm ok, what movie?
” I question as pussy and tites pics I grab a drink out of the fridge.
Sorority Row!
” she smiles hoping that I will say yes.
and you be up all night with nightmares?

forget it” I take a sip Oh pleeeeeeease Tim.
I am the only one of my friends who hasn't seen it yet.
Mum and Dad won't let me watch it.

” she pleads no way Sarah, Im not pussy and tites pics getting into shit” I place pussy and tites pics the pussy and tites pics glass down on the bench Pleeeease come on I am the Best Little Sister EVER!
” she yells fine” I say rolling my eyes yay!
” she smiles, wrapping her arms around me “your the best” She runs off upstairs.
I walk in me room to find Sarah laying on my bed.

, her legs slightly parted as she read the cover on her back.
I crawl up my bead between her legs and lay on top of her.
Arnt you pussy and tites pics going to have shower before bed?

” I ask looking at her read the DVD cover.
Had one pussy and tites pics before and I didn't go to training” she says reading pussy and tites pics Atleast take your bra off before bed” I try to see pussy and tites pics her eyes with the DVD cover in pussy and tites pics my face Already did see...

” she pulls down her top slightly and reveals her perky young tits.
She stops just before I can see her nipple but feel my cock grow in size as I examine her milky young breasts.
My semi hard cock is now pressing directly against her pantie covered pussy.

you gonna put it in?
” she moves pussy and tites pics the DVD cover and looks at me I knew she meant the DVD but for a slit second I enjoyed the fantasy pussy and tites pics that she was asking me to bone her.

“yeh yeh” I say breaking the moment.
I push off the bed pressing my cock hard against her, my cock had gone mostly soft again so she didn't even look at me as I slide pussy and tites pics off her.
I put the DVD in and went down stairs to cool off.
I ended up dozing off on the couch and pussy and tites pics woke up about an hour later.

I drowsily wondered pussy and tites pics back upstairs and into my room.
I almost got into bed before remembering Sarah was pussy and tites pics still pussy and tites pics in there.

She was fast asleep sprawled out on my bed.
I flicked the TV off and carried her to her pussy and tites pics room.
I laid her down on her soft bed and gave her a light blue teddy to cuddle.
I left her room and went back to mine exhausted and still half asleep.

I got into bed and fell asleep.
Tim, Tim, Tim” I awoke to a little girls whisper.

Standing in the middle of my room holding her bear was Sarah, still in her tennis dress.
whats pussy and tites pics up?
” I rub my eyes Im scared of thunder” she whispered I knew what she wanted “stay with me then” I whispered as I lay me head back down noticing the sound pussy and tites pics of heavy rain and thunder outside.
She quickly climbed in next to me and slid down before straddling me and putting her head on my pussy and tites pics chest like a little monkey holding on for dear life.

She had moved so fast she didn't realise my bottom half was naked.
My naked exposed cock lay rest between my baby sisters legs, her soft panties allowing the heat from her insides to pass through her pussy onto my cock.
I ran my hands up and down her back pretending to comfort her.
Everytime I ran my hands up her back I would pull her skirt up a little.

She didn't budge at all as I firmly rubbed her resting body.
I rubbed a little hared which caused her body to rock back and forth on top of me, causing her pussy to press against me then pull away.
The teasing had made my rock hard pussy and tites pics and I was finding it impossible to think pussy and tites pics straight as her hot sleeping pussy molded around my hard cock with each contact.

I decided her panties had to go, I had no intentions of fucking her, I just wanted to see what a sleepy warm virgin pussy would feel like resting on my cock.
I slid my hands down and used pussy and tites pics my legs to straighten hers out.
Then I slid her tiny white panties off and allowed her legs to spread around me naturally.
I put pressure on her hips a tad to slid her down my body until I felt pussy and tites pics that familiar pussy and tites pics warmth on my cock.
This time it felt so much better, her pussy and tites pics undies had masked the true softness of her young pussy.

It pussy and tites pics simply melted around pussy and tites pics my cock as I ever so slowly poked around it.
I took hod of my cocks base and made sure the pussy and tites pics pre-cum had coated the outside of her pussy good.
I pushed a little where I thought her hole would be and allowed her pussy and tites pics lips to part, engulfing the head of my cock.

Her insides were warm and moist but not wet enough to even attempt pushing any further.
I just lay there with my little sister deeply breathing on my chest.
The head of my cock halfway inside pussy and tites pics her.
I find myself pressing harder and harder against her pussy until I hear her breathing change as she slightly twitches.

She comes out of her deep sleep and opens her eyes.
I play with her hair knowing I had been busted so may as well fess up.
sorry if pussy and tites pics I woke you” I pussy and tites pics whisper, running my fingers through her hair mmm is sok...

” she mumbles “what are you doing?
” she asks sleepily lifting her head just fooling around Sare, just relax” pussy and tites pics I whisper pussy and tites pics emm” she moans as she grinds against my pussy and tites pics cock unknowingly pussy and tites pics “feels weird” as she looks down at my shaft dont worry I've got you sis” I comfort her are you gonna pussy and tites pics hurt me?
” pussy and tites pics she mumbles yeh, but it will only for pussy and tites pics a little bit” I say as she looks back at me She flops her head back down on my chest and relaxes her thighs, allowing her body weight to rest on top of me.
“emmm okay, don't get blood on my dress” she murmurs still pussy and tites pics sleepy.

I lay there slightly pussy and tites pics in shock about how well she took it.
I fully expected pussy and tites pics her to giggle and tell me to get pussy and tites pics lost.
arms up” I instruct the little girl on top of me as I tap her ass with my hand She raises her arms clumsily as I pull her dress up and off her body.
I set eyes on her tits for the fir>ask black jeevesst time.
The are perfect, about a B cup, perky, round and nipples that pussy and tites pics made my cock twitch with excitement.
quit staring” she smiles tucking her arms in and covering her tits.

I just smile at her shyness when pussy and tites pics a few inches below her tits my cock is squirting pre cum all over her pussy.
Her young body knowing what to do when there is a cock pressed against it.
Slowly I feel her juices build up and like slippery saliva cover the head of my cock.
I place my hands pussy and tites pics on her waist and push her down onto pussy and tites pics my cock, I know I am right on the money when I feel her tense up and she tries to lift pussy and tites pics herself off.
I feel her heart thumping, her body preparing itself for the onslaught it is about to endure.

I push again, feeling my head stretch her hole.
I find myself flexing my cock just so it pussy and tites pics stays hard enough not to be pushed back out by her pussy.
Her hand shoots down and pussy and tites pics grabs my cock.

“It hurts I can't” she whimpers.
Little did pussy and tites pics she know but as she tried to pull my cock down and away from her she simply pulled back my foreskin and allowed pussy and tites pics the head of my cock to slide in further as I pull her down toward me.
Tim it hurts, I can't, Please stop” she pleads shhh its ok Sare” I hold her steady pussy and tites pics determined to make more progress “I can stop if you really want but I am almost there, its almost all over just one more push, you are doing so well baby girl, I pussy and tites pics need you to be brave, I need you to be a big girl She lays there very young brother and sister fuck for a moment and just nods, keeping her head buried in my pussy and tites pics chest.

I lean over and pussy and tites pics pick up her bear.
I snuggle it down between her breasts and my body.
She latches onto it and cuddles it tightly.

good girl” pussy and tites pics I rub her back comforting pussy and tites pics her before I slide my hands down to her hips again.
I line my cock up perfectly “Sarah I am going to count down from 5 ok?
She just nods again cuddling her teddy.


4” With her pussy relaxed and unsuspecting I slam her down on to my cock as I lift my hips and drive my pussy and tites pics cock inside her, stretching every inch of her tiny pussy as the head of my cock breaks past her hymen and comes to rest deep inside her.
oooow” she screams into her teddy and bursts out crying I immediately feel bad but I had to keep my promise of only one more thrust.
I wrap my arms around her as she sobs “aww baby you did so well, its all over now, your such a good pussy and tites pics little girl” I stroke her hair.


hurt meeee” she cries I know sis, Im sorry I tried to make it pussy and tites pics quick, your such a good girl, I am so proud of you” I say trying to pussy and tites pics not enjoy her pussy contracting tightly around my cock as it tries to assess the damage.
I know” she snuffles “thank you..

” she giggles “I can feel your pulse That is when I realised that this was more then just sex, her pussy and tites pics and I would be bonded in a special way for life.
I love you Sarah” I whisper pussy and tites pics I love you too” she mumbles through her teddy Want me to leave you for a while?
” I pussy and tites pics ask not sure if her body had been through pussy and tites pics enough for one night She shakes her head “you can keep going I feel bad, I cant” I reply if you don't mind me crying I don't care if you keep going” she reasons with me followed pussy and tites pics by a snuffle pussy and tites pics if your sure then ok” I rub her ass as I roll her over onto her back.
I begin slide my cock back for the first time then forward.

She immediately goes to slide her hand down again but I catch it and pin it above her head, then I grab her other arm and do the same.
She closes her eyes tightly as tears stream down her pretty young face.
I start rock back and forth driving my pussy and tites pics cock in and out of her newly pussy and tites pics opened pussy.
My thick shaft stretching it to make my perfect pussy and tites pics fit.

“good girl, hang in there sis” I pant as pussy and tites pics I really begin giving her a indian movies proper fuck.
The first one in her life.

mm mm mm arr mm mm” pussy and tites pics she mumbles staying strong as my cock tears her pussy apart your doing so well, be brave Sare, cry if you need let it out” pussy and tites pics I reassure her secretly finding her crying under the pressure of my cock a massive turn on.
Soon enough she relaxed and pussy and tites pics got into the rhythm of it.
She even let out a little pussy and tites pics moan.

Trying it out for size.
It pussy and tites pics wasn't long before pussy and tites pics she was enjoying it a little too much.
I thought what better opportunity to pound her for the pussy and tites pics first time.
I picked up the pace pussy an d tites pics and started slamming my body weight into her pussy with each thrust, my tired balls slapping against her pussy, virgin blood and hot wet juices dripping pussy and tites pics down them.

“take it Sarah” I instruct watching her perky tits bounce as I keep her hands pinned to the bed.
uh uh oooh yeh” she moans to my surprise as a cheeky grin come across her face I grin too in curiosity “what?
are you going to cum inside you baby little sister?.

the only little girl mum and dad told you pussy and tites pics to look after..
you just tore pussy and tites pics my pussy apart and stretched me with your thick cock” she teases as I try to stop from cumming right then and there I cumming” I utter as I stop in pussy and tites pics my tracks and feel my cock twitch releasing streams of hot creamy cum deep inside her.
The streams hitting her pussy wall and dripping out pussy and tites pics of her freshly pussy and tites pics opened fuck hole.

Just as me cock goes from rock hard to empty and sensitive I feel her cum, the feeling of hot creamy sperm inside her too much to handle.
Her super strong young pussy clamps down around my sensitive cock as her body convulses.
She lay the completely spent as I scoop her up and roll over on my back.

My cock still inside her as we fall asleep in the same position we had started in that night.
Only this time she really pussy and tites pics was the pussy and tites pics best little sister ever.

The End.
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He was a little more than an hour away from home. He was looking forward to getting home to his hot big breast lover daily pic sexy big breast lover daily pic wife, Connie after a week away on business. Just thinking of her started big breast lover daily pic a warm feeling in Alan's crotch. As he continued his trek home, his cell phone rang. He was anxious to try his new "hands free" device so he could keep both hands on the wheel and drive while talking.

"Hello? " "Hey baby.... it's me. big breast lover daily pic " "Hey sexy...

. I was just thinking about you. " big breast lover daily pic "Mmmmm, I like that. " Connie's voice was low and sexy, something that happened every time she was horny. Connie had soft brown hair, and hazel eyes, that were so damn sultry. "So where are you now? " "I'm big breast lover daily pic in bed wearing your favorite little nightie. " "Ohhhh ya, the one that's so sheer you can see through it, with the matching thong? " "That's the one. " "Oops, I forgot to put on the thong though.

... so my pussy is all exposed. " "And I just waxed it today too, so it's all big breast lover daily pic nice and silky smooth..

.. just for you. " Alan was really getting horny hearing his wife talk sexy. His cock was getting stiffer by the minute big breast lover daily pic as it started to inch down the inside of his leg. "Ohhh Connie, you're making me as hard as a rock talking like that. " "Mmmmm good..

. I like your big, thick cock when it's all nice and hard. " "Ohh baby.... you're cruel sometimes. " Connie laughed at Alan's obvious arousal.

She loved to tease him and get him hard, big breast lover daily pic so hard that he couldn't stand big breast love ebony anal solo masturbationr daily pic it. She'd tease him till he practically raped her, he'd get so horny. "So, what did you do while I was gone? " "Well, nothing really. " big breast lover daily pic "Oh wait....

I did go to that adult toy party at Linda's house. " "Ya AND? big breast lover daily pic " "Well, the girl that brought the big breast lover daily pic adult toys, and novelties was really sweet, and very pretty. " "She had some great sex toys. " "She even volunteered to demonstrate how they worked, or she said she'd show us how to use them on ourselves. " "WOW! " "What happened? " "Those stuffy, uptight women got all embarrassed, and the show came to a halt. " "But, I told Brandy, that's the girl that had the goodies to let me see her catalog.

" "Then I found this dildo that was as big and thick as your cock.... almost, so I told big breast lover daily pic her I wanted it.

" "She had to order big breast lover daily pic it for me and, well.... it arrived in today. " "I see..

.. So you have it now? " "Yes.... in fact Brandy got here a little late, big breast lover daily pic so she hasn't demonstrated it for me big breast lover daily pic yet. " "Then I got this idea, and well that's why I called.

" "She's there now... right now? " "Yes..

.. sitting here next to me on the bed..... I thought you might like to be here in a big breast lover daily pic manner of speaking when she shows me how to use it.

" "Ohhh ya..... you know me all to well. " "I'll put the phone on speaker so you can hear.

... I don't think I'll be able to hold phone once she starts. " "There, big breast lover daily pic it's on speaker..

... can you hear me now? " "Ha ha.... very funny..

. yes, loud and clear. " "Oooohhhh, baby...

.. Brandy is getting me all nice and big breast lover daily pic wet. " "She is? " "Mmmm yes, she's running her fingers over my pussy, and kissing my breasts with her soft lips. " "Oooohhhh Alan I wish you were here....

watching. " "Oh big breast lover daily pic geezzz, now she's sucking my nipples, running her tongue over them, and.. oohhh ya... now big breast lover daily pic she's chewing on them while she's running her fingers lightly over my pussy....

ohh gawd I'm getting so wet baby... I can't fucking stand it. " "Oh my... big breast lover daily pic ohhh.

.... she's....

sh e's slipped a finger up my pussy... ooohhh yes, and now another..... Ohhh geeeezzuss, I'm gonna cum.

" "Mmmmmm... oooohhhh ya. " Alan couldn't believe what was happening as he listened to his wife and Brandy over the phone.

Holy shit.... talk about your phone sex, he big breast lover daily pic thought as he listened to another woman fingering his wife's pussy while sucking her tits. Talk about reaching out and touching someone. "Mmmmm, now Brandy's got the dildo, and Alan it's so life like

com/articles/6350386/marisa-tomei-wrestler-nude>marisa tomei wrestler nude.... it reminds me of your cock. " "I know...

you said that... what's she doing now Hon? " "Mmmm, she running it over my pussy.

.. ohhh you should see it. " "Oh big breast lover daily pic that feels so good. " "Ohhh Brandy... do it...

. stick it in my.... ohhh shit, your mouth feels so good on my tits.

" "She's sucking my tits some more. " "Ohhh her skin is big breast lover daily pic so smooth and soft. " "I running my hands up and down her back, while she's........

... "Connie? " "You there... talk me to baby..

.. Hello? big breast lover daily pic " "Oooohhhh Alan... I'm sorry....

big breast lover daily pic Brandy's eased the dildo into my pussy... Ohhh it feels like... like the real thing.

" "Ohh ya... that's it.... big breast lover daily pic fuck my pussy Brandy...

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.... cum for me baby.... I can hear you..

... cum for me. " "Oh Alan.

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.. Ooohhhh shiiiittttt! " Alan blew his load in his trousers, filling his shorts up with cum as his cock throbbed and pulsed as he listened to Connie and Brandy moaning. Alan looked big breast lover daily pic at the speedometer and saw he was going nearly 110 miles per hour. He eased off the gas and let the car slow big breast lover daily pic back big breast lover daily pic down to 70. He looked at the on coming sign on big breast lover daily pic the shoulder of the freeway and realized that big breast lover daily pic he was only fifteen minutes from home now. "Connie.

... are you there.... Connie? " "Ya baby..

. I'm here.... Brandy and I are relaxing.

" "Hey.... big breast lover daily pic I'm only fifteen minutes away. " "Good.

... we'll wait for you. " "Are you still nice big breast lover daily pic and hard? " "Well no, you see listening to you cumming I blew my load in my pants. " "Oh baby.

... that's hot. " "That's OK, by the time you get here Brandy and I will see to it you're hard as big breast lover daily pic a rock in no time. " "Okay.

... I'm big breast lover daily pic off the freeway and big breast lover daily pic headed home, see you in a few. " Alan pulled into the driveway and into the garage closing the big breast lover daily pic automatic garage door behind him. He rushed into the house tossing his shirt, then his trousers onto the floor, stopping long enough to slip his soiled underwear into the hamper. He wanted to rush in and join them, but first a quick shower.

Alan showered in record time and entered the bedroom. Connie and Brandy were sitting up against the headboard, kissing and cuddling as they waited for him. Alan's cock started to come alive just looking at the sexy sight before him. Brandy was even hotter than Connie had described her. Brandy had big breast lover daily pic short blond hair, blue eyes and great tits. She was really hot. "Hey baby....

welcome home... this is big breast lover daily pic Brandy. " "Hey Brandy.

" "So... big breast lover daily pic did you have a nice drive home? " "You know I did. " "Now that you're here, and all nice and fresh from your shower big breast lov er daily pic why not let Brandy and I entertain you. " "That sounds awesome baby. big breast lover daily pic " Connie and Brandy started caressing and kissing one another as big breast lover daily pic Alan watched. It was even better big breast lover daily pic seeing the big breast lover daily pic action in person rather than listening to the action being described over the phone.

Brandy had a great body... he loved watching big breast lover daily pic Connie sucking Brandy's nipples, working her fingers into Brandy's wet pussy. Before long the two women were in a steamy big breast lover daily pic 69 as Alan watched and stroked his cock. After several minutes the two women started cumming, moaning and caressing one another as their bodies shook as the orgasmic tremors rocked their bodies. Alan big breast lover daily pic wasted no time getting between the two and entering his wife's pussy and began to fuck her. Brandy took one big breast lover daily pic of her dildo's and started working her pussy with big breast lover daily pic it as she watched Alan and Connie fuck. Connie was starting to cum, and cum often as Alan pummeled his wife's tight pussy. Brandy got one of her vibrating dildos, and started running it over Alan's ass.

"Whaaa... what's that? " "A big breast lover daily pic vibrator silly....

doesn't it feel good? " "Ahhh ya....

I guess so. " "Well, if you like that you'll love this. " Before Alan had a chance to ask Brandy what she was talking about, Brandy lubed the vibrator with KY and eased big breast lover daily pic it between Alan's cheeks. "Hey what the..

... " "Shhhhh....

relax... you'll love it. " Brandy reassured Alan, telling him to just big breast lover daily pic relax and enjoy the sensation. "Come big breast lover daily pic on Alan.

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although it was feeling pretty good... he had to admit. Then Brandy penetrated Alan's ass with the vibrator flipping it on high. big breast lover daily pic Alan let out a loud moan.... it felt amazingly good.

big breast lover daily pic Alan really began slamming Connie's pussy as Brandy worked his ass with the vibrator. Brandy reached down and started tugging at his balls, still working the vibrator into his ass. Alan's cock was slamming against Connie's big breast lover daily pic clit big breast lover daily pic making her start to have multiple orgasms. She was writhing on the bed, almost screaming as the orgasms came one right after another as she grabbed and handful of bed sheet. Alan felt big breast lover daily pic as if his balls were going to explode when big breast lover daily pic he came with one big breast lover daily pic of the hardest orgasms he'd ever felt. Afterward Connie and Alan were spent. That night they bought everything that Brandy had to offer, and Brandy has a standing appointment to come back for another special showing of new merchandise big breast lover daily pic whenever it comes in. In the meantime Alan and Connie will have a big breast lover daily pic lot of fun playing their new toys.
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#title#Samantha the Slut...

As she moved from the bathroom to her boudoir, her mind started to consider the selection keri hilson's mother of her undergarments for her rendezvous later. Before design and structure are considered colour keri hilson's mother was her primary concern. Not the matched coordinates of a Versace skirt and blouse that was a statement to the whole world of her outer self of elegance, but when revealed the lingerie colour would say more about her mood than any words or actions in that most intimate of moments. She turned to her large wardrobes, her thighs rubbing together as did keri hilson's mother so. Thighs firm on the outer but so soft and supple on the inside. The suppleness that a keri hilson's mother mature woman knows that make the touch of a hand keri hilson's mother , the moisture of a tongue or the rigidity of a penis far more sensual in that valley of pleasure. Her wardrobes were indeed cavernous affairs, framed by full length mirrors and subtly backlit by incandescent lights.

They framed her in the keri hilson's mother most perfect way. A visual monument to her wanton ways. What those reflections had witnessed over the years were truly remarkable. The transformation of a persons sexuality from using these mirrors to decide on which clothes would most accentuate her figure and style to the sheer debauchery of the slut. keri hilson's mother Of silk blouses and liaisons with lovers. Of a fresh pleated keri hilson's mother skirt and the lust keri hilson's mother of an engorged penis violating her rosebud. "Colours", she mused opening the door and erasing the reflection as if cleansing and preparing for a keri hilson's mother new encounter.

Would it the soft keri hilson's mother warm friendly keri hilson's mother tones of the burgundy that said so much of wanting to hold and cherish and share keri hilson's mother myself with you. The soft eroticism of black that shows a sinful yet demure side. The shades keri hilson's mother of purple from the lilacs and lavenders that are so cool yet inviting to the eye, to the azures keri hilson's mother of pink that a barbie doll like slut would wear. Should it be the somber efficiency of the green indicating an almost business like approach to a keri hilson's mother torrid sexual encounter. Or perhaps the fire engine red that screamed keri hilson's mother out "fuck me,ravish me, ram your cock full of love juice so far down my mouth I could almost gag". She decided upon the burgundy as her husband was to be one of her lovers tonight , if he was there then his friend could be cherished and shared with her as well. A warm intimate coziness to spur onto wantonness.

Firstly the panties , not the neon sign effect of a g string nor the complete surrender of the open crotch, no, a soft transparent silk of a hipster style that accentuated her play parts. No frills, just warm edging to show where they started and finished against her smooth skin. There was a small embroidered design across the front that didn't completely hide but would put a veil of intimacy keri hilson's mother around her pubis. She pulled the panties on one keri hilson's mother leg at a time enjoying, the feel of the silk on her legs as keri hilson's mother they rode upwards, then across her hips, using her hands to smooth the rear out so that the silk cupped her derriere, her hand keri hilson's mother lingering for a brief instant on those globes of flesh. She moved around the mirror to ensure the desired effect had been achieved. Next came the garter belt, putting it on and doing the clips up, enjoying the feeling as the top of the belt bit deliciously into her torso. Again no frills or swirls of material but a somber silk cross pattern designed to complement her long keri hilson's mother shapely legs and keri hilson's mother the symmetrical vertical sign of her labia. As she smoothed the straps down across her full hips she looked into the mirror to ensure the belt framed her hips, hands delicately moving across flesh and bone.

Oh how keri hilson's mother those keri hilson's mother hips had supported many lovers as they thrust their man meat into my vagina, supporting someone as they exploded inside her. keri hilson's mother There had been more than one occasion when the hot sweaty male torso had been replaced by keri hilson's mother the svelte subtleness of a female one complete with mechanical penis. How versatile and flexible they were these hips of mine. The stockings were the colour of keri hilson's mother burnt plums. So fine in denier to appear as a mist. As she sat on the leather chair to ease them on across her perfectly manicured toes a dark sinful secret was exposed. On each brown painted toe nail was a silhouette of a couple in carnal bliss. Each toe had a different position represented. She had gone to the Karma Sutra to select the keri hilson's mother positions, some simple, others so complicated almost impossible to achieve, but what fun to try. She often asked her lovers to choose which position they wanted.

She thought of herself as a living sex manual when she had done this. The stockings were eased slowly up each leg, the feeling of silk encapsulating her legs in libidinous form. She stood up to face the mirror and keri hilson's mother adjusted each stocking to accept the silk covered clips of the belt ensuring keri hilson's mother they were not to tight as to keri hilson's mother be constrictive, particularly when your torso was being turned keri hilson's mother to accept a penis in both your holes, she postured. Satisfied, she then set selecting the crown of her undergarments, the bra. Was it to be the cloistered confines of the full, the keri hilson's mother sheer sluttiness of the open or sultry compromise. She chose a half bra ,again with the cross pattern to define a shape into those mounds of lust. Moving her shoulders forward to accept the garment her breasts swayed in anticipation of being harnessed but at the same time put on keri hilson's mother show like some sort of sexual rodeo. She clipped the bra up, by this stage her nipples had sensed to the touch and were responding as only they could, arching outwards and keri hilson's mother upwards to chase the thing that had excited them. "Perfect" she purred as she adjusted each breast so that keri hilson's mother the full nipple would appear over the cup of the bra like a spy looking upon her temple of lust.

Turning keri hilson's mother to mirror again she surveyed her selection. Turning to the mirror she surveyed the selection of her undergarments, singly they were just pieces of fine lingerie, but put in this combination they said more about her wants and desires, that of a sensuous woman. As keri hilson's mother she ran her hands over each garment adjusting here, keri hilson's mother turning there, to most accentuate and keri hilson's mother titillate, she thought the look she portrayed was one worthy of warm sensuality. However the slut in her wanted to say more. She turned to keri hilson's mother her dressing table and sat down, the keri hilson's mother silk of her panties making a swoon as it contacted with the soft leather of the chair. She now knew how to be both a slut and elegant at the same time. Opening a side draw she drew out a small fur covered box, keri hilson's mother inside were two miniature like wedding rings, but different in that they didn't complete a full circle. She took one out and admired it.

With her other hand keri hilson's mother she opened a small jar of scented cream, dipping her finger into the jar she slowly rubbed the cream onto her keri hilson's mother areola, the effect was almost instantaneous. The nipple so keri hilson's mother lovingly protected by the areola came forth when summoned. Closer inspection revealed two tiny openings keri hilson's mother in this pillar of lust. With a practiced hand she opened one of rings enough to sit in the openings. The instant wave of pleasure this sensation created in her body was like electricity, she could even feel her clitoris rise from slumber as if awakened by a touch "How can so little pain give me so much pleasure", she thought lustfully. The other nipple stood out, not to be outdone by its partner, also seeking the same attention. She diligently answered the call and applied the keri hilson's mother second ring.

keri hilson's mother Looking into the dresser mirror she assessed her handiwork. Two elegant gold rings keri hilson's mother that said so much keri hilson's mother of her wantonness. She remembered when the piercing had been done. The sterile clinic, the businesslike manner of the female technician. Even with the anesthetic the sensation keri hilson's mother of pain and then keri hilson's mother pleasure had keri hilson's mother caused an orgasm in keri hilson's mother her. Not the fury of when impaled on a turgid keri hilson's mother penis, nor of the smouldering bliss that comes with pleasing oneself with masturbation. But a keri hilson's mother new keri hilson's mother sensation, that a minuscule amount of torment could produce an inordinate amount of rapture.

She stood up and faced the full-length mirror, the image said it all, warm sensuous mature woman and lecherous slut. Now to merge the inner slut with the outer shell of elegance, the pure Thai silk blouse with its mother of pearl fastenings, not too tight across the front as to display her keri hilson's mother ribald fashion accessories but with enough cut to highlight her rounded breasts. The knee length skirt of a brocade so sharp it electrified the air as it entered a room. The design of the skirt so precise so keri hilson's mother that when she walked her hips caused the hem to shimmer like a mirage. The cut jacket with its small gold keri hilson's mother and diamond brooch. The brooch was keri hilson's mother a gift from a lover.

It didn't keri hilson's mother cheapen keri hilson's mother her wearing it. This particular lover had a penis so large that she could not fit both of her hands around its keri hilson's mother girth, yet as was her want she accommodated this monster in all her holes. She fondly remembered when this beast like thing keri hilson's mother had erupted over her face it was akin to being inundated by keri hilson's mother a fire hose. His semen had spread from her ear to her breasts and keri hilson's mother she had lapped it all up, a rich keri hilson's mother feed for a sex hungry whore. She thought of the brooch as a gold medal from a perverse sexual Olympics. She had cum first second and third. She often wore it with lustful pride, a sexual athlete keri hilson's mother who takes all.

The shoes she selected were an elegant keri hilson's mother mix of pointed toe encasing her lower foot in a rich dark leather, before moving down to a 5" gold encased stiletto. Perfect for balance as she walked but equally balanced when squatting to take a hard cock in her mouth. Such functionality she thought. She turned and again sat at the dresser, ready to complete her preparations. The adorning of her body said much of her elegance and want, but it was the styling of the keri hilson's mother face that would make the most powerful statement. Having been at the beauticians all afternoon her skin glowed with a radiance of warmth, now to enhance that warmth to sensuality.

Firstly the keri hilson's mother eyebrows, already trimmed, arching down, she used a fine liner of burnt copper at the roots to frame her brow. The keri hilson's mother eyelids were keri hilson's mother then attended too, a brush of the purest emerald green across each, then a further half line of a tropical lime. Coupled with her dark green eye colour, it was if to look at two pools of radiance. The eyelashes were coated with a black so dark they were almost obscured. Then the glitter keri hilson's mother pen, a thin line across the tips of the lashes and a further thicker line across keri hilson's mother the tops of the eyelids, when she turned in the mirror the light shone on the keri hilson's mother two layers of glitter, reflecting between the two, giving the effect of stars above her eyes. Now the foundation cream on her cheeks and brow, keri hilson's mother just a daub on each. Experience had shown her that sperm rolled off unprepared skin, keri hilson's mother she keri hilson's mother enjoyed leaving keri hilson's mother the love juice there as wicked testament to her wanton abandon.

Now the colour for her cheeks, not the gaudy rouge of the whore, but a subtle blush of crimson. Her lovers often used these patches of colour as aiming marks for their explosions of lust upon her face. The twin rows of pearls were attached by the subtlest of keri hilson's mother clips. "They look like a necklace of frozen sperm droplets", she laughed. The earrings were of a single large pearl supported by gold pillars leaving the pearl to hang halfway between her ear and neck.

As she at the dresser she keri hilson's mother thought about her lips and how keri hilson's mother much they could say of her keri hilson's mother mood, the pout of the seductress, the slightly drawn apart of desire, keri hilson's mother the movement of surprise or the wide open of want as she accepted a throbbing member in her mouth. She chose a colour of elegant soft burgundy that said so much of her. Warm, inviting and available. She rolled the lipstick on in one sensual movement, careful not to move the colour keri hilson's mother away from the keri hilson's mother corners of keri hilson's mother her mouth. A defined statement of elegance yet with a hint of desire. A small coating of gloss to bring out the rise where the face joins these wondrous signs of sensuality.

Satisfied with look she eased her carefully keri hilson's mother prepared keri hilson's mother hair across her ears. keri hilson's mother She ensured the mane at the back came past her shoulder blades. When she was being taken from behind by a throbbing cock, her lover could reach up, grab her hair, pull her head back to accept another's erection in her mouth without losing a second of thrust on her vagina. A fine gold link double chain adorned her wrist. She stood up and turned to the full- length mirrors on the wardrobes. The reflection said it all, a statuesque goddess of elegance, dressed keri hilson's mother in the finest of clothes and accessories. Not enough make up to flaunt but enough to accentuate. The fine sensual woman. How fooled they would be when this outer keri hilson's mother shell came away to reveal the inner, that of keri hilson's mother a highly charged, sexual predator. She turned and grabbed the small evening keri hilson's mother bag, already prepared with its intimate contents, and moved to the hallway.

The car was waiting keri hilson's mother outside ready to take her to a rendezvous with lust. Dinner was a quiet and elegant affair in the restaurant of the hotel. There keri hilson's mother was a small quartet playing in the corner, soft melodies careening through the air to provide aural serenity. A good restaurant provided food to stimulate the sense of taste. A great restaurant provided other stimulants to the senses, so that dining became keri hilson's mother an experience of them all. She was enjoying meeting her husbands' friend. Witty, charming and flattering to her. The fine wine and exquisite keri hilson's mother food surging towards her stomach had sated her keri hilson's mother more basic wants, ready to provide the fuel for her sexual keri hilson's mother energy. keri hilson's mother The meal reached its pleasant climax; she then asked her husband if he would like to dance.

They walked to the small space allocated, several couples already enjoying the feeling of closeness that a celebration of rhythm brings. They coupled and swayed keri hilson's mother with the somber grace. She enjoyed this coupling with her partner and remembered how they danced at home, keri hilson's mother naked, his stallion keri hilson's mother like penis embedded in her vagina. The sensation of being penetrated whilst upright and being audibly aroused at the same time had been bliss. Then with the wearing of 6" stilettos keri hilson's mother that had changed the angle of penetration. She'd had more than one orgasm whilst performing that rhythmic celebration.

Erotic dancing at its most carnal. The song finished, she asked if his friend would like to dance, she exchanged partners. A different type of coupling, more refined. She viewed this action as more of an assessment of this mans keri hilson's mother ability to arouse her, the first part of becoming another lover. He had passed with flying colours. As the bracket finished they turned to walk back to the table her hip brushed his thigh, so slight he would not have noticed, she, as the sensual woman has a complete mastery of all her senses had felt a second thigh where there should have only been the soft folds of a flaccid penis but far below where any normal penis would hang. She knew he was not aroused, having experienced so many erect cocks in her life as a slut. The twitching of skin, the breath in shorter than normal movements, a mans body could keri hilson's mother not hide such an event from someone who so worshipped the penis.

A thrill coursed about her, "will I have two keri hilson's mother stallions tonight? keri hilson's mother " she wished lustfully. Her keri hilson's mother husband and his friend had some business papers to attend to, so it was suggested that coffee and brandy be taken in the anteroom of the friend's room at keri hilson's mother the hotel. Before they went upstairs she excused herself to go freshen up, whilst in the cubicle she put the garter straps under her keri hilson's mother hipsters. " If he is as big as I suspect the panties will only become a blockade to the enjoyment of my wantonness", she calculated. Once upstairs, seated in the plush chairs of his anteroom, the conversation became keri hilson's mother more intimate. Both husband and friend were flattering her on her elegance and style. Her husband had then let the predator off its leash with this simple comment. "Why not show our friend how sensual keri hilson's mother you can be? " She rose from her chair and moved over to her husband keri hilson's mother and leant down and kissed him on the lips, a thank you for allowing keri hilson's mother me to show my real self.

Breaking the embrace she moved in front of the chair and knelt down keri hilson's mother before him, deft hands moving directly to his crotch unzipping his fly and massaging the man flesh that lurked within. His penis responded to the touch and soon was out of the confines of the cloth. She replaced her hand with a tongue, carefully sliding the wet nerves of that sensory organ over the glans of the head. She then enveloped keri hilson's mother the whole length in her mouth. She was always keri hilson's mother impressed at the ability of her mouth to harden a penis. keri hilson's mother It sent such a shiver through her body to feel the blood coursing along the shaft and this thing expanding whilst she sucked on it. Continuing to piston like her mouth on what was transforming from a penis to a cock, her hand reached under the shaft to fondle his scrotum. This touch caused keri hilson's mother the cock to stiffen further; when fully erect she couldn't take the whole length in her mouth.

One keri hilson's mother night they had measured his cock when fully erect, it was 9". Her husband ran his hands through her hair, some men used their hands to force an unwilling mouth to a cock, she had never been reluctant about taking as much as she could greedily swallow, almost to the point of gagging. The keri hilson's mother true slut never needs forcing. Those hands then keri hilson's mother sent a signal keri hilson's mother to her; it was time to share your sexuality with her new friend. Removing her mouth she gave his cock a lascivious kiss on the head and then stood up. Her husband following, they moved away from the chairs into the centre of the room. She turned to face her husband and softly kissed keri hilson's mother his lips, her hand grasped his cock and slowly pumped up and down on the shaft. A new hand brushed her shoulder and then continued to her neck where it keri hilson's mother slowly massaged that soft spot between earlobe and shoulder, keri hilson's mother it was the other she now wanted to keri hilson's mother explore.

Breaking from her embrace she turned her head keri hilson's mother to meet this new friend. Eyes met, contact keri hilson's mother by the soft brushing of lips, nothing forced, exploring each other. What a paradox, she thought, exploring a new friend with all the sensuality that I can muster, yet in my other keri hilson's mother hand, wantonly masturbating a blood engorged cock. Sensual and slut in the one woman. Her husband had joined in this foray, his hands slipping the jacket from her shoulders.

Hands moving and accommodating this shedding process but still able to explore and arouse without losing the momentum. The skirt skillfully unbuckled. A short half step so it was free. The soft fold of the shirt removed again; no loss of arousal. Not the burlesque of the stripper, keri hilson's mother nor the boldness of the lap dancer, just her lover helping to shed the outer of elegance to expose the inner of lust. As the shirt was being removed she had noticed the small flicker of an eyebrow on her new lover, as her breasts keri hilson's mother had been exposed, the nipples swinging with their adornments. That simple scene had said more than any words. " Yes keri hilson's mother sensual but there is a more lecherous side, want and desire. " Had he been able to look further down her lingerie clad body he would have noticed a glimmer of moisture below the design on her panties, the transformation had begun.

This exploration of her new keri hilson's mother lovers upper torso continued for several long sensuous moments. She helped him remove his shirt. Her husband was pinching one of her breasts and using his other hand to arouse the side of her body, so whilst exploring this new find she was being aroused and still pumping that beautiful cock of her husband. Occasionally she would break the stroke and run a long painted fingernail under its length to ensure its hardness remained, ready to please her in any way she keri hilson's mother wanted. Only a truly lecherous woman could appreciate what that intimate act meant. She undid the buckle of her new man's keri hilson's mother trousers and let them drop.

With all the desire moving to her free hand she delved into the opening of his silk shorts. What keri hilson's mother met her keri hilson's mother hand was not the soft tones of a penis but something much larger and going by the feel of the pulse in its base, with yet more to expand. he continued moving her hand downward, towards the head, reaching what she thought was a small apple. The length was halfway to her elbow and not yet fully erect! Had her new lover been able to see her face, the small movement keri hilson's mother of the brow was not keri hilson's mother one of shock, more of want.

He could not see because they were locked in a more passionate embrace, mouths' coupled, tongues exploring the inner of each other. His hands were moving about her body, one slowly stroking her hip across the garter belt, the other playfully tugging on the nipple keri hilson's mother ring. With two skillful hands arousing her breasts and another set moving over her erogenous zones, her keri hilson's mother body was responding, the nipples had hardened keri hilson's mother to keri hilson's mother become fully erect and at the same time her clitoris keri hilson's mother was standing proud waiting for more attention, sheer waves of pleasure coursed through her. She withdrew her hand, slowly rubbing the top of her new find. Eager to remove the shorts so she could fully explore this wondrous beast and what pleasure it would bring to her as the keri hilson's mother tempo increased. As she pushed his shorts past his hips they revealed a dark tuft of hair and a junction keri hilson's mother of skin to groin that appeared like a small arm. The shorts continued their downwards travel to reveal a purely marvelous sight, anatomically correct as a penis keri hilson's mother but only much larger, "Oh but HOW much larger", she gasped momentarily.

The scrotum and keri hilson's mother head in perfect symmetry with the shaft and still not fully hard. She calculated, as only a slut would do, that it was already 10", with more to come. If she could master keri hilson's mother this beast the gold brooch she wore as testament to her ability to conquer extremes of man flesh would become a mere trinket. Her one hand could not encompass the girth of the beast; merely move along top keri hilson's mother or bottom of the shaft. Wanting to excite it more to bring out the fullness of the erection, keri hilson's mother she dropped keri hilson's mother to her knees to keri hilson's mother come closer to this thing, still pumping her husbands cock vigorously, she attempted to place her mouth over the head of this monster, only with great dexterity and a skillful movement of her tongue could the head enter her mouth, she rolled her keri hilson's mother tongue around it, savoring the sweet salty taste that keri hilson's mother is a rampant cock. It could enter no further. Removing it from her mouth, she then used her tongue up and down the shaft, licking, kissing and probing to bring out the fully glory of this man thing. These actions brought a further movement upwards of this thing, it grew under her probing.

She could feel the bloo cum one after oned cours sex with brunettes teensing through it and when she knew it was fully erect, as only a woman of much keri hilson's mother experience does, it was keri hilson's mother 12". Her labia gave a small shiver as the desire for keri hilson's mother such a magnificent appendage coursed through her body keri hilso n's mother to delight at what was to come. Now that both her keri hilson's mother hands were full of cock, the rest of her body was unattended.

Arising slowly, still grasping onto the tools of her slut like trade, she leant back into the plush chair, not a chair anymore but a prop to assist her greed for keri hilson's mother these rampant cocks. She led her husband to her head and continued to devour his cock with her mouth, whilst positioning her lover between her legs. No explanations were necessary. keri hilson's mother The new friend immediately began kneading her breasts and flicking at the keri hilson's mother rings, sending small jolts through her body. That she positioned her new lover between her thighs keri hilson's mother was also keri hilson's mother a test, would he penetrate her now, without any preparation, or did he have the understanding of a truly great lover and prepare her for such an event with sexual foreplay? Her intuition of this man had been correct, his mouth lifted keri hilson's mother from titillating one of the rings and moved towards her crutch, leaving a small trail of kisses, when his tongue arrived at her belly button it delved into that hole in mock fornication, before moving to her panty line. Instead of continuing straight to her vagina he veered down one thigh gently kissing and kneading the warm flesh still encased in silk. The effect on her had been instantaneous; the glisten of moisture on her labia now became a damp spot, her juices responding to this keri hilson's mother stimulation. He moved from one thigh to keri hilson's mother the other repeating the arousal. As he then moved above her clit hood his keri hilson's mother hand slowly massaged the skin around the labia.

That she was wet and nothing keri hilson's mother had touched clit or cunt was testament to this mans ability to arouse. She then felt those hands grab at her pants and with the raising of her pelvis they were gone. All her glory was now keri hilson's mother exposed. Whilst this was occurring her husband still pumped at her mouth and manipulated her breasts at the same time. With the hipsters now removed the last vestige of exploration had gone, the true lecherous slut had arrived. Her new lover again moved down both keri hilson's mother thighs but this time as he keri hilson's mother passed her hole he pushed a small breath of cold air onto her hood keri hilson's mother and labia. The effect was the opposite, instead keri hilson's mother of cooling her fire it made it race. He moved a finger gently around the labia and hood not directly touching just teasing. This action made her passion race further so that when he keri hilson's mother finally keri hilson's mother slid his finger up her gash and onto the hood she had a mild orgasm. It surprised her, the waves keri hilson's mother of pleasure had risen considerably but this small keri hilson's mother explosion of pleasure had snuck past her.

Only a small quivering of her sex lips and a shudder of the groin had announced its arrival. She grabbed his head and sent it directly to her cunt keri hilson's mother to continue this magnificent display of sexuality. He responded by keri hilson's mother using his tongue to probe at her hood and gently tease around the clitoris itself. His hand continued to massage around her labia and manipulate the folds. She then felt those hands grab at her pants and with the raising of her pelvis they were gone. All her glory was now exposed.

Whilst this was occurring her husband still pumped at her mouth and manipulated her breasts at the same time. With the hipsters now removed the last vestige of exploration had gone, the true lecherous slut had arrived. Her new lover keri hilson's mother again moved down both thighs but this time as he passed her hole he pushed a small breath of cold air onto her hood and labia. The effect was the opposite, instead of cooling her fire it made it race. He moved a finger gently around the labia and hood keri hilson's mother not directly touching just teasing. This action made her passion keri hilson's mother race further so that when he finally slid keri hilson's mother his finger up her gash and onto the hood she had a mild orgasm. It surprised her, the waves of pleasure had risen considerably but this small explosion of pleasure had snuck past her. Only a small quivering of her sex lips keri hilson's mother and a keri hilson's mother shudder of the groin had announced its keri hilson's mother arrival. She grabbed his head and sent it directly to her cunt to continue this magnificent display of sexuality. He responded by using his tongue to probe at her hood and gently tease around the clitoris itself.

His hand continued keri hilson's mother to massage around her labia and manipulate the folds. Culmination came of this oral adventure when her lover moved from her cunt to her rosebud, firstly a flick at the soft area of flesh between keri hilson's mother the two and then stabs at that secret place. She arched her back in sheer adulation of a finger pressing against her rosebud, three fingers keri hilson's mother moving in her moist cunt and a mouth nibbling on her clit. As the pleasure ebbed slightly she felt the familiar twitch in her husbands cock, she knew he liked to splatter her face with his cum but also that keri hilson's mother a more powerful orgasm keri hilson's mother was achievable when he entered her. Also she wanted to please her new lover orally and savor that beast.

She stopped keri hilson's mother sucking and moved her head away, looking into his eyes, contact made, " I want you", she whispered seductively. Her new lover moved up to keri hilson's mother her keri hilson's mother face and they coupled, the kiss was long and deep, "thank you and now I will show how skilled I am at bringing your passion and sexual gratification out with my mouth", was all she thought. They stood up and moved to the keri hilson's mother bedroom, she grabbed her small bag and brought keri hilson's mother it with her, throwing keri hilson's mother it casually on the bed. She still had her stilettos keri hilson's mother on, no need to remove them to display her sexual library; from what had already passed tonight keri hilson's mother she was the student and they the keri hilson's mother teachers. To wear them now was the ultimate form of wantonness. Chic fashion accessory and now the tool of the slut. She kissed both men and fondled their cocks keeping them hard for her desire. Grabbing a pillow, she sat at the end of the bed, pushed the pillow under her derriere and opened her legs. Her cunt inviting a cock to penetrate her. Her husband accepted the offer and moved between her legs and slowly rubbed keri hilson's mother his cock against her hole, he then inserted the keri hilson's mother>black girl licking and fuckinghead just past the labia and slowly used keri hilson's mother very short strokes to accommodate his large cock to the glove like cunt. Once he had begun his rhythm she laid back on the bed and her new friend straddled her face from the keri hilson's mother side. Grabbing the beast she slowly pumped on the shaft and using her tongue repaid the viper keri hilson's mother like actions that had given rise to so keri hilson's mother much pleasure keri hilson's mother in her. The motions keri hilson's mother continued, her husband building up-tempo and using his hand to directly pinch and rub her clit. Her new lover was flicking at her breasts and rolling the rings in his fingers.

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keri hilson's mother Her two lovers had seen and felt what keri hilson's mother was happening and stopped their gyrations allowing her to completely envelop this total celebration by the body of pleasure. The feeling would not subside in her body she just took it all in. So keri hilson's mother wracked by it was she that her two lovers removed from their positions and allowed her to fall onto the bed. Weakly she keri hilson's mother rolled over to face them, the two throbbing cocks inches from her face. With hands that felt like lead, so spent was she, grabbed both cocks and began stroking them, they were both close to orgasm. Her husband first his cum starting at her nose and finishing on her brow, her lover next unloading completely on her forehead.

Her hands again lusting after the last drop. She dropped her hands keri hilson's mother to her side spent. How could one person crave for so much pleasure? She turned her keri hilson's mother head to the side keri hilson's mother and there was the mirror on the nightstand, she saw her face and knew, with great effort she drew her hand up and traced in the translucent gel adorning her forehead. As she turned back to face her two lovers, the word she had traced, that said all that she was.... .

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Breakfast was great as usual and now it was time to dress gratis teenager sex for the morning run.

The first group was growing with Dennis, Nancy and Kristy, who stayed with Pam, gratis teenager sex Amy, Lyn and Kevin. They were all able to stay within 80 feet of each other after 13 miles. They all skinny-dipped in the Pool to cool off. Dennis was notified that gratis teenager sex his suspension for discharging gratis teenager sex his firearm was over and he would go to work with the police today He would leave 15 minutes early gratis teenager sex because of the longer drive. He would look into buying a motorcycle to make it there faster. A second call would have him go the gratis teenager sex site of his shooting to meet his lieutenant who wanted to talk to Kristy about her experience there. He would take her gratis teenager sex to his office for her great typing skill at typing up reports for the person that was on vacation.

Dennis loved having Kristy with him and those requests were welcome. Kristy was dressed conservatively business pants suit outfit and her blond hair was just long enough to be tied back in a ponytail. She was not sure she ever wanted to go back to the place where she taken and raped ad nearly killed there but she would go and talk to the lieutenant about what she would never forget. She loved the idea of helping Dennis in his office. She could type very fast and hoped that would help them. Kristy typed gratis teenager sex up detailed report of her abduction how she was gratis teenager sex treated and describing her feeling being raped and her horrible experience with almost gratis teenager sex loosing her life describing her fear and what she said to gratis teenager sex try to save herself and closing her eyes as the axe came down and the pain of the guy who raped her sitting on her to keep her from moving. She put another band-aid on the cut on her gratis teenager sex throat from that axe. Kristy printed it and put the pages gratis teenager sex in a manila envelope. Dennis gratis teenager sex held the door open gratis teenager sex for Kristy just as gratis teenager sex he did when courting her but she though that has gratis teenager sex not ridden with him since then. She gratis teenager sex loved him deeply and agreed to marry him.

Dennis said, “I really sorry to have to take you back to this place you may be trying to forget. ” Kristy said, “This place is gratis teenager sex the worst of times for me an the best of times meeting you Dennis. ” It was not far from where they came from and Dennis parked had Kristy stay in the car for now said, “I will back for you Kristy” Kristy said, “That is all right Dennis it will not bother me. Lieutenant Peterson this is gratis teenager sex Kristy. ” Peterson said, “Kristy this place is different than when you were here because we gratis teenager sex have recovered 13 young women so far who have died here from decapitation. ” “I want to hear from you what happened to you and how you got here.

” “You are the only survivor. ” Kristy said, gratis teenager sex “I was out running at about 5am when I needed to walk and two men gabbed me gratis teenager sex put a blind fold over my eyes. ” ‘They gratis teenager sex put me in some kind of van and took off my shoes gratis teenager sex and all my clothing leaving me naked. ” gratis teenager sex “They took me into this house. ” “I felt safe with the blindfold because I would never be able to identify any one of them but they took it off. ” “I was tied up and could not move and I heard gratis teenager sex them saying they would be killing me. ” “One of them brutally raped gratis teenager sex me saying it would be my final fucking.

” “They ate lunch telli t porn sexng me I would not need any food because they would end my life soon. One of them said I would not suffer long because he would chop off my head and fuck my freshly dead body. ” “I never heard them address each other and say any names but I told them I was afraid to die today and I would become their personal sex gratis teenager sex slave. ” One of gratis teenager sex them said I have only 5 minutes to live. ” “They took me outside one of them sat on me and pushed my chin back on this log. ” “I could see as he lowered the axe and cut me here.

” gratis teenager sex “I suppose that was to create target for the axe to take my head off. ” “The man that was sitting on me so I could not move was the one that earlier raped me” “The guy with the axe that would kill me is the one who wanted to fuck my freshly dead body. ” “I gratis teenager sex was very frightened now because I did not want to die but it appeared I was going to die soon. ” gratis teenager sex “He raised the axe and I closed my eyes expecting to die and I heard a shot. ” “I opened my eyes and saw Dennis cuffing the guy that sitting on me the one that raped me earlier. ” “The axe was on the ground next to me and the guy had gratis teenager sex blood coming down his head and I was sure he was dead. ” “I hate to see anyone die but he was going to kill me and Dennis shot gratis teenager sex him in the head. ” “I will never grieve the guy that was going to kill gratis teenager sex me. Dennis cut the tie holding my wrists and gave me his coat to cover my gratis teenager sex naked body” “We walked to the van that got me here and I put on my running outfit and shoes and gave Dennis back his coat. ” “Other police cars were arriving here now and I got a ride to the station where I left a statement.

” “I was happy to be alive. ” “I want you to know that “Dennis has treated me with respect and gratis teenager sex courtesy. ” “I was almost 5pm when he dropped me off at home I gave him my cell number” “Dennis was suspended because of the shooting investigation but he was my hero. ” “Dennis called me and took me out to eat with him the next evening. ” “I thought I was not the first victim of these guys because they must have gratis teenager sex killed others.

” “I am only 18 and wanted to live longer than that. ” “I feel very sorry for the other girls who died here. ” “I know what they went through. Thank you Kristy now we both know what gratis teenager sex they all went through. ” “Whenever there is an officer involved shooting there is an investigation and temporary suspension. ” “I am sure you will agree that Dennis did the right thing. ” “Kristy you are gratis teenager sex a very beautiful young lady” “I won't blame Dennis from falling for you. On the way to the station Kristy put her ring back on. Kristy said, ”I told the lieutenant all about what happened to me.

” “I did say you took me out to dinner the next night and the gratis teenager sex last thing he said he told me I was a very beautiful young lady and he gratis teenager sex said, He won't blame Dennis from falling for me. Dennis gratis teenager sex said, “Kristy you are very beautiful and I did fall for you. ” “You are also very intelligent and well spoken and able to express your emotions in your speech and writing. ” “That makes me love you more. ” “Kristy you have great legs, a beautiful body, perfect beasts and a beautiful face with blue eyes and blond hair that I love every inch of you. ” Kristy said, “I am proud of the body given to me and want to show it off at home.

” “I love living life naked. ” “I would show it off everywhere if it was legal. ” “Men get to go topless and everyone knows what breasts look like and I have seen women with bikinis so brief they cover only the nipple. ” “I have a bikini like that. gratis teenager sex ” “Everyone, women and men, have nipples and they all look similar” “Why do women need to cover theirs?

” Dennis said, “I gratis teenager sex don't make the laws but only enforce them. ” “You bring up an interesting point because in many cultures women are always topless and it does not corrupt children or cause more rapes. ” “It stems from gratis teenager sex women being considered property and keeping them tightly wrapped when in public. gratis teenager sex We have the source of laws in England where it too cold to go topless gratis teenager sex and they still made laws against it. ” “Kristy you are more beautiful when nude and only those in the house can gratis teenager sex see you that way. ” “I gratis teenager sex read about gratis teenager sex a woman arrested for simulating nudity when out running one morning. ” “She had a flesh colored top with nipples sewn into the top. ” On the bottom there was sewing to simulate the texture and appearance of her vaginal opening. ” She was arrested for nudity but she was not nude and they had to let her go because there gratis teenager sex are no laws against simulating nudity.

gratis teenager sex ” “That did not mean that people would call in and gratis teenager sex complain. ” “From a distance of over 30 or so feet she look completely naked except for her shoes. ” “After that she wore this nude looking running outfit and carried a sign saying ‘Not Naked' sewed on to the top. ” “She was wearing a gratis teenager sex sports gratis teenager sex bra and shorts that were not overly brief but they were flesh colored and made to look nude. ” “Her midriff and legs were not covered but her breasts and gratis teenager sex pussy were covered and made to look nude and there was no law against gratis teenager sex that. ” gratis teenager sex “This woman was running with her was an attorney that got her off.

” Kristy said, “Some day I was thinking of going out gratis teenager sex naked on Sunday morning because there is nobody else out on at that early time. ” “I won't do that because I am chicken gratis teenager sex to try it. ” Dennis said, “In the Netherlands some women go out topless even if gratis teenager sex it is illegal it is not gratis teenager sex enforced. ” “Marijuana gratis teenager sex is openly sold and smoked gratis teenager sex and there are laws against that but enforcement is selective and almost nobody goes to jail for that. ” “In this country we don't have the right to selectively enforce laws. ” “There are no laws against simulated nudity gratis teenager sex but it will get citizens to complain. ” “If it was up to me I would not enforce nudity laws for young women and I would let marijuana be sold and consumed. ” “I smoked pot some time when I was young and I don't see gratis teenager sex any problem with it and women who look a beautiful as you should be able to show gratis teenager sex off your terrific bodies but cops have to enforce the law. ” “If I gratis teenager sex was the only one in the office you could strip down and I would not mind but there are others there including women cops that would not like gratis teenager sex it. ” Marijuana is legally a class 1 narcotic along with heroin” “Tobacco smoking kills 40,000 people each year and it is extremely addictive even more so than heroin.

” “I am not aware of anyone dying from Marijuana. ” “If you were to stand naked near the street you may cause a traffic accident killing somebody. ” “Any child can look at pictures of nude women on the computer but that is not illegal because the Internet is considered free unless they gratis teenager sex chose to charge for some sites. ” “Kristy you are more sexy than anyone on the Internet. ” “I get to see you up close and touch you anywhere and leave my seed inside you. ” Kristy said, “Thank you for saying this about me. ” “I love you touching me anywhere when I am naked. ” “Nancy loves it gratis teenager sex too. ” “She wishes she could be your second wife.

Dennis held Kristy's hand in the elevator and walked into his office where Dennis introduced her to every one as his fianc? Kristy shook hands with everyone and Lisa kissed her on he cheek. There were a stack of hand written reports she would have type into the computer and print. The computer gratis teenager sex had program on it so she could type in the forms. After being showed what to do she exhibited her fast typing and reduced the gratis teenager sex pile of forms and printed them as she went handing them to one of detectives to sign. After an hour she was given a cup of coffee gratis teenager sex to drink. Kristy got to know all the detectives that she required a signature gratis teenager sex for them.

Soon she was alone in the office because someone was murdered. Krista was shown how to use the phone and gratis teenager sex keep records of the calls. By the gratis teenager sex time they all came back she was done with everything holding a cup of coffee. There were reports from the murder today and she quickly typed them up getting the proper signatures. It was clear to everyone that she could now do this job gratis teenager sex better than the woman she was replacing. She was commented on her good looks and was better looking than the woman on vacation. Kristy could keep up with the work gratis teenager sex being generated easily with no mistakes. Everyone in the office was pleased with her gratis teenager sex work and efficiency. Dennis said, “You are earning only $15 per hour now and you could have a permanent job gratis teenager sex in this building if you were not returning to school. ” “I will give you gratis teenager sex recommendation anyway Kristy.

” “You should take up writing at home and I am sure you would be successful at your own pace while at college. ” “Yolanda will be back in one week an she is not as good as you are Kristy. Dennis opened the door for Kristy before gratis teenager sex driving her home. When Dennis got in Kristy said, “Being at that house this morning I wanted to thank you again. ” “I remember fully expecting to feel that axe passing through my neck and everything going to gratis teenager sex black when you shot that guy saving my gratis teenager sex life at the last second. ” “That happened to so many gratis teenager sex other girls there I had hard time not sobbing for them. ” “I could never do your job investigating the murders of gratis teenager sex people the met the end of their lives by someone else where you gratis teenager sex were not there for them. ” Dennis said, “It upsets me when we cannot ever find the person that ended their life early. ” “I am glad I was there for you Kristy” “I saw you being abducted form two blocks away it took me a while to find the vehicle used to bring you to that house. ” “I knocked on the door and got no answer so I came around to the back yard where I saw this guy draw back the axe and got out my gun and shot him in the head to make gratis teenager sex sure gratis teenager sex he gratis teenager sex did not kill you.

” “I was the first time I ever drew my gun and shot anyone. ” “I was only about six feet from the guy and I could not get to him without shooting him. ” “When I learned of all the girls found buried there it upset me too for nobody being there for them. ” “I gratis teenager sex was surprised when you were to be killed only couple of hours after being abducted. ” gratis teenager sex “I would think if they went to the trouble gratis teenager sex of kidnapping a beautiful young woman like you they would keep you around for sex longer than that. They must have enjoyed killing the girls they killed. ” “All of the bodies they found were girls that were decapitated.

” “All the gratis teenager sex heads were found in the house in jars. ” “There gratis teenager sex were 19 heads so there should gratis teenager sex be 19 bodies. ” The guy holding you down will be charged with 19 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder enhanced by kidnapping. ” “The gratis teenager sex other guy is dead because I killed him. ” “I will never feel bad about that. To change the subject I want to buy a motorcycle and stop at the gratis teenager sex dealer shortly” Kristy said, “That is OK with me but make it big enough gratis teenager sex for me on the back.

gratis teenager sex ” Dennis said, “I got gratis teenager sex class II endorsement a month ago. Dennis parked in front of the Honda motorcycle gratis teenager sex dealer and let Kristy out and they both went in to the showroom. Dennis walked up to a GL18HPNAM “This is gold wing with anti lock brakes. ” “What color to you want Kristy. ” “Kristy said I like the blue one. ” gratis teenager sex The sale gratis teenager sex rep had it removed for gratis teenager sex to put gasoline in it and Kristy Dennis bought leather jackets and boots to fit them.

gratis teenager sex Dennis said, “I have been saving for this forever. ” He gave his credit card and gratis teenager sex put the jackets, boots, helmets and motorcycle on it. In 23 minutes Dennis rode the motorcycle home gratis teenager sex and Kristy drove his car. Kristy remove her suit and shoes to become naked again and so did Dennis. Kristy said, “Dennis gratis teenager sex you can now touch me anywhere. ” Dennis lifted her to his shoulders with her legs behind his head. He pulled her to his mouth and held one hand under Kristy and used his tongue and fingers of the other hand to give her several orgasms. After that, he put her down and they kissed passionately. Nancy was there and gratis teenager sex he lifted her to his shoulders and did the same with her. When he lowered her Nancy kissed him as well.

Nancy got down on her knees and gave Dennis a blowjob so he would not show his arousal. Nancy swallowed it all before kissing him again. Nancy loved being here for Dennis and loved her roll as his mistress. Dinner was ready now and they all sat down for another superb meal that everyone enjoyed. The chef was naked as well looking great for woman as old as her.

Dennis talked about Kristy at gratis teenager sex the murder site and gratis teenager sex doing so well at work and the motorcycle he bought. gratis teenager sex Dennis also commented on how much he liked all the naked girls here. Today Amy and Lyn did the cleanup while everyone else went to the pool. Amy gratis teenager sex and Lyn joined in gratis teenager sex after cleaning. Kevin gratis teenager sex had all the girls come out for a beauty contest. Kevin and Dennis would be the judges. All of the girls had laser treatments to get rid of pubic hair and they came out one at a time smiling and spreading their legs for inspection and tuning to gratis teenager sex see there backs and fronts. Each of them was photographed in each gratis teenager sex position.

The most beautiful nude was Pam with Kristy coming in second followed by Amy, Lyn, Nancy and Kris. In Kevin's room Pam were in one room plus either Amy or Lyn. Kris would sleep with either Amy or Lyn rotating in a second gratis teenager sex room. Dennis had Kristy and Nancy. There was one extra bedroom for rent. That was the only way to do it with a house with gratis teenager sex two men and gratis teenager sex six females with two or three in each gratis teenager sex bed. Amy, Lyn, and Pam were Kevin's girls and Kristy and Nancy were Dennis's gratis teenager sex girls. Kris-41 was the mother of Pam-17, Amy, Lyn, Kristy and Nancy were all 18-years old.

This was now complicated by Christine Hunter a 18year old beautiful blond who came in with very attractive and tall Angie Moss 18 with black hair and blue eyes and 17 Neither of them was lesbian and would talk to Nancy about rotating one each day going to bed with Dennis and Kristy and becoming Dennis's girls. Dennis now had one fianc? nd three mistresses. Tonight he would go gratis teenager sex to bed with Kristy and Angie. The dinning room table tomorrow at breakfast would now be full of two men and 8 gratis teenager sex horny girls with every chair now filled. Tonight Dennis used both hands to bring Kristy and Angie to several orgasms and walk into the next room to do the same with Nancy and Christine. Kristy was the beautiful goddess that would also have her vagina filled with Dennis's cum with one more orgasm.

In the morning Angie went next door for her running out fit and Nancy came to Dennis's room for her running outfit. Both of the new girls were impressed with quality taste of food at breakfast. Christine and Angie gratis teenager sex were both avid athletes that gratis teenager sex ran long distances and kept up with others for the entire 13 miles just behind Pam, Kevin, Kristy, and Dennis. Like the others they stripped for the pool to cool off. This being Saturday nobody had to go to gratis teenager sex work and stayed talking in the hot tub. Kevin now had 8 women standing at the wall from the 6-foot tall Pam, Amy and Angie to Lyn and Kris at 5'11” to Kristy at 5'10” Christine and Nancy at 5'9” All of them were beautiful and much taller than average and have no problems with nudity inside the house.

Dennis is gratis teenager sex a little gratis teenager sex sore from his workout with Kevin yesterday gratis teenager sex Today he starts with Amy who is still naked working gratis teenager sex out weights with enough repetitions to do in 90 seconds working out the upper and gratis teenager sex lower body gratis teenager sex with exercises with the chest, abdomen, arms, back and legs. The next appointment was with Kristy and Kevin was surprised with her greater strength. Everyone was different with regard to his or her neuron response or the number of nerves to muscle fibers ratio. The average to the legs of most people was 30-35% and Olympic sprinters have ratio of 90-95 % of their muscle fibers connected to nerves making the same size muscle much stronger. Kristy was able to do squats with up to 100 pounds where most girls her size and age could lift 35 pounds after some gratis teenager sex practice Kristy was able to gratis teenager sex lift 200 pounds on a dead lift picking up barbell and bringing it to her waste. Most girls could lift no more than 40 pounds. This exercise worked out gratis teenager sex the buttocks and back muscles.

Kristy had very little fat on her buttocks compared to other girls. Kristy was slim and appeared not overly muscular. Her legs were muscled because of the morning run. Kevin could do a dead lift of 350 pounds and this woman was pound for pound gratis teenager sex much stronger than Kevin. gratis teenager sex Kevin found Dennis as much stronger gratis teenager sex than he gratis teenager sex expected to be on the first appointment.

Pam could dead lift 40 pounds and do a squat of 35 pounds only one third of what Kristy could do. Kevin took her the rest of her workout gratis teenager sex and she could not hold a candle to what Kristy could do. Kevin found out Dennis was lifting women to his shoulders for sexual purposes gratis teenager sex and Kevin thought he was the only one that could do this. Angie came in for the first time with Kevin and she could do 20 repetitions on a squat with no weight. Kevin gratis teenager sex let her do some upper body lifts to rest her leg muscles and came back to it with 50 pounds on gratis teenager sex a dead lift and Angie gratis teenager sex could not lift it more than 6 inches. He gave her 50 pounds to do one squat and she could not do that either.

Christine Hunter was in good shape and could dead lift after warm up gratis teenager sex of 100 pounds and do a gratis teenager sex squat holding 65 pounds making her stronger than an average girl but not as strong as Kristy but closer on her upper body. Kevin gratis teenager sex found Dennis to tell him about Kristy and Dennis showed him a picture of Kristy's father gratis teenager sex that won the Olympic decathlon 10 years ago making him the word's greatest athlete at that time. He was 6'2” and only 160 pounds standing in the picture with the gold medal. Kristy got 50% of her genes from him. Dennis said Kristy's mother was also an Olympic athlete winning the bronze metal in women's pole vault. Dennis said, Kristy I love you deeply. I just talked to Kevin and he told me you were incredibly strong for a woman. Kristy said, “In high school my claim to fame was that I was the only girl on the boys football team” Dennis gratis teenager sex asked, “What position did you play?

Dennis, I was the first-string quarterback. ” “I was not big enough for any line position but I was good at throwing the ball accurately and passing it off. ” Because I was a girl I think they easier on gratis teenager sex me than if I was a boy” “I was not good gratis teenager sex enough for any athletic scholarship but I was pretty smart gratis teenager sex and worked hard to get 4. 22 grade point average including advanced placement gratis teenager sex class that gratis teenager sex an A gratis teenager sex is worth 5 gratis teenager sex grade points. ” “Academically I was third in my class and I got a scholarship at UCLA. ” If they gave me only 4 points for an gratis teenager sex A my grade point average was 3. 96 because I was not perfect. ” “Both my mom and dad were Olympic athletes. “I got gratis teenager sex on the football team from being able gratis teenager sex to run faster than anyone else but I also could throw the ball and they did not want me injured from being tackled with every play.

” “I always was pretty tough girl but boys got in fights and girls did not. ” “Dennis I love you deeply and I am gratis teenager sex just getting used gratis teenager sex to your half marathon every morning but I will get better. ” “I am better at sprinting and gratis teenager sex I could run 100 yards in 9. 5 seconds. ” “That was faster than any girl or any boy.

” “I finished high school gratis teenager sex as a virgin and once was sort of shy and I finally got a date for the prom. ” “Most boys don't like girls that are stronger and faster than them. I could not get away from those guys that abducted me. ” “I am grateful you saw me being abducted and were able to find the place I was taken. ” “I was never given the chance to run away and I did not want to die. ” “I wonder why those guys would risk kidnapping a girl only to kill her only gratis teenager sex hours later. ” “They did not want sex they wanted to see girls die. ” “One guy would rather fuck a freshly dead girls body. ” “He would rather kill a girl before fucking her. ” “He deserves gratis teenager sex to be dead.

” Dennis said, “I agree with you Kristy he was an awful gratis teenager sex man to do this. ” “I am glad he never fucked your freshly dead body so I can love you like I do now. gratis teenager sex ” I was gratis teenager sex told I would feel bad once I killed somebody gratis teenager sex but I am not disappointed in killing this guy. ” “He was about to kill you Kristy. ” “I will never understand why those guys would take the risk of gratis teenager sex abducing victims only to kill them shortly after. ” “Maybe they were adding to their collection of girls heads.

” “We found 19 heads in big mason jars on a gratis teenager sex bookshelf in the gratis teenager sex house. ” “Kristy gratis teenager sex your head would be the 20th. ” “I am gratis teenager sex very happy your wonderful he ad is still attached to your wonderful body. ” “I am able to make love with you every day, I will never hurt you because I love you Kristy. ” Kristy said, “The guy sitting on me holding me down may not have killed anyone but made it possible for the guy with the axe. ” “If he never directly murdered anyone is he guilty of murder? ” Dennis said, those guys joined in their effort to kill all these girls and are equally guilty of 19 counts of first degree murder. ” “It gratis teenager sex was important to hold the girl down so she is still to cleanly cut gratis teenager sex off her head. Dennis said, ⠀œI read of the French revolution they used a guillotines to decapitate thousands of people.

” “There was study of people about to die to continue to blink there eyes and they found that a severed head would continue to blink their eyes for from gratis teenager sex four to eleven seconds while gratis teenager sex their head was held by the gratis teenager sex researcher. ” “I you were to die from gratis teenager sex having your gratis teenager sex head chopped off you would remain conscience for four to eleven seconds and be aware gratis teenager sex of having the gratis teenager sex axe pass through your neck and your head tumbling down. ” “It is not really instant death. Kristy said, “I am awfully glad you saved me from that. ” “You became my hero Dennis and I fell in love with you. ” Dennis said, Kristy you are beautiful young woman that I fell for and want gratis teenager sex you to be my wife forever. ” “It would be terrible waste to loose you to these murderers” Kristy said, “I will forever be grateful that you were there for me. ” “That experience was gratis teenager sex the worst in my life” “I hated feeling helpless and about to die. ” “I was very frightened” “I will never forget it and I gratis teenager sex will never forget you Dennis. ” The guy about to kill gratis teenager sex me should have died slowly and painfully but you had to do what you did to save me.

” gratis teenager sex “I love you Dennis more than you realize” gratis teenager sex “I love you because you were so gentle and courteous to me. ” “I love you for saving my life” “No man has ever treated me so well as you Dennis. ” “I will do my best to please you and be worthy of you. ” “I have never been a seductress but I will always be one for you Dennis. Dennis used both hands to give Kristy and Angie several orgasms and went next door to do the same for Christine and Nancy. Nancy rose and kissed Dennis saying, “I love you Dennis. ” Christine said, “Thank you Dennis you are very lovable. ” Dennis lifted Angie to his shoulders and used his tongue and fingers to please her with more orgasms.

Dennis then lifted Kristy who crossed her legs behind him and gave her more orgasms. He then turned her to drop gratis teenager sex on his gratis teenager sex stiff penis and lifted and dropped her gratis teenager sex until she had one more powerful orgasm and ejaculated inside her. Dennis Kissed her passionately and then went to sleep with Kristy and Angie who whispered “I love you too Dennis. In the morning everyone dressed in their running outfits but Christine who painted a running suit on Angie in bright blue. Nobody noticed this at breakfast that was delicious for everyone. They all stepped out for the morning run the tall Angie was beautiful in her gratis teenager sex blue paint and ran with Christine because they were not in shape for 13 miles. Pam and Kristy ran out front with Dennis and Kevin watching the long sexy legs of both of them. This morning after 13 miles Kristy ran out front to gratis teenager sex be the first to the front door.

Christine and Angie were waiting there Angie's blue paint was now running and mostly gone from her sweat and she stood behind Christine to conceal her nudity from passing cars. Angie said, “I have been running out there obviously naked and I made it home with no passing cars or anyone. ” “Perhaps next Sunday I will just put my shoes on and go out running naked. ” Christine said. “My boobs are too big to do that.

” We went only six miles because we are not in shape to run 13 miles without stopping or walking. “Kristy said, “Just make sure you are together so somebody does not abduct you. ” “Being a female gratis teenager sex alone out there could be dangerous. ” “At the time I was so exhausted I could not outrun them. ” Angie took off her shoes and jumped in gratis teenager sex the pool and what paint remained on gratis teenager sex her suddenly disappeared. Others joined her shortly after they took the time to take off their clothing and shoes. One by they went to gratis teenager sex sit in the hot tub and when they were all there they gratis teenager sex were now packed shoulder to shoulder. Pam said, “Does anyone know how we could have an orgy with only two men and eight girls. ” Kris said, find a way so both men can fuck every girl. Amy said, Kevin and Dennis could lie on their back and each of us can squat up and down on their penis for twenty seconds or so before going to next.

When all of us have gratis teenager sex been fucked for twenty seconds Pam can squat on Kevin and Kristy can do it to Dennis until the men cum inside gratis teenager sex Pam and gratis teenager sex Kristy. Pam said, “I would not mind Dennis ejaculating into me and Kristy can do it with Kevin. Dennis and Kevin were on towels on their gratis teenager sex backs and the girls lined up. Dennis counted the twenty seconds gratis teenager sex for Amy and she went to Kevin who counted for gratis teenager sex her Pam got on Dennis for twenty second before going to Kevin. Lyn was next to go to Dennis and Kevin for twenty gratis teenager sex seconds. Angie was next and got on Dennis and Kevin after all the twenty seconds were done the girls went back to back gratis teenager sex as Dennis on one side and Kevin on the other side use their fingers give several orgasm for two girl before going gratis teenager sex to the next two.

This provided pleasure for all the girls because gratis teenager sex they had all the orgasms. Kevin and Dennis were next to each other as Pam got on Dennis and Kristy got on Kevin and continued facing them pumping their vagina over their penis until Kevin and then Dennis ejaculated inside their partner. Pam leaned over and kissed Dennis and Kristy did the same for Kevin. The two beautiful blond girls then kissed each other. This was exciting for everyone and took 36 minutes. Every female had at least 20 gratis teenager sex seconds of sex with each man and had multiple orgasms from their fingers Pam had Dennis's sperm gratis teenager sex in her and Kristy had Kevin's sperm. They all had IUD gratis teenager sex so gratis teenager sex no female would get pregnant. Dennis went to bed with Pam and Amy and Kevin went to bed with Kristy and Christine. Kris slept with Nancy and Angie slept with Lyn. gratis teenager sex For the most part Dennis's girls were Kevin's girls for one night.

Both men gratis teenager sex had sex with every girl and everyone slept with somebody new. In the morning Amy gave gratis teenager sex Dennis a blowjob and Christine gave one to Kevin while Kris got up to gratis teenager sex prepare breakfast It was gratis teenager sex fun for most to have an intimate sexual relationship with somebody new. The naked chef Kris stayed home while everyone else went out running. Christine and Angie knowing what happened gratis teenager sex to Kristy remained close and Kristy ran all 13 miles and able to sprint the gratis teenager sex last 100 yards to the porch. Kris then let in Christine and Angie when they got here all then stripped for the pool to cool off.

Later Dennis and Kristy put on their leather pants and jackets over their clothing and Kristy rode behind Dennis on his new motorcycle It was very comfortable gratis teenager sex for Kristy on the back seat and Dennis made much better time from passing between two lines of cars waiting for gratis teenager sex signal light and be at the front when it changed to green. Before they would wait through gratis teenager sex two or three changes of the lights but now it took less time to get to the police station than it took from there previous house. Pam said, “Kevin Dennis lifted me to his shoulders with gratis teenager sex the ease you do. I tried hard to conceal my orgasms gratis teenager sex but Dennis could gratis teenager sex cense when I had an orgasm and let up briefly and gratis teenager sex continued to next orgasm and was able to do this over gratis teenager sex and over and I felt heavenly and could not help kissing him because he was so gentle about it and turned me to face gratis teenager sex him and lowered me to his penis in my vagina holding me gratis teenager sex and lifting me up and down until I had another powerful orgasm and soon I felt the warmth of his cum and I kissed him gratis teenager sex again. My feet never touched the floor during all of this. Dennis gently held me for entire time. If you gratis teenager sex want to know more trade me there next weekend I know I will enjoy it.

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February 02 2012
Posted by sbishydquisi  [ 22:09 ]
Therefore, in some of the parts there will not be that much sex. However, it is imperative that you read all of them blonde tit cum shot so that in the parts when sex plays a large role, you will not miss a beat. This blonde tit cum shot one, is the intro, so there's no sex Hey! My name is Jack.

I am 5”11 a little skinny, blonde hair brown eyes. blonde tit cum shot I blonde tit cum shot am not so muscular but I still happen to be pretty athletic. So blonde tit cum shot despite my average body, I still get ogled by the girls in my junior grade. I've had some flings with a bunch of these girls back in junior high and blonde tit cum shot in freshman year, but my sex life has been stunted by the blonde tit cum shot intrusion of my twin sister, Amanda when we were sophomores. We never went to the same school, but after she was harassed by some drunken dude at a blonde tit cum shot party in her school, my parents decided that she needed someone blonde tit cum shot to look out for her in school. So they transferred blonde tit cum shot her to my school. Amanda in 5”7 skinny just like me, brown eyes blonde tit cum shot and flowing blonde hair that goes down to her shoulder blades. blonde tit cum shot About five years ago she began to sprout round tits blonde tit cum shot that have since blossomed into, pretty cute breasts. I shouldn't know this, but when the cleaning lady put my sisters' silk black Victoria's Secret bra (which I never would have guessed she would have) in my hamper I checked it out and blonde tit cum shot it was 32 B. People have always said she was pretty attractive and I have to agree, after all we are twins so if she is hot, then I blonde tit cum shot am too!

Well since Amanda has been switched schools, she has become popular so quickly, that she blonde tit cum shot somehow is good friends with all of blonde tit cum shot the different cliques. They all know her and they all love her since she's just a sweet blonde tit cum shot girl who always has a smile on her face, while at the same time is athletic blonde tit cum shot like me and also pretty smart. It's fair to say that she was good at everything, which is why all the guys also wanted to get to know her. Over the blonde tit cum shot last two years she had been with a few guys, some o them my friends blonde tit cum shot others not, but I had told her that blonde tit cum shot she better not let me catch blonde tit cum shot her with anyone I knew. She had blonde tit cum shot been good with that as she didn't want to hurt me in any way. As for blonde tit cum shot me, every time I'm getting anywhere with a girl, she blonde tit cum shot always says blonde tit cum shot that she wouldn't want to mess up her relationship with my sis, so we better blonde tit cum shot stop there.

Somehow my sister still got laid, while I had to jerk off to satisfy my teenaged-horny attitude. Anyway, this particular story begins blonde tit cum shot about two weeks ago; right about when blonde tit cum shot winter became spring and the blonde tit cum shot weather outside got a little warmer. As I cam home from school after basketball practice, I was in desperate need of a shower. Obviously because I was all sweaty but also because I needed to jerk off after watching the cheerleaders blonde tit cum shot perform their routine right next to our practice. There was this one cheerleader Jessica, I think the assistant captain, that I had been very into my entire life, but to no avail as she was always with another guy, or just too elusive from me. Most girls confronted me and enjoyed spending time with me, but she would blonde tit cum shot always make sure that I wouldn't get to talk to her.

At first I thought as a pompous guy that she was playing hard to get, but after a while blonde tit cum shot I began to realize that she must blonde tit cum shot have had something against me. Anyway, after watching Jess flaunt her 5”6 skinny drop dead body with her ever bouncing 34 B/C cupped breasts for about two hours, I just had to get rid of all that semen building up inside of me. I thought I had seen her wink at me or thrust her body playfully at me in her practice, but I'm sure I was just imagining things. Normally when I have to jerk off, I just go to my room, put on some porn and grind my hips into my clenched fists while standing on blonde tit cum shot some towel. I love the feeling of jerking off in my bedroom, where you always have to make sure nobody comes in and that you don't make too much of a mess. Also, the carpeting feels so much better than the tiles in the bathroom. Occasionally, I also like to get fully nude and lie face down on my bed and pretty much fuck the bed.

But this time after practice, I couldn't do any of that as my parents, twin sis, and 2 of my other 3 siblings (all girls 13, 14, and 20, yet somehow I'm still athletic) were going to be home. My older sister, blonde tit cum shot Kate, was in college blo nde tit cum shot out of state so I only blonde tit cum shot saw her like once every two blonde tit cum shot months. Dana, 13, was in 8th grade, and Nicole, 14, was in my school as a nikki gets facialfreshman. However, when I was pulling up to the house, my mom called saying she and my dad took the two little gir butt facialls out for dinner and blonde tit cum shot a movie and they'd be back like in 3 hours.

When she said they were going to be out I was so excited as I'd be jacking off in my room with the door open, but then she said that Amanda was still home, I had to again resort to doing it in the shower so she wouldn't here me. When I walked into my house, I could smell blonde tit cum shot the delicious tuna casserole that presumably my mom put up for us, and was looking forward to having blonde tit cum shot some of blonde tit cum shot that later. But first, I dashed into my room, grabbed a towel and my laptop and ran into the bathroom screaming to Amanda that I was home and in the blonde tit cum shot shower. I locked the door behind me, slipped off my clothes and found a hot website on my computer with a video of girls kissing and blonde tit cum shot licking each other that blonde tit cum shot was supposed to an hour long. Very excited I jumped into the shower, positioned my laptop on the counter directly facing the shower, turned the water on and began to first rinse off all the sweat.

When I came down to my dick I realized that I blonde tit cum shot was going to need a lot of TLC down there as blonde tit cum shot it grew to seven and a half inches long. After washing my hair I soaped down my entire body paying extra care to my groin making sure it would be perfectly clean. As I was stroking it with my lathered hand, I blonde tit cum shot heard someone ferociously banging on the door. I turned the water blonde tit cum shot off; thankfully I had had the volume on my laptop blonde tit cum shot off in any case, and blonde tit cum shot screamed at my sister for disturbing me. blonde tit cum shot I yelled at her, what the hell blonde tit cum shot do you want, I told you I was in the blonde tit cum shot shower, stop bothering me you idiot. We really did like each other but as normal siblings, we had to get mad at each blonde tit cum shot other just because. She said blonde tit cum shot that she really had to blonde tit cum shot pee and since the other bathrooms in the house had plumbing problems, I was blonde tit cum shot in the blonde tit cum shot only bathroom that was available in the house. I told her to wait as I had every right to be in shower, but she claimed that she had been waiting for like 20 minutes.

I checked blonde tit cum shot the time on the porn that was still running, and sure enough, a little more that 20 min had gone by. Wow! I thought to myself, I didn't think I'd be able to hold back for that long. But as I was lost in my own blonde tit cum shot thought, she kept on banging saying it was unfair and I had to get out. Having no intentions of stopping my pleasure-eliciting shower, I told her to go pee in the bushes or like in the kitchen sink. She blonde tit cum shot wasn't too blonde tit cum shot happy with this remark so she told me blonde tit cum shot that if I didn't get the hell out blonde tit cum shot of blonde tit cum shot the bathroom, she was going to go into my room and start breaking all of my trophies and chucking all of my porn magazines which apparently she knew about. I said that I really needed to shower because I wasn't feeling well, so she had no right to kick me out. At that point she started playing with the door knob, blonde tit cum shot seemingly trying to get through the lock.

Realizing blonde tit cum shot that I would be caught red-handed, I first shut off my computer then blonde tit cum shot told her to bug off again. At this blonde tit cum shot point, she kind of sounded helpless when she pleaded to please blonde tit cum shot let her use the bathroom, that I kind of felt bad. After all, as I've mentioned, I did like blonde tit cum shot her and didn't want to piss her off that badly. She was sort of whimpering by the door in pain of holding it in, when she said, hey Jake, can you just let me in to blonde tit cum shot pee, keep the blonde tit cum shot shower curtain closed and when I'm done you can continue? She knew that if I had wanted to take blonde tit cum shot a peek, she'd be able to see me as well, so she trusted that I wouldn't look.

blonde tit cum shot At blonde tit cum shot this point, I thought, hey why not, it might even increase my arousal to hear a pretty attractive girl pee, especially knowing that her panties would not be on at that point. So I told her that I could do that. I would come out of the shower, unlock the door, get back in and then tell her to come in. She seemed somewhat satisfied with this so I proceeded to get out and unlock the door. When I jumped back into the shower, I told her to come in. She ran in, threw blonde tit cum shot the seat down and blonde tit cum shot started peeing so quickly that I actually felt a little bad that I had made her hold that in. All of a sudden blonde tit cum shot I started to think about her peeing and taking off her panties that my dick got even harder than before.

She didn't know, but the curtain was a little see-through if you were right next to it, so I took a glance at her. Unfortunately, from my angel all I saw was her upper torso which was fully clothed. Too bad because she definitely could have been some good eye candy. It was a good thing there was a shower curtain blonde tit cum shot between us. Trying to make sure that she realized I blonde tit cum shot wasn't enjoying the sound of her peeing, I told her that she pees like a guy. She chuckled and blonde tit cum shot told me that Adam, my best blonde tit cum shot friend, always use blonde tit cum shot to tell her that blonde tit cum shot when they'd pee together. I lividly asked what the hell she was talking about as I would never let her be with my best friend, but she proceeded blonde tit cum shot to tell me that after they would fuck, they would go pee together, blonde tit cum sh boy with big dick giving big load to blondeot she would sit and he would put his dick between her thighs and the toilet seat and they would in effect, pee on blonde tit cum shot and with each other. After she could tell I blonde tit cum shot was pissed, she told me that she was just joking and I really wanted to strangle her right there.

Now that she had finished, she washed blonde tit cum shot her hands, and walked out thanking me. As she left, she said something that really turned me on even more; she said that she really enjoyed peeing with the door open and me in the room, saying it was kind of kinky. Of course she immediately began to chuckle again, but boy, was I really into my sister all of a sudden. After she closed the door I waited a blonde tit cum shot few seconds blonde tit cum shot taking in all that just happened blonde tit cum shot and was debating whether I should go back and lock it or not. Maybe if I left it open, she might walk in again and blonde tit cum shot give me even more pleasure. When I realized that she was probably just playing with me and trying to annoy me for making her wait for so long, I jumped out and went over to the door. When I was like a foot away, the door opened and my Amanda was standing right there with blonde tit cum shot her mouth wide open looking at my nude body with my raging hard on. I tried to cover it and yelled at her while I got my towel but she was laughing through the whole thing.

When I finally covered up, she apologized for walking in on me and she came in to get her ring that she blonde tit cum shot had taken off to wash her hands. At blonde tit cum shot this point she knew that she was giving blonde tit cum shot me an arousal, so she lingered in the bathroom a little more than usual. As much as blonde tit cum shot I was into her, however, it seemed that she was only acting as she was to excite me, not however, because she was into my body. I cursed her out when she left, slammed the door behind her, locked it, and jumped right back into the shower to jerk off right then. She must have known what I would be up as she knocked on the door right before I was going to cum to tell me that I should make sure to clean up the cum after blonde tit cum shot I had finished jacking off. blonde tit cum shot Well, that put me over the top and I cummed to the sweet voice of my twin sister who I just began thinking of in a sexual light. Hearing my moans, she laughed again, and said, hey bro, you better hope I don't go telling your friend that you jacked off thinking about me!
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